"twisted" mileage of sold cars will be determined by a

The fact that a large number of cars are sold with twisted mileageeveryone knows. Moreover, the ability to "update" the speedometer is even elevated to the rank of a successful car dealer. Abroad twist run regarded as a criminal offense, in fact, this is fraud, for which the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is punishing, but we have complete legal chaos with it. That is why car dealers all over the country are going create a single base cars, on which it is possible to break through, in particular, any vehicle sold for the validity of data on the distance traveled. The largest Internet portal "Avito Auto" will actively participate in this thankless task for dishonest sellers. Single database will allow you to find out everything about the car being purchased, you will not need the services of car experts to find out the mileage, technical characteristics, history of requests for maintenance, etc. To date, such major car dealers as Avtomir, Klyuchavto, Rolf take part in creating the base. " other. In the future, as planned, other players of the Russian car market will also contribute to the database. A single company will be created to coordinate all actions, the shareholders of which will be all the project participants. Information about the cars will come from attracted car dealers. Initially, information received from a single database will be provided to customers completely free of charge. Citizens can get access closer to the fall. But free important information can not be, it is fundamentally wrong, because in order to collect it, the creators of the service incur certain, and not small material costs. Therefore, it was decided that one would not have to pay for part of the information, and the motorist would have to pay for the full package of information about the car being purchased.

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What will be the price tags for this service, and how it will be possible to pay is not yet known. Most likely, it will be an Internet site where, having paid for access via electronic wallets such as Yandex-Money or by means of a plastic card, using the VIN-code it will be possible to get information on the interesting vehicle. But there is a big problem with the accuracy of data on existing used cars. The fact is that this market is completely opaque. Information about the car, sold for the first time, say, twenty years ago, today is extremely difficult to verify, if not impossible at all. By the way, our car dealers want to promote the opportunity introduction of criminal punishment for twisted mileage to the State Duma. It is estimated that with a twisted odometer today sold about ninety percent of cars with mileage. Twisting run in Russia is a criminal business for which there is no punishment.