The best among used suvs in russia


If you are going to buy a used SUV, any car enthusiast looks at what representatives of this class are now popular on the roads. And, of course, popularity is not just a name or appearance, they receive popularity for their merits. Reliability and build quality are among the main characteristics in this list. These characteristics give confidence that a used SUV will not crumble within a year after purchase from the previous owner. However, an important role is played by other characteristics, for example, comfort and throughput. Therefore, this article contains the best bestsellers in Russia, among the used SUVs.

Among SUVs there is something to choose.

Among SUVs there is something to choose.

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Honda CR-V

Best Used Honda CR-V SUV

Best Used Honda CR-V SUV

This SUV has a high reputation in the market for used cars. And of course, it was not received for "beautiful eyes." A very spacious cabin becomes a weighty argument when choosing a family car, and the scope of this SUV is really big. In addition, there are a lot of options for transforming the cabin. Good assembly and quality materials used for decoration will not go unnoticed. Noise isolation performed well, but not on the "five" - ​​when driving off-road, there may be extraneous sounds and noises.

The power unit is one of three to choose from 2.0 L and 2.4 L petrol, as well as 2.2 L turbo diesel. The latter is quite rare in our country, more often this equipment comes only on request. The engines themselves are very good and reliable. The transmission, either automatic or mechanic, is also distinguished by noticeable reliability and almost no problems with it. A good suspension gives extremely good handling for a car of this class, although some of the suspension may seem slightly stiff. So the car can boast of good dynamics.

In general, despite the rather small trunk (442 l), this is a great choice for a family car. High-quality assembly and reliability of components will allow the whole family to go on a trip with peace of mind. A spacious cabin will allow you to spend it comfortably.

Honda CR-V test drive

Toyota RAV4

The best used SUV Toyota RAV4

The best used SUV Toyota RAV4

The second in the list of popular SUV. Despite the external compactness of his body, the cabin is quite spacious and in the back row three people will not experience discomfort or tightness. The body itself has excellent stiffness, it does not “shake” in sharp turns, and is presented only in the 5-door version. Speaking of doors: the tailgate here is not very successful, for some it may seem inconvenient due to the fact that it opens not up, but on the right side. When loading or unloading luggage, difficulties may arise. There are no complaints to the salon. It is made well and thought out, the quality of materials is not the highest, but far from the worst. Decent noise isolation does not allow discomfort, noise.

There are quite a few options for a complete set of engines; not everyone can boast of such a wide range. You can choose from four petrol and two diesel power units. But many experts advise to stop the choice on the 2.0 liter petrol engine, it is he who is the golden mean between great reliability and efficiency. As befits a modern SUV, all-wheel drive is plug-in here. And it turns on automatically as soon as one of the front drive wheels begins to slip. Gearbox mechanics or automatic, the latter, in new models, replaced by a CVT.

Toyota RAV4 has excellent handling of the car, a very spacious and quite comfortable interior, as well as excellent visibility. Excellent quality and increased reliability are noted by all owners. For these advantages, this crossover is very often chosen by the fair sex. Although it is worth remembering that the maintenance and purchase of spare parts for this car will cost you a pretty penny, the prices here are not encouraging.

Test Drive Toyota RAV4

Nissan X-Trail

Best Used SUV Nissan X-Trail

Best Used SUV Nissan X-Trail

It is often called exclusively "SUV", and, in fact, that was what he thought about. This is an urban crossover Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, the main priority of which is comfort. At the same time, he still has quite good off-road performance, and you can get to your summer cottage without problems. Impressive ground clearance and all-wheel drive will help you with this.

The quality of trim is not inferior to competitors. Everything is made of good materials and well-assembled. Of course, over time, some details and interior elements rattle, which can lead to some discomfort. But which car from this price range is devoid of these problems? Some owners complain about a certain tightness in the back row, however, you can’t call a very tight salon. Ergonomics and practicality of the cabin at a height, only the back of the back of the sofa has 5 options for adjustment. A lot of useful pockets and compartments. Even in the trunk there is a raised floor, under which there are two drawers.

The choice of engines is limited to two petrol and two diesel versions. The working volume of petrol 2.0 and 2.5 liters, diesel only 2-liter and has a different power of 150 and 173 hp No one has any complaints about engine reliability. They will serve their masters for a very long time. The most popular is the 2.5 l petrol engine. A small difference in power (25hp), compared with a smaller 2-liter fellow, is quite noticeable on the road and in dynamics. Like most "SUV" gearbox in three versions - mechanics, automatic and CVT. Most often there are modifications with a variator.

Perhaps this is the most comfortable SUV in this rating. Very soft suspension perfectly "swallows" all the irregularities of the coating, ladies can calmly apply makeup right on the go. But behind this dignity lies its own drawback: on rough terrain and when cornering at high speed, the body swings quite strongly and has a considerable lurch.

Test drive Nissan X-Trail

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Best Used SUz Suzuki Grand Vitara

Best Used SUz Suzuki Grand Vitara

On the market, this crossover is available in two versions: a 5-and 3-door carrying body, very popular in the market for used cars. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, the body of this SUV is perfectly preserved, although there may be complaints about the original painting. It is not uncommon for metal to become “bare” in some places due to the banal friction of door seals.

The interior is well decorated and pleases the eye, but over time, some parts may rattle, the quality of materials, alas, is not the highest. Sound insulation is not the best, and when high speeds are reached on the track, aerodynamic noise increases. Some drivers also complain about not very comfortable seats. With long journeys the back can be pretty tired.

Under the hood can be several options 1.6 liter, 2.0 liter, 2.4 liter, 2.7 liter, 3.2 liter gasoline engine. But the last two are quite rare on the roads, because of their high gluttony. By the way, this SUV is very picky about the quality of fuel and oil.

In general, the machine does not have serious factory or design flaws. It has excellent handling on asphalt and maintains good performance on rough terrain. It is worth noting also a very reliable chassis, it will serve for a long time. Slap, of course, the car can not be called, especially the model with automatic transmission. But they did it for the city and a comfortable ride.

Test drive the Suzuki Grand Vitara


In conclusion, you can add only that these SUVs, under the right conditions of operation, can serve up to 100 thousand km without serious problems and the need for high costs. All of them were assembled qualitatively with the use of reliable components and design solutions. So, if you are not looking for a particular crossover, then choosing one of the above SUVs, you can’t go wrong. Still, they are not for nothing are a great success. The main thing do not forget to enlist the support of a person who understands the state of used cars, and will help in choosing, protecting you from unscrupulous sellers.