The most popular russian car sale sites


Those who want to buy a car are increasingly turning to the Internet, sites that provide good help today, with a large amount of information and convenient search engines when searching for options. A potential buyer in the presence of the Internet without leaving home can learn useful information about the brands, models, characteristics of the selected car. You can also see the image of the car from different angles, its internal design.

Choosing a car online

Продавцы тоже могут оценить полезность продажи через интернет, ведь их объявление увидит большая аудитория, а, значит, выше шанс успешной продажи. Конечно, рекомендуется размещать объявление о продаже на нескольких сайтах, при этом позаботьтесь о том, чтобы информация о машине была полной, прикрепите фотографию, это повысить заинтересованность посетителей сайта.Читать далее о лучших сайтах по продаже автомобилей-->

What data about the car are indicated

In order for your advertisement to sell noticed, you must specify the following data:

  1. General information about the car:
  • year of issue;
  • brand;
  • model;
  • mileage.
  1. Performance properties:
  • engine type;
  • power;
  • drive type, etc.
  1. Features:
  • availability of air conditioning;
  • protection systems;
  • presence of alarm, etc.
  1. Estimated Cost
  2. Contact details for customers to contact you.

Specify the estimated price required, it will help you save time in telephone conversations with customers and just curious. Mark the price at 10-15% higher than desired, buyers love to bargain and, most likely, you will have to give up in price.

Choosing a car online

With the help of specialized sites it is much easier to choose a car.

Which car site is better

When choosing a site motorists come from various factors. Of course, more often turn to free resources. Conveniently, if there is a search engine that helps to find the necessary information, the answer to the question.

Usually on the sites of cars are arranged in categories (cars, trucks), then divided by brand. In addition, the search engine should specify such characteristics as a used car or a new one.

The search engine will direct you to the desired page, where you can see the photo, price and specifications.

On all sites included in the ranking of leaders, there are news pages that are updated daily. Which site to give all the same preference, which of the many is the best?

Let's look at the sites that are most popular over the past year: the ranking is based on the number of visits.

Search engines

Sometimes you don’t need to look for special sales websites: your own directories are created in well-known search engines. These services are served daily by many tens of thousands of users, so it’s quite easy to find the right option there. It is enough for you to enter the name of the model in the search line, you will immediately be shown several links to pages with sentences.


The most popular, according to statistics, service from the search engine, constantly leads in the ranking. Monthly recorded up to 15 million views. The site contains information about selling cars, autoworld news, the results of test drives, various recommendations for car care. (

2. Yandex.Auto

The service from a well-known search engine also serves many users, it’s easy to find the model you need, and paid ads get a high rating and collect the maximum number of views.

Yandex.Auto Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%

Such search engines, however, have certain disadvantages. They usually lack effective filtering, which allows sorting vehicles as accurately as possible, in accordance with the requirements. Often directories are filled with partners - other sites. Data is not always corrected in time, there are failures, sometimes incorrect data are indicated. Therefore, specialized resources occupy a greater place in various ratings.

Specialized automotive sites

These resources are sites where buying and selling is done without mediation. In general, this is the usual bulletin boards specializing in vehicles. Unlike search engines, the interface is improved here, there are many different filters when searching, options that are not interesting to you are discarded, which attracts the attention of visitors by putting these sites on the first lines of the rating. The most popular are the following resources.

The most popular Russian site. The site is visited by up to 12 million users per month. Rating puts this site in second place after

Here sellers freely place an advertisement for the sale, buyers are requirements for the desired vehicle. There are announcements of water and air transport, special equipment. In addition, there is information useful for motorists. It is possible to order a car directly in Japan, buy spare parts. An excellent informative page is the encyclopedia of Japanese manufacturers.


A huge resource Runet with an extensive database of ads for the sale of cars in Russia. Constantly updated news, posted information on test drives, you can see the reviews of the owners of their cars. About 11 million views are observed per month. Every day there are up to 6,000 new ads for buying and selling, exchanging models.

The site has a convenient auto search system with the inclusion of criteria by city, year of production, model, price and other parameters. Website design business, no frills and unnecessary information.

3. Auto.ria

The most popular Ukrainian website where car ads are placed. The catalog of vehicles is quite impressive, which attracts many users (up to 3 million per month). The catalogs include cars by region, brand, there is a section of spare parts. An interesting feature is the comparison of offers from Casco insurance companies.


4. Wheels

The site is mainly for residents of Kazakhstan. Offered for sale are new and used vehicles, there are ads with a wide choice of auto services. Attendance is recorded over 2.5 million per month.



Online store specializes in the sale of spare parts in Russia. Up to 2.5 million users visit each month. A convenient search system filters by type of vehicle, year of manufacture, brand, model, modification. There is a news feed, various articles on the device, technical features of cars and their components. The widest range is represented by 26 million items, including accessories, oils, wheels, tires. You can even check the availability of goods in stock.


Another online resource for Ukrainians, where everyone can post information about cars sold. There is the latest autoworld news, setting up a search by year of production, make, model, body type.


Popular site with information on the sale of vehicles. There is a forum where car enthusiasts discuss various problems, the technical characteristics of cars, and the issues of caring for them. More than 2 million users visit the resource per month.


Information project has a huge catalog of cars sold. Regularly updated autonomy on the main page; articles, undoubtedly, interesting for motorists. The catalog is illustrated, from it you can go to the pages with the addresses of car dealers, read the reviews of the owners, view the information and engage in dialogue on the forum.

A separate section is devoted to the materials about cars: technical characteristics, comfort evaluation, advice to customers. There is also information about the new season. Interesting page, representing the exclusive model price above 100 thousand dollars.

9. Hearst Shkulev Digital

The site of a diverse focus, including trade in transport, with a convenient directory, divided by region and brand.

Hearst Shkulev Digital

Today, online stores, car sites - the best way to find cars to buy. You do not need to go around a lot of salons and car dealerships. Sitting at home, you can talk directly with the seller, evaluate the machine's technical condition from the photos, find out the pre-cost, features of equipment, characteristics. Also through the Internet in Russia you can purchase spare parts and care products, get auto news news, get recommendations and all sorts of advice. It is easy to buy a car, choose only the best sites and find exactly the car you dreamed of.