Brazilians compensate for the failure of the punto hatchback

Бразильцы компенсируют провал хэтчбека Punto выпуском нового Fiat Argo The local office of Italian Fiat announced the imminent start of production of a new subcompact hatch, and this model will be sold not only in the Brazilian car market, but also in other world markets, that is, will become a global model. South American sales will start in the next couple of months. Over the past year, Brazilians bought Fiat Punto almost half as much as the year before last - only 7,709 units. And it's probably not that Punto is so bad: it’s probably still a matter of depression in the Brazilian economy. And, of course, one should not lose sight of the cost of this model, which is clearly not cheap, however, like any other car sold in the Brazilian car market. The platform subcompact Palio, according to statistics, is an order of magnitude more popular than Punto, however, its sales have sunk extremely significantly - just as twice as on Punto. Punto has a bad deal on the European car market too: if last year more than sixty thousand of these compact hatchbacks were bought here, ten years ago they sold almost half a million in one year (in 2006). Experts see the reason for the drop in demand for this model is that it is morally and physically obsolete, because the last, the third generation of Punto was released exactly seventeen years ago. This is unforgivable. Unless, of course, you want to deliberately fill up car sales. Now an alternative in the form of Fiat Argo will appear very soon. Let's see what demand she will use. Fiat Argo will begin selling in the Brazilian car market in less than a month. If he succeeds in straightening the sharp peak of the fall in sales of fiat machines in this Latin American country, we will know very soon. True data on the new car is very small. This is just a couple of pictures and scant information about the technical stuffing apparatus. Бразильцы компенсируют провал хэтчбека Punto выпуском нового Fiat Argo New compact hatchback  filmed in the maximum sport version of the HGT, under the hood of which there will be a 1.8-liter aspirated fuel with a power of one hundred and forty horsepower. For those who forgot, for Brazil, bittoplivny - it means, working on alcohol and gasoline. This engine will be paired with a hydromechanical automatic transmission. There will be another liter and 1.3-liter engines (FireFly), they will be paired with a simple single-linked robot. Fiat Argo for the European car market will most likely be assembled no earlier than 2018. And it is unlikely that he will have a Brazilian set under the hood.

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Competitor for the Fiat Argo HGT in the Brazilian car market can be only Renault Sandero RS. In 2016, Fiat began selling the cheapest car in Brazil - the subcompact cross-hatchback Fiat Mobi.