Chinese cars (crossovers) and their prices

Why is the demand for 2013 Chinese crossovers growing in our country? The answer is simple and quite obvious - they are much cheaper than the Japanese and Korean competitors, competing in their price category only with our Niwa, UAZ and the joint project Chevrolet-Niva.

chinese cars crossovers prices

So, let's look at these "countrymen":

  • Lada 4x4 (that's the official name of the "Niva") in a 3-door version will cost 350-360 thousand Russian rubles. This is about 10 thousand dollars for a new car. You get 1,7l. engine and five-speed mechanics. On the patency of "Niva" everything is already up to date, because we will not paint. The pyatidvernik will cost 390 thousand rubles. Comfort? I do not think that driving on the "Niva" can be called comfortable. But reliability is quite high. Yes, and it is easy to repair, because there are a lot of parts and they are practically everywhere.
  • UAZ. Ulyanovsk "jeep" is still popular. And there are many reasons for this. It is tenacious, good permeability, costs from 480,000 rubles. for Hunter, up to 579,000 rubles. for the UAZ Patriot. "Hunter" take those who love the old Soviet UAZ. Besides, now it has become much more comfortable.
  • Chevrolet-Niva is generally the favorite car in Russia. The Chinese are still growing long before its popularity. Why? Yes, because the car turned out and pleasant-looking, and high-quality. And it costs from 459 thousand rubles.
UAZ Hunter

And now about the Chinese crossovers, whose prices are quite low

Quite a lot of Chinese companies are represented in the Russian Federation, though not by all models. Let's figure out who is who.

  • Chery. Знакомая всем автомобилистам компания. Её и ругают и хвалят практически одинаково. Но на её продукцию, как и на другие chinese cars crossovers prices очень заманчивы.
  • Geely. Not less known name in our market. Moreover, this manufacturer is significantly increasing momentum. The quality of technology has also grown over the past few years, and Gili Emgrand X7 confirms this.
  • Changan. The main competitor for the Russian automotive industry among Chinese crossovers in Russia. The price for a popular Chinese crossover Changan starts from 549,000 rubles. for version CS35 c 1,6l / 113l.s, front-wheel drive and manual transmission.
  • FAW. The Chinese crossover Khaima 7, represented on the Russian market, was expected to cost around 550,000 rubles, will cost 630,000 to the owner, and this is in the basic configuration. Adding 60 thousand you get a deluxe version, but still with the mechanics. But for the version with an automatic transmission, you will have to pay as much as 789 tr. Many complain that the price of a car is somewhat overpriced. However, in the best configuration, the car comes with cruise control, air conditioning, a leather interior, a powerful audio system and tinted windows. In addition to Khaimah 7, there is also a fairly good Chinese crossover X 80 from FAW, which costs around 650,000 rubles.
chinese crossover khaima 7 Price

And what crossovers come from the West?

And from the west, Renault is actively advancing, selling its Duster in this price niche. Many in general doubt that Chinese SUVs will succeed in pushing this car even a couple of years later. But, considering that prices for Chinese crossovers are slightly lower (Duster costs from 479 thousand rubles), there are some chances to get through. The same Cherie Indies for 389 tr. quite a good car. Drivers respond well to it, and test drives have shown that the Chinese have succeeded.

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The battle with Duster lasts for the fourth year (the Frenchman appeared in 2010). In this battle, while frankly loses the Chinese crossover Chang. It costs more, it is completed worse, and it causes less trust. However, the Chinese manufacturer does not despair and continues to improve the car.

The invasion of Chinese crossovers in Ukraine

Ukrainians Cherie, or Gili do not surprise. Dealer networks have been operating here for several years, through which Great Wall, Cherry, Ssang Yong and other cars from China are selling quite well. The local population buys them less often than any Lanos, but it’s not difficult to meet Chinese SUVs and crossovers on the streets of Ukrainian cities.

chinese crossovers prices

Prices on popular Chinese crossovers in Ukraine may seem a bit overpriced to Russians. For example, New Corando on the official Ukrainian site costs 174,900 UAH. (it is 709 000 rubles). And they are buying. Why? At least, because in Ukraine the customs clearance of cars costs much more than in Russia.

Therefore, any "Korean", or, especially, "Japanese", will cost much more expensive. The local market is the opening for the 2014 Chinese crossover model year. However, the same SangYongs speak well here. Cars behave quite adequately on the Ukrainian roads, if you do not try to portray a real harsh SUV. This is not a UAZ.

chinese changan crossover Price

But the Chinese Changan crossover, the price of which in Russia attracts many, is almost not met here. Yes, the company has a Ukrainian site, but there are no crossovers on it. Just tight and when trying to find an SUV for this company through search engines. The same situation with Foton. This company is represented in Ukraine only by trucks. So to meet somewhere in Dnepropetrovsk new Chinese crossover, like the Changan CS75 - a rarity.

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And then the video about the Chinese crossover New Corando: