Infiniti fx first generation in the secondary market: how

Infiniti FX crossovers look impressive, their engines are fast and reliable. These cars began to be sold excellently in Russia from the very beginning, even when there were no official sales.

Infiniti FX in the secondary market

Now in the secondary market there is a considerable amount of “gray” and official cars of the first generation, the S50 series.

FX crossovers are equipped with reliable V6 and V8 VQ series motors. These motors calmly overcome more than 400,000 km., and after this run, you can simply change the liners and pistons in the cylinder blocks. The oil level can be checked using a dipstick, and these engines consume about 2 liters of oil per 10,000 km, if you drive in an active style, the 8-cylinder engine eats more oil. If the low oil pressure light is already lit up, then this means that the motor is finished.

It also happens that after 5-6 years of operation in Russia, Infiniti FHs can leak plastic tanks of cooling radiators, which cost about $ 600. This problem does not happen on all cars, but on many. Therefore, the level of antifreeze must also be monitored. And recently, at many stations that are engaged in repairing Infiniti, it is possible to install metal tanks in radiators. You also need to periodically clean the clogged radiator combs, especially if you notice that the temperature in a traffic jam is rising rapidly in the heat of the traffic jam. And if the temperature arrow is not stable, and if it blows from the stove when the engine is warm, this means that you have to go to the service, because there is a risk that there are traffic jams in the system, and this will lead to overheating will cause costly repairs to cylinder heads. But, as a rule, this situation can only happen in neglected cases.

Infiniti FX with mileage

By the way, even a slight overheating of the motor should not be allowed, as plastic valve covers, each of which costs about $ 330, can easily warp. After this situation, the oil will start to fall into the candle wells, which will cause misfire.

It is also necessary to periodically clean the throttle unit, otherwise the dirt entering this node will lead to unstable operation of the motor. There are cases that the engine starts badly, and when it warms up it stalls, this means that the camshaft position sensor has failed. But this problem is easily fixed by replacing the sensor.


Automatic transmission with 5 steps Jatco calmly withstands 250000 km. if it broke before this run, it means that the car was very much exploited, if you drive more or less calmly, then this automatic box can safely stand more than 300,000 km. New such box costs about 10 thousand dollars. The main thing, with a regularity of 60 thousand km. change the transmission oil, and check that the antifreeze does not get into the oil. Since the cooling system of the automatic transmission and the engine are close to each other, and if depressurization occurs, the antifreeze will easily get into the oil, and this will not lead to anything good.

Very rarely, but there are only rear-wheel drive Infiniti FX. Especially, these are found in the American versions, with 6-cylinder engines. To determine this situation when buying, it is enough to see if there is a plug in the place where there should be a button for forcibly locking the coupling. After 2006, cars were delivered only with all-wheel drive through official dealers.

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Infiniti FX with mileage раздаточная коробка

Transmission отличается надежностью у Инфинити ФХ несмотря на то, сколько в машине ведущих колес. Но когда пройдет approximately 200,000 km., the crosspieces can already be worn for this run and it is necessary to change the universal joints as early as possible, the rear shaft costs $ 1,000 and the front shaft costs $ 700. If you do not change the drive shafts, then the razdatke and the box will not have to be sweet.

The car uses the all-wheel drive system ATTESA E-TS, which is inherited from the sporty Nissan Skyline GT-R. The transfer box is computer controlled, so if the rear wheels start to slip, the system can transfer all the torque to the front wheels, and the system can also slow down those wheels that are stalled.

And for those who love active driving, especially on slippery road surfaces, the electromagnetic clutch and gearboxes on the front axle will wear out faster. The front axle assembly itself costs about $ 3,000. And there are cases that fans of particularly aggressive driving on V8 engines break the splines of wheel drives and even the flywheel of the motor. If you go quietly, the transmission will not require special attention, except that once every 60 thousand km. It is necessary to change the oil in razdatke and gearboxes at the bridges.

There is an Infiniti PF transmission mode Snow, which forcibly does not block the axle clutch. In this mode, the gas pedal just behaves differently, gears are switched differently, the ABS is activated, so that in this mode it is not so easy to get into a skid.

Infiniti FX with mileage коробка передач

Regular brakes are rather weak, especially on American FHs, their brake discs should be changed more often than oil, if it is intensively braked. Cars that are adapted for the Russian market are equipped with large calipers and thicker wheels, but still, they are not durable enough and rarely will be able to meet the PC with native wheels with a run of 80 thousand km. A pair of original discs cost $ 270, but in order not to change regular discs so often, it makes sense to install non-original perforated discs from companies such as Rotora or Stellen.

You can also install tuning brakes from Brembo, Proma, Endless or K-Sport. Even if you put the brakes on the 2nd generation FH, the car will slow down much better.

The steering mechanism of the Infiniti FH is rack and pinion, but it is quite sharp - 2.8 turns from edge to edge, which means that there can be a backlash after 80 thousand km. But this gap can be adjusted if the working fluid does not flow. If a knock appears in the rail, this is not a reason for a replacement, you can still ride, then 100,000 km. a similar knock can emit the cross of the steering shaft, which has already worn out, its replacement will cost $ 100.

