Tuning audi a6 c5 do it yourself - look, photos, lights

tuning audi a6 c5Tuning the Audi A6 C5 is an important and sometimes necessary process faced by many owners of this car. The second generation Audi A6 on the C5 platform debuted in the spring of 1997. The design of the novelty came to taste to customers and became the brand "face" of all Audi cars of that period. In 2000 and 2001, the Audi A6 C5 was one of the top ten cars and competed on an equal footing with cars - the leaders in its class - the BMW 5-series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Despite the past years, this wonderful car still has not lost its relevance and is often found on our roads. The reason for all the excellent and proven engines, body and aerodynamic characteristics.

Audi a6 c5 skirtsHowever, the standard, stock, modification of the Audi A6 does not like all owners. And it looks like the car is great, and the interior is not bad, but in some ways it is “not enough”. How to be in this situation? The answer is simple - just make it. tuning the Audi A6 C5. But here, as in many cases, there are pitfalls. The main problem is that there is only a little overdone, and the car gets completely ugly features. How to avoid it? Approach the tuning of the Audi A6 C5 as consciously and carefully as possible! To get started, look at photos of already tuned cars, rate them, see what you like and what not. It so happens that the same part on machines of different colors looks completely different. Then evaluate your capabilities. Someone is able to do the tuning on their own, and someone will need the help of a specialized auto service. Also important will be a financial issue. Make for Audi A6 C5 tuning - the task is not always budget. Depending on the materials used, car parts, etc. The amount may be completely different.

We go further. Introductory questions we have discussed. Your wish make tuning Audi A6 C5 not only was not lost, but also, apparently, has considerably strengthened. It is very good. Very soon you will become the owner of a unique car that will stand out brightly in the general traffic flow. So where to start, you ask. And we begin with the appearance.

tuning audi a6 photoThe main task in the external tuning of the car is to give it an original appearance, increase its aerodynamic characteristics and recognition in the stream. Remarkable assistants at this stage will be a variety of body kits, wheels, and optics. Consider each element in more detail.

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Body kits.

The structure of this group of tuning includes bumper, side skirts, spoiler, lining on the headlights and grille. The bumper is one of the main elements of the aerodynamic body kit. It is the installation of unusual and original bumpers that significantly changes the appearance of the car, its geometrical permeability and aerodynamic properties. CSR-automotive's bumpers, which many owners set themselves, have proven themselves well. Tuning Photos Audi A6 C5 with these bumpers you can see above. For their production uses a special material Fiberflex - a modern composite material, which is characterized by extremely high flexibility and impact resistance. Moreover, it does not burn and is difficult to break. Installing new bumpers will reduce the impact of air masses on your car while driving and improve its aerodynamics. You can also add fog lights, daytime running lights and other various decorative (and not only) elements to the bumper.

фото обвеса audi a6 s5Thresholds - the second important part of the appearance of the car, without which during tuning Audi A6 C5 not enough. Thresholds are set to give the car a unique look, and to protect the body from all sorts of damage - stones flying out from under the wheels, dirt and chemicals that are present in abundant variety on our roads. Rieger has proven itself in the production of thresholds. Tuning Photos Audi A6 C5 with them you can see above. Their production also uses technological materials that will last you for a long time and protect the car from all kinds of damage.

Spoiler is actually a very important element in the design of the Audi A6. This is not a show off, as some people think, this is a real detail, which significantly improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the car, increases its stability and controllability at high speeds, and also provides smoother cornering. Install a spoiler on your car and you will immediately feel the difference. This item you can take from other Audi models, for example from the Audi RS6. It would be great if the spoiler is made of carbon fiber - carbon. It has a light weight and fits perfectly into the overall look of the car.

Lining the lights. Lining, or as they are called "cilia" on the headlights also perform several functions. In addition to the aesthetic - a spectacular and slightly aggressive look, they also perform a practical function - they protect the headlights from dirt.

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Радиаторная решетка – также немаловажный элемент tuning Audi A6 C5. Installing a new grille allows you to hide the manufacturer's logo, to give the car an aggressive, sporty and dynamic character. It complements the bumper and is an important step in tuning the appearance. For installation you can, as in the case of the spoiler, take the grille from other Audi models.

фото грохот Audi A6 S5 Also to the body elements of the appearance of the car must include mirrors and door handles. Often, many manufacturers chrome these elements. However, not everyone likes chrome. Sometimes he gives the car some fussiness and contributes to the appearance. Pay special attention to these elements. It is best to install rear-view mirrors made of aluminum or carbon (can also be taken from other Audi models). If desired, they can be painted in the body color of the car, or in any contrasting color. For example, if the color of your Audi A6 C5 is white, then the black mirrors will look nice in general appearance. Door handles in this regard are more risky element. Be careful with the choice of their color. Sometimes they look great, and sometimes they just look awful. The most common option - the color of pens in the color of the car body. Go ahead.


Standard, stock wheels Audi A6 C5 – R15 (6 x 15 ET45 или 7 x 15 ET45). Разумеется, они удовлетворяют мало каких владельцев. Диски для такого автомобиля достаточно маловаты, да притом еще и достаточно узки. Именно поэтому во время tuning Audi A6 C5 их замена – важнейший этап. Колесные арки этого автомобиля достаточно большие, поэтому можно установить диски 18 – 20 дюймов. Однако последние – не лучшее решение, учитывая состояние наших дорог. Лучше всего остановить свой выбор на 18 дюймах – они и выглядят отлично и подвеску сохранят в целости.

photo drive audi a6 c5When choosing, also pay attention to the color and number of spokes - someone selects the wheels to the color of the car, and someone - in contrast to him. Assessing the available copies, you can give your car a unique look. In the photo tuning Audi A6 C5, you can see the discs with PVD-coated.

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Оптика – tuning headlights Audi A6 C5

In the stock trim Audi A6 C5 uses conventional halogen optics. However, its quality leaves much to be desired. How to be? The most budget opportunity make tuning headlights Audi A6 C5 is the installation of new, upgraded halogen lamps, Koito white light lamps. They cost about 1500 rubles. for a couple, their light is similar to xenon 4000K, but does not blind other drivers.

tuning headlights Audi A6 C5Next The possibility of tuning headlights Audi A6 C5 is the installation of xenon. You must have heard about this kind of lighting. It is not a spiral that glows in it, but a gas. Power is measured in Kelvin. On average, this is 4000-6000K. Also, during installation, it is necessary to build in the car ignition kit into the vehicle system. Over time, xenon headlights lose their brightness, but this fact fades before their advantages - excellent road lighting, brighter and more saturated color, as close as possible to daylight, as well as long service life. Xenon as an option for tuning headlights Audi A6 C5 - a great solution!

In addition to installing various lamp variations, it is necessary to consider the option of replacing the Audi A6 C5 stock headlights with alternative optics, like the Audi A5. Photo tuning Audi A6 C5 with it you can see below. It differs in that the basis of the glow are LEDs. These are modern technological light elements that have an almost infinite service life and low energy consumption. In addition, more modern Audi cars are equipped with LED strips, emitting these cars from the stream. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to do the same tuning headlights Audi A6 C5. xenon headlights audi a6 c5 We have listed the highlights and showed you the basics. Photo tuning Audi A6 C5. Select for yourself the most important and necessary and begin to transform your iron horse today.

In conclusion, a couple of videos about tuning Audi A6 C5