Foreign cars that do not ruin us: the rating of low-cost

>When buying a vehicle should pay attention to many characteristics. It is wrong to make a choice only on the basis of a suitable design, engine power and other technical details.A car is an expensive pleasure, since for its purchase it is

The smallest suvs and crossovers: top jeeps for women

Buying a “female” car is always a complicated matter. So much of everything needs to be taken into account: power, ease of operation, a security system, dimensions and all the electrical "stuffing" designed to simplify the driving process as much as

The most stolen cars: hot "ten" in recent years

The introduction of new technologies in the design of vehicles goes in parallel with the development of new ways of hacking cars. Car hijackers turn off the alarm, enter the salon, and the next morning the vehicle owner does not find it under the

New cars for 900000: top-10 models of 2017

We present the rating of the best cars of the upper price range in the Russian car market. In this category of representatives, no less than in others, including the one where budget cars are located. Take a look at the most popular ones. Perhaps

Rating of prestigious suvs worth up to 3 million rubles

>Of course, one cannot call the choice of a budget car a fairly simple and carefree occupation, however, it is much more difficult to choose a beautiful presentable car, which the motorist is willing to spend at least 2 million rubles to purchase.

Permeability without aggression: the best female suvs

>Как ни странно, понятия «женский автомобиль» не существует, однако, всё больше женщин садится за руль и желает выбрать себе такую машину, которая была бы именно женской — то есть красивой, элегантной, компактной и безопасной. В каждой категории

Rating of used crossovers up to 400,000 rubles

>In recent years, the cost of cars, like other expensive goods, has risen rapidly. The reason for this phenomenon is both in financial instability and in the growth of the exchange rate. Despite the rise in prices, quite a few Russian citizens do

Top cabriolet rankings

>A convertible is a rather unusual type of car. They are not intended to bring huge profits to the manufacturer. They do not have unique technical characteristics, since they are created on the basis of basic models of cars.Agree that you can

Top german cars rating

>Previously, German cars were associated by Russian drivers with exceptionally large sizes and high prices - indeed, premium brands dominate in this country, and they try to focus on the needs of wealthy people.However, time dictates its own

Rating of used suvs worth up to 400,000 rubles

>The ideal solution for trips out of town have always been considered SUVs. Thanks to the solid construction, all-wheel drive and high ground clearance, they are not afraid of any road obstacles. The SUV will travel through the sand, through the
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