Best first car for a newbie


The first car in the life of any person is a significant event. The long wait for the purchase is finally over, the decision is made - and you go to choose your assistant, the “metal friend”, your first car. Then there will be a lot of positive emotions: this is the joy of what happened, and the excitement of the first trip, and the anxiety for the condition of the car, and pride when you look at you at the wheel.

cars for beginners

The first car for a beginner

Но вначале предстоит всё же подумать, как выбрать первый автомобиль для новичка, какой именно автомобиль предпочтительнее для вас, не имеющего опыта на дорогах. И это весьма сложно, ведь современный рынок так многообразен, ассортимент машин предлагается широчайший, и зачастую без совета опытных водителей не обойтись. Ведь они уже прошли ваш путь, и теперь на своём опыте и на своих прошлых ошибках могут дать совет, как не наступать на те же «грабли».читать далее о первом автомобиле для новичка-->

A separate question will be what kind of car is better for a novice driver-woman, because the representatives of this half of humanity pay attention not only to the technical components, driving characteristics, but also to the exterior, design features. Many people prefer to stand out because they choose bright models.

Tips for beginners

Surely, you have already thought about whether to immediately buy a smart car or take such a car, “so that it would not be a pity”, if you scratch or scratch the first time because of inexperience, remember the skin. Which one car is preferable if you are driving for the first time on your own: used or new?

An old friend is better than new

Many recommend for a novice driver who does not have driving experience on the roads, to acquire domestic models in the secondary market. After all, the first time motorists drive a little carelessly until the skills develop, and the risk of accidents is quite high. Even when arriving at parking lots, awkward turns and insufficient alignment are possible in garages, which causes scratches and the risk of crushing the wing.

A used car will cost you less, spare parts and components for it are also easier and less expensive to buy, and after that, when driving experience is acquired, you will be more confident on the roads, you can change the first car to a beautiful new model.

Arguments in favor of a new car


“All the best at once,” one of the advisers will tell you, and in many respects will be right. Having bought the newest expensive car, the driver usually values ​​them very much, especially if the funds, in order to change the car later, will not appear soon. The sense of responsibility increases, and the driver behaves very carefully on the roads, being afraid to get even a small scratch.


New models are equipped with reliable security systems. If an inexperienced driver gets into an accident, he has a higher chance of staying alive, less injured while driving on the latest state-of-the-art models.

Less breakdowns

Although spare parts for foreign cars are more expensive, but by buying a new car, you will be able to drive for a very long time without repair, producing only maintenance. And old, used cars break down quite often due to the wear of spare parts. And if it is difficult to find spare parts, components, then the price for them will be higher. The new car will initially cost more, but servicing it in the first year will be cheaper due to the fact that it will not need to be replaced parts and components.

Automatic vs mechanics

One of the important points in deciding how to choose a car is to determine whether to buy a model with a manual gearbox or automatic. The latest models work on automatic gearboxes. Of course, many experienced drivers, who bought and drove first on the mechanics, would advise starting on it, claiming that later riding the machine would be easier, and the course of the young “fighter” would be better to go under more difficult conditions. And having learned to ride on a manual gearbox, then you can manage more heavy loads.

On the contrary, driving immediately on automatic gearboxes will make life easier for the driver, especially when driving right around the city is the best option. When hit in traffic jams, the machine will help you start moving faster, and it will be better to regulate it.

So, your choice, which car is better, will depend on many factors, including financial condition. If you still decide to buy a used car and now decide which model to choose, perhaps you can use our rating, compiled specifically for novice drivers. In compiling the following criteria were considered: ease of management, safety, simplicity, low cost, compactness. For the rating, we analyzed the state of the secondary market, chose models that at 4-5 years of age will cost you about 500 thousand rubles.

Top 10 best cars for a novice car enthusiast

Hyundai i30

hetchbek hyundai i30

Korean hatchback can be easily bought for 440 thousand rubles

Korean hatchback can be easily purchased in the secondary market. The cost is about 440 thousand rubles. Although the design is somewhat boring, the model is popular due to good stability and ergonomics. There are many compartments for small items. 1.6-liter engine in 126 liters. with. Parts are easy, minor repairs carried out by unofficial services.


  • average build quality;
  • not quite comfortable steering adjustment.

Ford Focus II

ford focus ii

The average cost of the Ford Focus II - 430 thousand rubles

The most interesting option from the search / availability of spare parts, trouble-free repair. For beginners, the 1.6-liter version of 100 liters is suitable. with., we also recommend in the presence of finances a rich package, including heated mirrors, 2-zone climate control, headlight washers. Most often, Focus is used as a workhorse, it is a reliable machine, even in the presence of a run there should not be big problems. But choose carefully, inspect everything carefully, so as not to buy a car with a lot of hidden problems. Average cost - 430 thousand rubles.


