What oil pour into the box machine

High-quality timely service for the car will provide him long-term operation. It is especially important to maintain parts subject to significant mechanical stress, such as shafts, bearings, gears, etc. A significant amount of them is contained in the gearbox, so it is important to know what oil to pour into the automatic transmission and at what intervals this procedure will need to be carried out.


  • 1 Transmission Fluid Markings
  • 2 Criteria for selection of oils
  • 3 Transmission oil level control
  • 4 Changing the oil in the automatic transmission
  • 5 Incomplete replacement of oil in automatic transmission
  • 6 Complete replacement of transmission fluid

Transmission Fluid Markings

Experienced drivers with manual transmissions have the opportunity to experiment with lubrication in the gearbox, but for car owners of cars with the "automatic" it is unacceptable.

It should be borne in mind that in automatic transmission oil is used not only to reduce friction or remove heat and mechanical wear of gears, but also as a hydraulic component that transmits torque.

Therefore, if you do not think about what kind of oil to pour into the box machine, and use the wrong liquid, we get in the very near future a broken transmission.

what oil to pour into the automatic transmission of a foreign car

The main source of information in this situation is the technical documentation for the car. The manufacturing company must indicate the specific brand and type of fluid for the automatic transmission. Use of analogs is allowed in some cases., but they should have the same formula and physicochemical properties to ensure the performance of torque converters and gearboxes.

The following functions are assigned to the gear lubricant:

  • the main task is to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission elements;
  • lowering the friction coefficient between the contacting elements;
  • heat removal from rubbing knots;
  • control box through the hydraulic system;
  • reducing the intensity of corrosion processes.

To ensure all conditions and operating temperature conditions, high-quality raw materials are required during production. With such a base, various additives are used that perform the functions of reducing foaming, preventing oxidation of liquids, etc.

what oil to pour into the automatic transmission of Japanese cars

To know that you need to fill in a box with automatic Toyota, Nissan, Renault, or products of other auto companies, you need to understand the markings of transmission fluids. There are several classifications adopted as standards.

One of the reputable companies in this field are the American manufacturers General Motors Co and Ford. Both laboratory standards differ in their controlled characteristics.

GM is promoting the ATF standard (Automatic Transmission Fluids). Production is carried out on the order of auto companies by leading oil refining concerns. On the market, products are represented by brands Type F, Mercon and Dexron. The basis for them are mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic materials.

Oil made to Ford standards, based on other criteria. Updated classification received the name Ford New Mercon.

На Европейском континенте популярными являются маркировки ZF TE-ML. Данный стандарт включает в себя практически все жидкости, применяемые during эксплуатации гидромеханических редукторов.

Criteria for the selection of oils

Suitable oil must comply with certain qualities:

  • antioxidant properties prolong its life;
  • fluid has anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics;
  • Oil must comply with optimal temperature and viscosity properties.

what universal oil to pour into the box machine

Manufacturers select a wide range of shades for their products, usually ranging from pink to yellow. This differentiation makes it possible to distinguish the product from oils intended for use in other parts of the vehicle. After a certain period of running in the color of the liquid will be different. Often the oil turns into a brownish clear liquid. Do not mix different in composition and color of the liquid., to ensure the quality of the work of the CPR.

Information about the desired brand of oil motorist receives from several sources:

  • on the gauge measuring the level of the volume of liquid;
  • on the plate in the engine compartment;
  • in the instruction manual car;
  • on the official website of the car company.
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what oil must be poured into an automatic transmission

Here are some examples of car brands:

  • The German concern Mercedes applies oil for automatic transmission with the same name «ATF MERCEDES». There are various modifications of it, so the driver must select for his particular brand of car.
  • BMW recommends the use of labeled hydrocarbons. «ZF». Motorists should listen to such recommendations, because for their models they use different additives, depending on the characteristics of the car.
  • At VOLKSWAGEN GROUP it is accepted to use «Г-052, Г-053 - Г-055». Also, they may be approached in a pinch and "ZF". In the budget version it is allowed to use transmission fluids from “ESSO”.
  • Japanese TOYOTA pours personal brand into aggregates ATF TOYOTA TYPE. It is suitable for Toyota and Lexus. The differences in labeling will be in a pair of symbols: the premium LEXUS is indicated by the prefix “WS”, and the oil for TOYOTA will be “T”.
  • Nissan cars in automatic transmissions have «ATF» Nissan Matic with an individual set of additives, taking into account the mode of operation of the car and its load.
  • Chevrolet uses Dextron 6 or its own liquid. «GM ATF Dexron 6». Experienced motorists also use Mobil DEXRON-VI ATF and ZIC DEXRON-VI.
  • Korean brands KIA and Hyundai have a large number of similar units, so they allow the use of ATF brand Hyundai, in particular, Hyundai ATF SP-III. You can also use a substitute that is not inferior in its characteristics, but the more popular and inexpensive ZIC ATF SP-III.

