American cadillac is going to develop a segment of compact

Американский Cadillac собирается осваивать сегмент компактных кроссоверов Premium American Brand Cadillac It is going to press down essentially competitors in a segment of compact crossovers, having started in it new models. One of them will be a compact crossover, and the other - subcompact. All this will happen in the next three years. This was reported by the American media. In particular, “Detroit News”, whose journalists interviewed the concern’s managers Kadillak and found some information about upcoming updates.

Американский Cadillac собирается осваивать сегмент компактных кроссоверов As it turned out, the premium American car brand is in dire need of crossovers. The fact is that the demand for SUVs is growing rapidly enough around the world, and automakers who failed to predict this demand, have missed time and were the result of a loss. So, Cadillac for the past 2016 received a decrease in demand for their cars by three percent compared with 2015. This brand manager reasonably attributed to the fact that Cadillac has very few SUVs. After all, another premium brand of the corporation General Motors - Buick, on the contrary, in 2016 received a three percent increase due to the sale of crossovers, which it had in sufficient quantities. The Buick Encore subcompact, sloped from the German Opel Mokka, jumped onto the second rung of the top-rated premium models, only the Japanese Lexus RX was above it. Американский Cadillac собирается осваивать сегмент компактных кроссоверов Компактный кроссовер от Kadillakа, probably, would also have considerable demand if it hit the market on time. But Cadillac is going to make it somewhat larger than Encore, and its serial model will hit the market only at the end of 2010. The new product will have to fight for the demand and love of car owners with such "fighters" as Mercedes-BenzGLA, Audi Q3 and BMWX1, which have firmly seized the European market of compact crossovers. Американский Cadillac собирается осваивать сегмент компактных кроссоверов But after a year and a half Kadillak собирается выпустить паркетник класса Мерседес-Бенц GLC, Ауди Q5 и BMWX3. Помимо субкомпакта и компакта Kadillak в ближайшие пару лет выпустит и полноценный внедорожник, который встанет в ряду между Cadillac XT5 и Cadillac Escalade. Это, скорее всего будет автомобиль, созданный на платформе презентованного совсем недавно новопоколенного Шевроле Траверс.

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The plans of the American corporation to launch the Audi A3 class in a series and a compact "four-door" class, it can be released in the coupe and convertible. Wait for this sedan to be closer to the end of 2019. Американский Cadillac собирается осваивать сегмент компактных кроссоверов By the way Kadillak Exactly one year ago, I launched my first automobile plant in the Celestial Empire. The localized production of Cadillacs for China was incidentally: the growth in sales of American кадиллаков in China this year jumped by as much as fifty percent. These are 116 thousand cars bought by the Chinese. Interesting that Kadillak  For decades, they have been supplying cars for American presidents, but they didn’t manage to prepare a car for Trump in time.