Full test drive car lada granta (lada granta)

Полный тест-драйв автомобиля Лада Гранта (Lada Granta)

From the very beginning, the Lada Granta car (its factory designation - VAZ-2190) was conceived as an inexpensive and high-quality vehicle that would meet modern safety requirements, but would remain accessible to the buyer. The model was developed on the basis of the first generation of Lada Kalina cars. But so many changes were made to the basic design that Lada Grant can be considered an original design. Before you buy this car and independently evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages, you should familiarize yourself with the test drive data and analysis of the main technical characteristics of the model.

Photos of Lada Granta

General impressions of the test drive Lada Grants

Every Russian motorist heard about the car Lada Granta. For many, the output of this model has caused some skepticism, which is explained by past mistakes of the AvtoVAZ concern. However, the overall impression of the test drive Lada Grants - the most favorable. Regarding the model released in 2018, we can say that its creators have managed to improve the quality of the main components, eliminate some of the shortcomings that consumers have previously reported. Transmission performance has been improved.

General impressions of the test drive Lada Grants

New Lada Granta differs in the increased noise insulation level in comparison with the previous versions. And it affected the insulation not only on the floor of the cabin, but also in the trunk, and on the engine shield. Together, it makes a good impression. And if we add to this the minor changes that have affected the arrangement of the cabin and made driving more comfortable, we can say that the new Grant can compete with more expensive car brands. Perhaps, at first glance, these changes are not so noticeable, but it is worthwhile to spend behind the wheel for a while, as you begin to appreciate them.

New Lada Granta в 2017 году

Car appearance

The body of the Lada Grants outwardly changed little. As before, there are several options for the body. It is a sedan, sport and also another interesting modification. Lada Granta - Liftback. The latter option is considered universal, while the sports model will certainly interest those who often choose to go out of town to the track. The most significant changes have undergone the front of the car - here were used an updated grille and bumper. The sedan also slightly changed the shape of lights, bumper and even the boot lid.

Appearance of the Lada Grants Sedan

New body Lada Grants boasts a roomy trunk. Its volume depends on the type of model. For the sedan is 520 liters. But in the liftback it is a compartment of 440 liters, and if the driver folds the backs of the rear seats, the trunk volume can be increased to 760 liters. In this case, its cover will open with the rear window. Due to the design features, it will be convenient and practical to load things into the trunk

New body Lada Grants liftback

Lada Grants Liftback trunk capacity

The company has not yet released the promised crossover. As planned, the car will be very different from all past options.

As for the design of Grants, the manufacturer provides such body colors as white, orange-brown, purple, light and dark shades of blue, blue-green, gray, including those with a brownish tint.

Lada Granta Lifbek photo

Salon - Interior - Ergonomics

The basic principle that the designers implemented in Lada Grant in relation to the interior of the cabin is minimalism, according to the principle "the simpler the better." This approach helps to reduce costs, and pay more attention to sound insulation, although inside the car you can still hear the sound of a running motor. Salon Lada Granta is quite spacious, so that the driver does not feel squeezed. The ceiling inside is quite high. This is important for drivers of big stature. On the whole, the car has become more ergonomic.

Salon frets grants

The interior is well thought out. Finished with high-quality plastic, and compared to previous models, it should be noted that it looks better. In addition, the skin is now made at a higher level, and its parts do not creak during operation. For fixing of the elements, invisible fixing materials were used, some brackets were improved.

Lada Grants Interior

Что касается эргономики, то в базовой picking Lada Grants особых сюрпризов нет. Но зато в комплектации "Люкс" есть множество мелочей, которые делают поездку более комфортной - это подогрев сидений, наличие противосолнечного козырька, возможность раскладки заднего сидения и наличие на нем подголовника.

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Ergonomics Lada Grants

Already, even in the configuration "Norma Classic" provides on-board computer. It is located between the speedometer and tachometer. This is a convenient place to display vehicle data on the screen.

Onboard Computer Lada Grants

But most of the changes still remained cosmetic. In particular, the steering and gearbox were redesigned. New material trimmed trunk shelf. The body was strengthened in the place where the engine mount passes. Theoretically, all this should fit better in the salon than in previous models Grants. But, of course, everything depends solely on individual preferences.

Salon and Interior Lada Granta

Driving and driving comfort

The new Lada Granta has become safer in operation - for this, the stopping distance has been reduced. In addition, thanks to the streamlined shape, this car accelerates faster, which affects not only safety, but also good handling.

The car behaves well on a dry road surface. Its advantages include the stability and the absence of the need for a sharp drop in speed when cornering. The engine grants powerful enough to quickly accelerate or climb the mountain. Still, the speed in front of an obstacle should be reduced, mainly due to the high landing.

