Convenient and solid: the best crossovers for women

>If we talk about a purely female crossover, then no one car company produces such cars that are focused exclusively on a female audience. But some models are so close to women that men often refuse to buy such a car. And female cars are

The most reliable cars in the world

>When a person plans to buy a car, he, above all, thinks about its reliability. This will make it possible to operate the machine without any problems for the next few years, not to be afraid of the failure of the main components due to the

Top best business class cars

>E-class cars have other names: Executive cars and "upper middle class." But the essence of this category does not change: they include cars that have improved performance in comparison with the "urban" competitors of the middle class. Increased

Rating the best italian cars

>Passionate and temperamentalAutomotive world has its own geography. Refined France, reliable Germany, practical Korea - each country seeks to present to the world something special, typical only for it. Of course, the autoworld map would be

Rating of the world's fastest suvs

>Some motorists who prefer high-speed driving, pay extreme attention to crossovers and SUVs, which helps to combine beauty, speed and high throughput. In the presented list of high-speed cars there are only vehicles of the SUV segment, the

By mud and bumps - the best cars for the roads of russia

>Everyone wants to become the owner of a good car. But at the same time, there are problems with choosing the best one, because I want to find an optimal ratio for all key characteristics. Features of Russia make extremely attentive to such

Best cars up to 800,000 rubles: rating 2017

Choosing the best car up to 800 thousand rubles is worth paying attention not only to the equipment, but also the overall reliability, since if many people change cheap cars every few years, cars from the average price range are usually purchased for

Rating the best cars up to 150 thousand rubles

>After the last crisis with the fall of the ruble, new cars began to cost quite expensive, but wages remained the same or, at best, slightly increased. Despite all these difficulties, the need for a personal vehicle remains constant. Before the

Ranking of the best chinese suvs in 2018

>The choice and purchase of a vehicle is always accompanied by particular difficulties. If the logical assessment of the needs of the future car owner helps to determine the type of the desired car and the functionality required by the consumer,

In the drift! the best cars for drift

>Driving is not only a necessary skill in modern society. There is a category of chauffeurs who turned for themselves a ride into ... sport! Professional races, rally, karting, car trial, drag racing and many other types of motorsport will not
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