The choice of budget all-wheel drive suvs up to 350,000

>Regularly fluctuating exchange rate and unstable situation in the market force Russians to buy more and more low-cost vehicles, and recently used off-road vehicles, the price of which reaches 350 thousand rubles, have become quite popular. As the

Leaders of car sales 2016 in russia: the rating of new and

Since then, as a private car has ceased to be a luxury, the official statistics of sales of passenger cars. Unfortunately, the results of the analysis of the Russian market show year after year the disappointing dynamics of the country's car industry

How to make a choice between volkswagen passat and jetta

>Before purchasing a car, it is necessary to thoroughly examine all more or less suitable options, then select several and compare them with each other. To complete the picture, you need to mentally associate the car with your preferences (after

The most unusual cars in the world

>For most car enthusiasts, the car is an integral part of comfortable trips and nothing more. In this case, the first place goes: engine reliability, modern electronics, interior comfort of the cabin and many other components. But today we will

Top executive cars

>A few decades ago, a car was a luxury, few could afford to buy a car miracle.Currently, the majority of modern residents are owners of a variety of cars, which are divided into twenty classes. The most affordable are class A cars that have a

Winter tires rating 2016-2017: choose the best winter tires

Surely every modern motorist had a question: which winter tires are better? When you think about how to choose a good rubber, you need to rely on such factors to make it as safe as possible. You should feel confident on the road in all weather

Rating of the best motor homes for travel

>The modern world is full of wonders that you want to see firsthand, and not to look at the pages of printed publications.It is precisely such a craving for research, for learning the unknown, “gives rise to” an insatiable desire to travel. Modern

Cheap and angry: the best suvs up to 800 thousand rubles

>When choosing an SUV up to 800 thousand rubles a new car often attracts more than a used one. It all depends on your personal needs. Someone better take a boo, but with a rich bundle. Others want only a new jeep.New SUVs up to 800 000 thousand

The most sold cars in the secondary market of russia

>The Russian car market in 2017 demonstrates the growth of consumer demand for both new and used cars. Most Russians prefer domestic manufacturers, as well as relatively inexpensive models of imported cars. Ratings show that the combination of

Top most beautiful cars in the world

>A few decades ago, the car was not available to a wide range of consumers. And those who could afford to buy a car, primarily focused on the technical characteristics of the vehicle, capacity and operational properties. At the present time, the
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