The cause of injector failures on a diesel engine

No matter how reliable a diesel engine, it will not last forever. Having reached certain mileage figures, the driver will inevitably encounter increased fuel consumption. Diesel engines are characterized by such a problem and the reason most often - in the malfunction of the fuel injectors. In this case, you will need cleaning or repair.

Nozzle breakage

Причина поломок форсунок на дизельном двигателе

Frequent reasons:

1. Pour sprayer. Mostly the cause of a malfunction in the nozzles is poor-quality fuel — excess sulfur or water in the diesel fuel pump clogs the sprayer and the needle channel. Also to the deterioration of the quality of the spray and change the angle of injection causes damage to the working edge of the sprayer. The obvious signs of such a failure of the injector on a diesel engine will be:

  • unstable operation of the engine, its "agility";
  • gray smoke in the exhaust and power loss;
  • characteristic knock.

2. Reduced injection force. Occurs due to wear of the intermediate washer or reduced spring endurance. Due to the misalignment of the sealing washer, the needle rises insufficiently and does not work in time, which causes the fuel to flow unevenly. This fault indicates:

  •  tough engine performance;
  • black exhaust.

3. Damage to the case and the violation of its tightness. A nozzle body leak on a diesel engine appears at the junction of the adjacent body surfaces due to the deformation of the edge. There is a malfunction as a result of frequent disassembly-assembly of the nozzle.

Причина поломок форсунок на дизельном двигателе All of the above refers to the mechanical nozzles, the failure of which does not affect the engine start. Damaged CR nozzles make starting impossible. Nozzle sprayers can lose their hydraulic density - the ability to keep pressure at the required level. The components in the Common Rail system are interconnected, and the decrease in pressure in one nozzle due to depressurization leads to a general decrease in pressure in the system. If the pressure level in the rail is lower than the one needed to start, the control unit does not give a signal to the injectors and the engine will not start.

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Причина поломок форсунок на дизельном двигателе


To avoid disruption of the diesel engine, it is important to follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer in choosing fuel and refuel only at stations with a high reputation.