Chery tiggo: description, modifications, specifications

Cherry Tiggo 2016 model year - Chinese compact crossover. This car has a fairly long history. Since 2005, the model was produced in Russia at several factories up to 2008. Today it is produced only at home, but is still supplied to Russia through official dealers. Chery Tiggo, the description and review of which you will read further, has every chance of becoming one of the most sought-after Chinese cars.

Chery company is only gaining momentum in our country. Its inexpensive and successful cars (in terms of quality and appearance) quickly find their target audience. This crossover is no exception. The last update of the car received in 2014 under the name Tiggo 5. It is about him that will be discussed in this review. Technical specifications, an overview of the exterior and interior, photos of the crossover and the general impression of owning this model will be affected.

Chery tiggo


  • Appearance
  • Dimensions
  • Chery Tiggo: review and salon photo
  • Passenger comfort and trunk - photos and description
  • Verdict for salon
  • Chery Tiggo - technical specifications and configuration
  • Road behavior
  • Summing up


Presentations of European and Chinese manufacturers on what should be a crossover somewhat different from each other. Interestingly, to create a new crossover, the Chinese lured into their company two designers from other rather large companies. The first is a former Ford employee, and the second created the design in Porsche. An interesting combination, is not it? Let's see what happened in the end. The pictures below show the entire Chery Tiggo in terms of body color.

Chery tiggo

  • The lack of all-wheel drive (although the cross-country ability, even with front-wheel drive is impressive).
  • Chery Tiggo 5 is a big step forward for a Chinese company. The new model range is developing in the right direction. The creators need to work on the bugs and add a few options. After that, you can safely compete with Renault Duster and Koreans.