Replacing the brake master cylinder on the kia rio

Symptoms of the Kia Rio’s main brake cylinder of a vehicle are the appearance of leaks of brake fluid on the surface of the main brake cylinder (GTZ abbreviated), reduced braking performance for all wheels of the vehicle, lack of wheel unlocking after braking, and these symptoms are typical for all cars of this brand regardless of the year model release.

Замена главного тормозного цилиндра на Киа Рио

Repair of the main brake cylinder

The most likely cause of such a problem is a GTZ defect that occurred during the period of its operation. To eliminate it you need:

  • dismantle the GTZ tank. To do this, the cap is removed and removed from the neck of this tank, and the brake fluid is removed from it using a rubber bulb or a large medical ten-cubic syringe, after which the tank cap is closed;
  • then it is necessary to unscrew and remove the nuts securing the two pipelines of the main brake cylinder, and then these pipelines are shifted to the side of the GTZ;

Замена главного тормозного цилиндра на Киа Рио

  • by pressing on the ledge of the spring-clip clip holding the sensor wire, which registers the level of brake fluid in this tank, the shoe is disconnected from the sensor connector
  • in order to prevent the outflow of brake fluid from the tubes, plug the holes in the pipes. To do this, you can wear protective caps for exhaust air valves on the ends of these tubes or use any other available method;
  • if this car model has a mechanical gearbox, disconnect the hose from the GTZ tank fitting, for which you need to squeeze the pre-bent ears of the clamp securing the hose that supplies the working fluid to the master cylinder and move the clamp in the direction of the hose;
  • after that, two nuts on the studs fastening the GTZ to the vacuum brake booster brake are turned off;
  • using a screwdriver, it is poddevaet and removed from the housing of the GTZ hydraulic brake drive system Kia Rio sealing rubber ring, and the replacement of this ring should be made with each dismantling of the GTZ;
  • Now GTZ is disconnected together with a tank.

Замена главного тормозного цилиндра на Киа Рио

Pumping brakes

At the end of all manipulations, the working brake fluid is poured into the system and is pumped to remove air from the auto brake system. The meaning of such pumping is to remove air to eliminate the depressurization of the system, signs of which are:

  • an increase in the amplitude of the brake pedal stroke and the softness of its stroke when you press this pedal once;
  • when re-exposed to it, there is a gradual reduction in its course while simultaneously increasing the hard resistance of this pedal.

Installation of the main brake cylinder is made in the order of operations, the opposite of its dismantling.

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