What kind of oil to pour in the box machine Toyota

For specific brands, you can consult the official car dealerships. In the same place, a liquid is often sold and can guarantee its legality and quality, confirmed by relevant certificates.

Gear oil level control

To maintain the gearbox in working condition, it is necessary to diagnose the level of working fluid in it. Lowering the volume below the standard value leads to negative consequences:

  • decrease in operational resource of the node;
  • increased probability of failures during operation of the hydraulic system;
  • acceleration of wear in friction pairs.

what to fill in the box machine toyota

Control of filling gear oil is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • the machine becomes on a flat horizontal surface or an adapted viewing pit or elevator;
  • Visual inspection of the integrity of the crankcase for leaks or possible mechanical damage to the housing;
  • after control procedures, unscrew the cork from the side with a wrench.

It is advisable to clean the surface from various impurities before the operation. Under the hole substitute capacity for discharging mining. If, after opening, some oil has leaked out, then this is a sign of its sufficient volume in the transaxle case.

The control level measurement should be carried out at a fluid temperature of not more than 50C to get a reliable result.

Проверка during более высокой температуры будет содержать погрешность, получаемую за счет теплового расширения жидкости.

what you need to fill in the box machine Toyota

Practically in all modern automatic transmissions there is a control probe with marks for limiting indications. The free end of it is wiped with a clean cloth or cloth, and then dipped into the hole with liquid. The normal level will be between min and max risks.

Oil change in automatic transmission

A driver with an automatic gearbox needs to prepare for the expensive maintenance of the transmission of his car in the service centers. There, the oil change from the automatic transmission is performed using an automatic mobile compressor.

For private garage use, this device is quite expensive, so car owners use bypass methods with medical syringes or homemade devices to replace the transmission fluid.

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The average replacement frequency is 50 ... 60 thousand kilometers. For premium class cars, the figure is significantly higher. This is achieved through more stringent fluid manufacturing technology and the availability of expensive additives that increase the operational period.

what oil according to the characteristics should be poured into the box machine

In the elite auto replacement is carried out only in the event of malfunction of the mechanism or carrying out any type of repair.

You can make a replacement in such situations:

  • frequent overload while driving in the heat, regular standing in traffic jams, frequent use of a car trailer, long slip in the snow, the use of aggressive driving style;
  • during regular fluid control the car owner noted the poor quality of the oil, which has lost its color, opacity, contains visible particles of mechanical wear;
  • replacement is in progress for preventive purposes to prevent degradation of the transmission fluid.

how to fill in a Toyota machine box

If, shortly after pouring pure oil, it again took an unsightly look much earlier than the guaranteed time, then the driver should conduct a general diagnosis of the automatic transmission. Often, the appearance of dirt in the box indicates problems with torque converters, worn clutch.

Incomplete replacement of oil in automatic transmission

This method of updating the oil allows you to saturate the liquid with new additives, as well as partially relieve it from contamination. The procedure is often carried out in several stages. For work, it is desirable to use a prepared pit or car lift.

As tools and materials you will need the following list:

  • oil of the recommended trademark recommended by car makers;
  • it is necessary to change the oil filters;
  • hermetic gasket for the pallet crankcase;
  • wrenches and a large screwdriver.

What kind of oil do you need when pouring into an automatic transmission?

To self-pour oil in the automatic transmission for partial replacement, you must perform the following steps:

  • the current level of the liquid is measured by the probe, and if an insufficient volume is detected, we are looking for possible leak points that are noticeable on the oil stains
  • under the stopper closing the drain window, put the tank to drain the mining;
  • unscrew the cork from the window and wait for the maximum amount of oil to drain from the automatic transmission cavity;
  • after working off has ceased to flow, dismantle the sump;
  • we get the oil filter;
  • contaminated parts are washed and wiped with a clean cloth;
  • we mount a new filter and put the pallet in its place, having previously installed a new seal;
  • add oil to the cavity of the automatic transmission in the volume that was removed from it.

Fluid can be added using a flexible hose and funnel. Also, in some cases, a large medical syringe with a tube attached to it is used.

what oil by color should be poured into the box machine

After all operations, close the hole with a stopper. On the updated fluid, the driver is recommended to run in about 300 ... 500 km, and then repeat the partial replacement. In this way, it will be possible to replace up to 70 ... 80% of the oil in the machine without the help of expensive equipment.

Complete replacement of transmission fluid

Perform an independent full replacement of gear oil is also possible in garage conditions. Assistance to the motorist will be provided by such devices as a compressor for pumping wheels or a manual car pump. The procedure is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Get rid of the oil in the crankcase. To do this, remove the cover and the oil filter. After cleaning them and washing, put the parts in place.
  • Disconnect the pipeline from one side between the gearbox and the oil cooler.
  • On the released radiator pipe we increase the hose. In the feed line pump up fresh oil.

The procedure is carried out until the output begins to appear pure oil. At this point, you need to loop the system and fix the hose clamps on the nipples.