Following the “civilian” version, audi announced a price for

After A week has not passed since the Ingolstadt automotive brand announced price tags for the civilian version of the Audi Q5 crossover, and today the company's managers announced how much you can buy a sports version of the car with an index SQ5 In the title. Delivery to the Russian dealership car dealerships will occur in one of the three summer months of this year, the Germans did not name a more specific date. So, we are waiting for the sports "five"  Audi SQ5, which will begin with four million one hundred thousand rubles. The pumped-out machine is almost twice the price of the civil version of the "reel".

Automotive world first saw officially presented sport crossover SQ5 at the Detroit Auto Show, which was held at the very beginning of this year. Under the hood, "Eski" is a three-liter petrol "turboshesterka", capable of giving at the maximum joint efforts of the herd at 354 "horses." The moment of power of this “hot” engine grew by 30 units and reached half a thousand newton meters. Such power characteristics allow the car to accelerate to the reference hundreds of kilometers per hour in just 5.4 seconds. The “civilian” version of the German crossover spends almost one second more on it. Under the hood "monster" sports "five" Audi  works in tandem with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive quattro. Weight sports crossover Audi SQ5 five kilograms does not reach two tons, it is thirtier five kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Managers explain this "slimming" model with new technologies and the use of lighter, but no less durable metals in the smelting of parts and the body of the model. At length, the “athlete” stretched out to 4 meters 67.1 cm, wide — 1 m 89.3 cm, rises 1 m 63.5 cm above the asphalt. Audi SQ5 is 2 m 82.4 cm. After External changes in new Audi SQ5 visible in another form of grille and red letters "S", which appeared in several places on the body. In the basic configuration of the sports crossover, there is already a pneumatic suspension, which itself adjusts the size of the clearance, depending on the speed and condition of the route that the crossover drives. There is a system Audi Drive Select, a multifunctional sports "donut". Salon trimmed in half with Alcantara. Ten-dynamic music system with a low-frequency amplifier will allow weak fans of loud music to break away. A color touchscreen is available on the center console. The seats, of course, in sports form, on the pedals - aluminum lining, which is a constant attribute of the "sports" packages. If you pay a little extra, you can put a new dashboard, projection display, matrix LED head optics and Quattro with sport differentiation

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Available in the database of electronic assistants to the fastidious lover of German cars may not seem enough, then he can buy an adaptive cruise control, parking sensors and an assistant, which will help you automatically reorganize when driving. After The civilian version of the "five" Audi is already sold in our country since the beginning of this May. The price list for this "SUV" starts at almost three million rubles. Soon the Germans will offer another version of the "five", more pumped - RS. Under the hood she will have a piston-panamerovsky engine. This question Ingolshtadtsy decide the next September.