Skoda will present the new kodiak crossover in the fall of

Skoda представит новый кроссовер Kodiak осенью 2016 года

About the new crossover Czech auto builders with the conditional name It's a pity for Snowman ("Snowman") has been spoken for quite some time and for a long time. But today it has become known for certain that, at least, the Czechs have already decided on their name: there will be no “snow men”, but there will be a coupe Sorry, Codiac. This was reported by the German online edition of Auto Bild. The model of the novelty will be cooler and higher on the head than the only one so far. чешского кроссовера It's a pity Yeti. The Czechs gather at the Paris Motor Show, which is scheduled to be held in October 2016, to officially represent the all-terrain novelty. Sorry, Codiac will have a body in the five-seater and seven-seater options. The drive will be available both front and full.

Skoda представит новый кроссовер Kodiak осенью 2016 года

VisionC Concepttark

Externally, the new crossover is planned to be implemented in full compliance with the modern design concept, all the features of which are embodied in the design of the VisionC concept car, shown to the mass public last year. Cost Skoda Kodiak will be around 24 thousand euros, which is close to two million rubles with our money. New crossovers will be equipped with projection displays, which will be implemented for the first time in Czech car dealerships. If you want to get a complete picture of the platform on which the new all-terrain Czech will be based, take a look in the direction of the new generation German Volkswagen Tiguan. On the platform it will be siblings. The line of new engines will consist of three petrol and two diesel units. Petrol TSI: 1.4-liter one-and-a-half and two two-liter for 180 and 220 "horses", respectively. Diesel TDI: two-liter 150 and 184 "konesila". Czechs do not deny the possibility of in the motor lineup of Kodiak and hybrid engine. Skoda представит новый кроссовер Kodiak осенью 2016 года It's a pity Yeti today is the only SUV class car in the model range of the Czech automotive industry. In Russia, Yeti is sold with a starting price tag of 970 kilorubles. Under the hood, in a compact crossover, the 1.4-liter 125-strong and 1.8-liter 152-strong TSI and one MPI with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 110 horses are “registered” in different trim levels. By the way, the day before yesterday, in the Russian car market, they started selling a special version of the crossover dedicated to the Channel One Cup in hockey - It's a pity Yeti Хоккей Эдишн.

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