Hyundai sonata restyled sedan will arrive in the country's

Рестайлинговый седан Hyundai Sonata приедет в автосалоны страны в сентябре Mid-size "chetyrehdverku" Hyundai Sonata, survived another restyling, showed recently in Seoul. This is the seventh generation model, returning to the Russian car market, the D-class sedan will replace another Korean model, the Hyundai i40, in the range of cars sold in our country. By the way, Hyundai i40 did not become popular not only in Russia, its sales among European car dealers are steadily falling which year in a row. The Russians bought this car last year 5784 times. This is not a critical indicator, but in exchange for the “forties”, the Koreans decided to return to us Sonata, which had not been delivered to the Russian dealers of the brand for four years.

In September, the Hyundai Sonata in Russia can be purchased in the form already “flashed” for our car market. The required Glonass button is already integrated into the car’s technological body kit. About the prices for each complete set of the updated Sonata, Koreans will tell us in a couple of months, according to tradition, shortly before the start of sales. Рестайлинговый седан Hyundai Sonata приедет в автосалоны страны в сентябре The current seventh generation of Hyundai Sonata is coming off the assembly line for the third year in a row. Basically, this car Koreans export to America. For 2016, the Americans bought two hundred thousandth "circulation" of these sedans. At the US car market, the Toyota Camry is a competitor to the Sonata, 388,000 Americans preferred to buy it last year.

The restyling of the Sonata has significantly changed the front and rear of the car. The “feed” of the four-door became classically calm, which cannot be said about the “face” of the model, which through the efforts of the designers acquired a rather aggressive “grin”. Inside, the designers also worked hard. The air ducts of the climate system have changed, the multimedia screen has been raised a little higher, filling the place of the unnecessary slot for CDs, and the control panel buttons have a great relief so that you can easily find them by touch without taking your eyes off the road. Рестайлинговый седан Hyundai Sonata приедет в автосалоны страны в сентябре Instead of the old six-band automatic machine in the restyled version Hyundai Sonata used eight-speed hydromechanical gearbox. We are talking about a complete set with a two-liter 245-horsepower gasoline "turbo". The Korean version of the car will also receive a 1.7-liter 141-strong turbo diesel engine, as well as a 1.6-liter 180-strong gasoline engine with a turbocharger. These two units work in tandem with a seven-step robotized transmission with two clutches. The initial equipment will have under the hood a two-liter atmospheric engine for 163 “horses”. To him there is a six-speed automatic transmission. For our market, this version is deformed up to one and a half hundred horses, so that the tax is less.

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For Russians Sonata is a full-blooded business sedan, this car is larger than the Hyundai i40, but the Sonata will not be produced in the back of the "barn". Therefore, if anyone dreams of a good Korean station wagon, it's time to run to the car dealership for the fortieth until it was dismantled, because they won't deliver it to us anymore.

A month ago, Koreans began selling the new generation Hyundai Solaris in our country. The latest model, in the name of which there is an index "i", Hyundai i30 will be. All new models of the brand will wear only proper names.