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Steering rods and wheel bearings are held for a long time, but if you fall on serious pits, they will wear out faster. New steering rods cost $ 70, and front wheel bearings with a hub will cost $ 300. By the way, if 20-inch low-profile wheels are installed, the suspension will be killed faster, so it makes sense to put 18-inch wheels with thicker tires.

Infiniti FX 1 mileage

As for the shock absorbers, they calmly stand 130,000 km, as well as the aluminum levers on the front suspension. Replacing shock absorbers will cost $ 320 for the front and $ 160 for the rear, and the front levers cost $ 320. The rear multi-link suspension is more reliable, but on the American versions the racks and stabilizer bushings are short-lived, they are enough at 30000 km. True, they are inexpensive - $ 25 for each rack. As for the Russian assembly, the suspension is softer, so the stabilizers and stabilizer bushings, unlike the American versions, serve about 60,000 km.

Electrician on Infiniti FH

Electrician at FH is very reliable when compared with European crossovers. There are also some minor problems: over time, tire pressure sensors begin to act up, and also the rear-view cameras fail. Moreover, in the basic configuration, the rear view camera is not of high quality, the view through the tailgate is not very good, and in bad weather the cameras immediately get dirty and almost nothing is visible in them.

Infiniti FX with mileage салон


As for the Infiniti FH cabin, it turned out to be not very high-quality, but it looks rich, and not expensive materials are used, over time, squeaks appear in the front seats, makes its sounds plastic and even the tailgate. The plastic trim on the doors is soft enough near the handles and quickly scratched. And the side of the seat is trimmed with a completely durable leatherette.

Tapping mechanism, which raises the steering wheel up. By the way, the instrument panel moves along with the steering wheel, which is why in a couple of years there may be a backlash in their electric drive.

You should also make sure that nothing prevents the seats from moving away, because here the mechanism of longitudinal adjustment of the seats is used, by the way, it wears out quickly, because it is activated every time. Over time, the electric actuators of the door locks wear out, each of which costs about $ 500. It is also undesirable to keep the car for a long time in the sun in the summer, because the coating on the front panel can be covered with bubbles from overheating. The audio system, after several years of service, ceases to recognize the discs.

Двигатель Infiniti FX with mileage

Despite all these little things, Infiniti FX is a fairly strong and durable car, so you can and should buy this model in the secondary market. Of course, much depends on the previous owner, if he went quietly, then this is a big plus. It is best to choose a car that was officially sold in Russia. About half of the US versions are on the market, and half are Russian, you can easily distinguish them - by the shape of the number on the tailgate, as well as by headlights. Infiniti FH with a V8 engine are considered more expensive to maintain, such machines about 20%. Modifications with an 8-cylinder engine become cheaper faster than modifications with a V6 engine.

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Therefore, you can take a great 5-year-old version for about 1.2 million rubles. For this money you can buy a Lexus NX, which seems to be a more comfortable, but less nimble car. But the German representatives of this class from Audi, BMW and Mercedes are significantly more expensive.

For the Infiniti FX rule

The FX35 is a rather high-spirited car. When you push the gas to the floor, it immediately picks up speed without delay and slip. Despite its weight - more than 2 tons, the FH35 accelerates to a hundred in just 7.8 seconds, this is what the V6 engine with 280 horsepower means. And also a very pleasant roar from the engine, characteristic of Nissan engines.

Infiniti FX with mileage купить

Automatic transmission for Infiniti works in 2 modes - manual or drive. Even in the usual automatic box mode, the car shifts gears to 6,500 rpm if you press the gas pedal to the floor. Transmissions are switched quickly and rigidly, which gives a lot of joy. The car clearly responds to pressing the gas pedal, because the electronics that control the throttle and the automatic gearbox are so tuned.

The steering at the farm is quite sharp, the car quickly responds to the smallest steering deflection. Even when accelerating, the steering reactions remain the same, so you have to be alert and taxi all the time, because the suspension is tough enough, looks like a sporty, wide wheels, distorts the car on a bad road and it leaves with a given trajectory.

The car copes with minor irregularities on the road easily, but more serious holes and bumps create a powerful vibration and the car shakes. A loud roar of the engine only provokes an aggressive manner of driving, but this may not seem to be a particularly pleasant phenomenon for passengers.

Infiniti FX with mileage фото авто

What is typical of Infiniti FX is the ability to easily get into a skid. If you turn off the gas at the turn, then the back will start to enter. There is a stabilization system, but it will start working when the driver begins to struggle with a skid, so you need to have some driving skills in order to confidently ride Infiniti with drifts.

If you have experience in drifting, then it is very nice to drift on Infiniti FH, especially in winter, if you turn off the VDC stabilization system and work correctly with gas, then you can drive sideways nicely. In general, Infiniti FH - a car worthy of attention.

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