Management and safety of Lada Grant on the road

On the highways, the new Lada Granta also behaves confidently, keeps speed well. Knocks when driving is not observed, but even the improved noise isolation does not allow completely to get rid of extraneous sounds like those that are passing by cars.

Speaking about the features of grants, it should be noted also lower fuel consumption compared with previous versions of the same car. This allows you to reduce costs by about 10-15% from the usual level. This plus can be a serious savings with frequent use of the car, especially in urban environments. The new model helps to quickly slow down at the sight of a pedestrian crossing or a traffic light.

A car with a manual transmission is the most practical option. If necessary, it will be possible to enable a hint on it, which will help you choose the right speed and switch to the desired mode, for more efficient fuel economy.

Manual Lada Grants

In bad weather conditions, it became easier to drive a car, because now you can choose a complete set that includes the installation of rain and light sensors. The adjustable steering column performed well. It is clear that the use of all these systems allows you to make the movement safer and prevent unnecessary extreme maneuvers in conditions of poor visibility.

Technical characteristics of Lada Grants

Main characteristics of Lada Grants can be reduced to the following indicators:

body type - four-door 5-seater sedan (although there are other options - sport and liftback),

  • external dimensions - 4260х1700х1500 mm;
  • 550 liters of luggage that can be appreciated by people who love traveling by car;
  • the size of the wheelbase - 246 cm;
  • front wheel track is 1,430 mm, rear - 1,410 mm;
  • average clearance is 160 mm;
  • engine type - petrol, injection type, with distributed fuel injection, which is controlled by an electronic system;
  • engine displacement - 1596 cc;
  • engine power in the basic configuration is 87 hp, the value of torque is - 132 N ∙ m;
  • The fuel tank capacity is 50 liters, the average gas mileage is 7.4 liters per 100 km, if calculated for urban conditions;
  • The maximum possible speed of the model is 165 km / h, while from zero to “weave” the car warms up quite quickly - in 12.6 seconds.

Engine Lada Grants

In addition, the car is equipped with front-wheel drive and can have both manual transmission and automatic. The front suspension is made independent, the rear - semi-dependent, spring type.

High ground clearance is necessary for driving on bad roads, therefore, is a crucial point for the Lada Grant. This figure depends on the model and configuration. For the Lada Grant Sedan, the amount of ground clearance under the engine crankcase at full load is 160 mm for manual transmissions and 156 mm for automatic transmissions. This value will be relevant for all types of configuration - standard rate and suite. Under the crankcase transmission with manual transmission will remain the same value, and for automatic transmission, it is reduced to 145 mm.

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By the way, the value of clearance for the Lada Granta Liftback will be slightly different from the sedan in any configuration.

It is also worth noting that when calculating the clearance, the manufacturer takes the full mass of the car and adds an additional 400 kg to it. But in real life, the car does not receive such a load, so the ground clearance may be higher than its stated value.

Technical characteristics of Lada Grants

Prices and configuration

Price Lada Grants - this is perhaps the most pressing question for potential buyers. As always, it all depends on the configuration - in the cheapest option the cost will be 329,900 rubles, and in the most expensive version - more than 572 thousand rubles. At the same time, even in the basic model, they are distinguished by a rich choice of equipment - from a multimedia system to an onboard computer and many other devices.

The list, which includes основные picking Lada Grants, looks like that:

  • Options "Standard" - main characteristics: power 87 hp, MKP5, glass frames are made in body color, there is no bumper painting. There are driver's airbag, attachments for children's car seats, there is a function of locking the rear doors (this is important for families with small children). It should also be noted the presence of daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes and modern braking system, equipped with electronics. Price ranges from 329.9 - 389, 9 thousand rubles

Prices and configuration of Lada Grants in 2017

  • Options "Standard +" - the main indicators correspond to the above - the same power of 87 hp, MKP5, but the bumpers are painted in body color, the door frames are made in black. The price is 333.9 - 392.2 thousand rubles

picking Lada Grants

  • Options "Norma Classic" - the main indicators are not much different from the classic configuration - the same 87 hp and MKP5, but the rear seats have headrests, which increases the level of passenger comfort, and the car itself is equipped with an on-board computer. The price of this version is 365.6-425.6 thousand rubles

Rear seats Lada Grants

  • Options "Norma Classic +" - these are the same characteristics as in the previous configuration, only air conditioning is additionally available, electric heating of exterior mirrors, power windows. The price is 387.7-447.7 thousand rubles

Air conditioning in Lade Grant

electric Lada Grants

  • Options "Lux" - this is the power of 106 hp and MKP5. In addition, the model assumes a higher level of comfort - it's climate and multimedia, an extra passenger airbag, fog lights, a built-in alarm system, heated front seats and many other functions that help make any trip enjoyable. Price Suite version will be 443.4-519.4 thousand rubles. The complete set "Lux" with a robotic box is also available. Its price is up to 544.4 thousand rubles.

fog lights Lada Granta

Multimedia in Lada Grant

  • Options "Lux Navigation" - It can be equipped with both MKP5 and RCP5. At the same time there are climate system, parking sensors, audio system, navigator and many other useful features. The price is 547.4-572.4 thousand rubles.

