Each vesta and xray customer will receive a personal

Каждый покупатель Vesta и Xray получит персонального менеджера

It’s not long to wait - a month and a half - before the official start sales Lada West and Ixray, which for Vesta will occur on November 25th. The Consumer Satisfaction Center (MCC) existing at Avtovaz was going to attach a personal manager to everyone who bought new Russian cars of these brands in order to solve problems very quickly that may arise during the operation of purchased cars. It is clear that one such manager will lead more than one person, otherwise where will AvtoVAZ try on such a number of managers? After all, the demand for new items is expected to be very small. MCC has developed a whole package of innovations in customer service, its implementation will allow to satisfy the needs of each client both before and after the purchase. In addition, Avtovaz is trying not only for the sake of clients: through the personal management system, it will be much easier and more efficient to collect information about possible deficiencies that can surface in the process of driving on the Vest and Xray. Managers are directly controlled by the management of the MCC, they are authorized to solve a fairly wide range of issues that may arise before the owners of new cars. Каждый покупатель Vesta и Xray получит персонального менеджера Why did such personal managers come up only for these two new products of the Russian car industry? Is the leadership really not so sure of the successful launch of Vesta and Xrei on our roads? Information about the skeptical evaluation of our new products by the developers of the Korean models Kia and Hyunday directs our thoughts to the same direction. They did not see in Lada Vesta and Lada Xray competitors for their models, by the way, are very popular in Russia. Каждый покупатель Vesta и Xray получит персонального менеджера Despite the fact that sales will start very soon, we still do not have certain data on how much will Lada Vesta and Lada Xray cost. The approximate corridor voiced earlier on Vesta remained unchanged - it will cost from half a million to six hundred thousand rubles. It is worth noting that the day before yesterday, AvtoVAZ was represented by Vesta, working on both gasoline and gas. Mass production bitstream version of the Lada Vesta they are not getting ready yet, but the leadership of the auto giant still sets some goals in this direction. Каждый покупатель Vesta и Xray получит персонального менеджера Recall that sales Ixrea will begin in February 2016. By the way, at present the power unit of this car is being calibrated in Germany. 1.8-liter engine that works with an automatic transmission and is able to demonstrate in practice the power of 123 horsepower.

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