  • reliability;
  • ergonomics;
  • controllability.


  • insufficient noise insulation;
  • small clearance.

Citroen C4 II

citroen c4 ii hatchback

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Сitroen c4 costs above 500 thousand rubles in the secondary market

Citroen has all the advantages listed in relation to the previous version, in addition, it has an original design. Specifications are quite good. This French hatchback is often recommended for women, and if you decide to buy the first car for a girl, then here's a great option. By cons can be attributed to a rather high compared with other models of the cost - above 500 thousand rubles in the secondary market. But an interesting appearance, a bright dashboard, the ability to transform the cabin, its spaciousness will certainly appeal to the driver-girl.


  • high price;
  • stiffness of the suspension.

Chevrolet Aveo

chevrolet aveo for beginners

Chevrolet with mileage can be bought for about 450 thousand rubles

4 - 5-year-old Chevrolet can be found on the secondary market in fairly good condition for about 450 thousand rubles. In this case, the equipment will be at a high level: automatic transmission, front airbags with side, xenon headlights.


  • interior transformation;
  • Beautiful design;
  • availability of high-quality assembly.


  • poor noise insulation;
  • suspension stiffness;
  • low visibility.

Opel Corsa

opel corsa for beginners

Opel Corsa in the secondary markets available for 500 thousand rubles

In the standard Opel Corsa in the secondary markets is available for half a million rubles. It will be a car with a 1.4-liter engine, unpretentious in circulation. Women often prefer this model because it is unpretentious, easy to manage and at the same time reliable, when you do not have to stop on the roads waiting for help.


  • high quality plastic;
  • good trim;
  • ease of handling combined with excellent handling.


  • not quite comfortable boarding / landing;
  • small amount of luggage.

Skoda Fabia

skoda fabia for beginners

Skoda Fabia worth around 460 thousand rubles

In the average configuration, you can buy a used Skoda Fabia worth around 460 thousand rubles. It will be a hatchback with a 1.6-liter engine, 105 l. with., rarely giving the owner problems. The design is original, if not too bright, because often women buy Skoda. In addition, there are advantages such as ergonomics, sufficient permeability when traveling outside the city, anti-corrosion resistance.


  • lack of visibility;
  • low noise isolation.

Nissan Tiida

nissan tiida for beginners

Nissan Tiida for half a million rubles

If you want to buy the most "fresh" car, the best option for beginners here is the Nissan Tiida. For an amount of about half a million rubles in the secondary market, there will be a reystaling version of the average configuration with a 1.6-liter engine in 110 liters. with. The ability to transform the interior, the free space inside, a comfortable fit attracts in the model, being its advantages.


  • the disproportion of design;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • недостаточная controllability.

Peugeot 308

peugeot 308 for a newbie

Peugeot 308 can be bought for about 470 thousand rubles.

This car in 2012 in the secondary market can be bought for about 470 thousand rubles with a fairly decent bundle, including climate control, side airbags in addition to the front ones. Minus model - the old automatic transmission. But there are a lot of advantages:

  • excellent noise insulation;
  • has good handling;
  • spaciousness.


  • not quite comfortable fit;
  • uncomfortable suspension.

Fiat 500

fiat 500 for beginners

Little Fiat 500

If you are looking for something non-standard, you want to stand out, not get lost in the general stream, this option is for you. The small Fiat 500 is the most popular in Europe, but not so common in Russia. Despite the small amount, you will find a used car for about 460-470 thousand rubles in a complete set with climate control, side and front airbags. A small car will be convenient for the girl, and good handling will help her to feel confident. Rare repairs, because the model is quite durable, will also be pleasant to the representatives of the weaker sex.

Custom appearance is not the only plus model. Add more efficiency, reliability. In the minuses, we note the difficulties with the repair, the search for components, spare parts, a small amount of cabin.

Smart Fortwo II

smart fortwo ii cabrio

Smart Fortwo II

The Smart Fortwo II (1.0-liter engine, 71 hp), which has an original design, is low in value with a decent configuration. This is undoubtedly the best machine for beginners. German reliability, compact size, giving the opportunity to park comfortably, good stability, manageability - these advantages are noted by the owners.


  • somewhat uncomfortable robotic box;
  • uncomfortable suspension;
  • poor insulation.

Of course, which car is better to buy for a beginner is an ambiguous question. The choice of the first car depends on the state of the wallet, on the conditions for which you purchase it: trips around the city to work / home, family visits to the country or as a working horse when you have to drive all day. Women will prefer a more interesting design, safety, ease of management; men - maneuverability, speed characteristics and reliability, good equipment. Our ranking of the best models for novice drivers will help you navigate the huge range offered by the secondary market. The main thing is that your chosen car brings satisfaction, joy and does not cause unnecessary trouble.