RKP5 - Lada Grant

Navigation system in Lada Grant

Choice of used car

Многие согласны buy Lada Grant with mileage, то есть уже б/у. Но в таком случае нужно знать, с чем можно столкнуться, учитывая, что эти машины выпускаются не так давно, с 2011 года, и поэтому при относительно небольшом пробеге степень изношенности тоже будет невелика.

buy Lada Grant with mileage

Firstly, it should be noted that initially this family provided only one option - a four-door sedan. Then in 2011, Lada Granta Sport appeared on the market. Its main differences from the classic steel alloy wheels with diameters of 16 inches, the increased size of the rear and front brake discs, reduced ground clearance by 20 mm. In addition, Grant Sport is a gas-filled shock absorbers and low-profile tires. Another body variant is Grant Liftback, which appeared on the market in 2014. It differs from other types in the shape of both the body itself and the rear side doors, as well as the front bumper and some other small details. So even among the no longer new cars there are various options - Lada Granta sedan, Liftback and Sport.

Lada Granta Sport photo

Во-вторых, многие из тех, кто хотел бы купить Гранту с пробегом, интересуются в первую очередь её двигателем, не смотря на короткий срок эксплуатации. Почему-то отечественные автомобилисты уверены в том, что именно Lada Grants engine является ее слабым местом. На самом деле определенные проблемы с мотором будут в любом бюджетном автомобиле. В данном случае следует помнить, что машины этого семейства могут оснащаться 8- и 16-клапанными двигателями. И они ведут себя по-разному в процессе эксплуатации.

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Lada Grants engine

From the positive characteristics of 8-valve engines, it can be noted that even when the belt is broken, the valves are not oppressed, so everything is not that bad. But the 16-valve models behave worse, they need an urgent replacement of a failed part. But when replacing the belt will need to put new tensioning rollers. Simultaneously with these breakdowns often change the water pump.

Belts and tensioning rollers in Lada Grante bu

Another important point: oil leaks are characteristic of all the variations of engines used in this family. This may disturb the motorist, but in fact does not affect the operation of the power unit. But if at the start of the engine and the change in the number of revolutions gray smoke from the muffler is noticeable, this is already dangerous.

Thirdly, certain questions arise regarding transmission in the Lada Grant. Here, squeaks in the clutch pedal - a common phenomenon, you do not need to be nervous about this. However, experts recommend to regularly lubricate and the sleeve on the cable, which is near the clutch fork, and the place where the pedal is connected to the rod.

Clutch wire from Lada Grants

Some experts advise to pour synthetic compounds into a new car, and after 100 thousand kilometers - semi-synthetic. But, of course, buying the old Lada Grant, it is difficult to say how her owner treated her in this case. In general, an indicator of 100 thousand kilometers for such cars plays an important role. If before that the motor worked perfectly, then after this indicator the compression starts to fall and the power decreases. Over time, it may happen that the situation worsens, and then you have to change the piston group as a whole.

Piston group car Lada Granta

Gradually, of course, there is wear on the clutch disc, and the pedal rises higher compared to the normal level, and at the same time an increase in free wheeling is observed. In such cases, you need to immediately change both the disk and the basket, and it is advisable to purchase imported spare parts for this, since they have a much longer service life.

Pedels in Lada Grant

And finally, it is worth noting that the main problems with used cars, arise mainly when using a manual transmission. When checking it can make noise when switching. In addition, the lever when driving at speed can begin to vibrate quite strongly, and then the clutch will squeak. This sound can be heard when squeezing the clutch, which means you need to do something with the pedal hub. But sometimes the sound comes from the engine compartment. This means that the problem - in the leash tip. In general, most of the time repairing the clutch on the Lada Grant takes place already after 50 thousand kilometers.

Coupling bu - Lada Granta

Their problems may be associated with an automatic transmission. As a rule, they are especially pronounced during rain. Usually the problem comes down to the fact that there is a special sensor in the control unit of the machine, but in wet weather it works worse, sometimes the machine may not start at all because of this. So you need to see a specialist.

Let's sum up

Lada Granta - budget car with an optimal ratio of price and quality. On the road, this vehicle behaves confidently, has good handling. The car is able to accelerate quickly, without sudden jolts, the speed switches easily. In addition, this car differs from competitors from the same price group by increased grip, which makes it a more practical option for a harsh winter. The ergonomics of the cabin, concise but expressive design, good assembly - all these are arguments in favor of buying this particular model.

Photos of Lada Granta