Rating of the safest cars in the world according to euroncap


Safety is one of the key parameters when choosing a car. But the automaker itself can not say that it is his car is the most reliable, and in it you are not in danger. There are special independent organizations that give their own assessments and conclusions. And car companies are carefully working to ensure that when checking their new products the results were as high as possible. Although there are quite a few organizations involved in independent security audits, there are two of the most respected organizations in the world. This is EuroNCAP and IIHS. On the basis of their work, you can make a list of the safest cars in the world. And since organizations have a slightly different approach, then the list of winners in the ratings turned out to be somewhat different from each other.

The safest cars in the world

TOP safest cars in the world.

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Safety assessment

Car companies have always thought about safety issues. But each had their own concepts and principles of evaluation. Previously, there were no common standards, and therefore no one could properly control the security settings. Only in the 70s of the last century in the United States raised the question of the need to create a unified system of security assessment. And the author of this decision was the local National Road Safety Association (NHTSA). Also in the US, there is another organization that we will talk about in more detail today. This is IIHS, more adapted to the European market. The national association still deals only with those cars that are designed for the domestic market. But there was another problem. It was necessary to create an assessment system that would be simple and understandable for everyone, but at the same time allowing a comprehensive study of the opportunities and weaknesses of each vehicle being tested.

The work was serious. The crash test was first conducted in May 1979. But it was possible to publish the results of the assessment only after 5 months. It was necessary to urgently look for a way to reduce the time for estimating all the parameters. It is not known exactly who exactly became the author of the idea of ​​using the 5-star rating, but he quickly gained popularity and became the generally accepted standard. The safety assessment system has become a major impetus for the automakers themselves. Receiving high scores, they could attract new customers. Also, crash tests have become an incentive to create safer vehicles. Won literally everything. Hence, a natural question arose as to why skeptically reacted to a new system of safety assessment in Europe, and it was only in the 90s of the last century that it was decided to introduce crash tests in their own way. Certain studies they conducted before, but now they did not hurry to switch to a really working scheme. Therefore, an organization called EuroNCAP appeared only in 1996. Now about the two organizations will tell in more detail.


The United States has always been a unique state that promoted freedom, democracy and independence. Americans always want to be ahead of everyone else. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised that their crash tests are not exactly the same as European ones. In parallel, two organizations are working on vehicle safety issues. This is the National Association, as well as the more interesting to us IIHS. It is translated as the Insurance Institute for Road Safety. The first organization is considered more authoritative, since its requirements and standards are official. They are suitable for auto companies that are not going to sell their machines anywhere other than the US domestic market. If auto companies are focused on the European market, then they should rely on IIHS standards. In many ways, all the tests performed are similar to the NHTSA. The only significant difference is the absence of a test for a coup at the IIHS. Therefore, when buying a car from the United States of America, you need to pay attention to which organization awarded this or that number of safety stars.


There is no organization in the world that has made a greater contribution to the development of automotive safety than EuroNCAP. They force companies to improve and improve vehicles, to progress and not to stand still. The organization is engaged in conducting many tests of the most different plan. This allows you to comprehensively assess the strengths and weaknesses of cars. Moreover, they do not allow manufacturers to relax, as they regularly tighten requirements. That is why the car, which was highly appreciated several years ago, now fails the test with ease. Many experts recognize that the EuroNCAP requirements are reference, and therefore they can be used to realistically assess the level of safety of any car. There are several basic tests that clearly show the level of professionalism and thoroughness in testing machines.

  1. One of the key crash tests is considered a frontal hit. The car is accelerated to 64 kilometers per hour, which hits the aluminum surface. Impact accounted for 40% of the width of the car with the driver's side. This is quite a realistic blow, rather than a head-on collision. Indeed, in these conditions in an accident suffers about half of the hood.
  2. Lateral blows on carts. It uses a speed of 50 kilometers per hour and an angle of 90 degrees. Next, the machine, which is located on the trolley, hit the pole, with a diameter of 25.4 centimeters. The speed at the same time 29 kilometers per hour. The benefit of this test is difficult to overestimate. After all, about 25% of all injuries that are fatal, a person receives after a side collision and impact.
  3. Whiplash injuries. This is a test to check the operation of the car, which hit the back. With such a collision, the neck of a person suffers. To check use a special platform with a chair and sensors.
  4. Child safety. A special place in the crash tests of the European organization is occupied by the safety check of children. No less closely, experts are studying the performance of active safety systems.

The EuroNCAP approach is truly comprehensive. They pay attention even to small things. What can we say, the organization assesses and how correctly and clearly the text is presented in the instruction manual. This is only a small fraction of the tests that each car is subjected to, seeking to enter the market with high levels of safety. And not everyone is able to successfully overcome many tests. But companies have where to strive.

Crash Test Results

2018 ratings

Since the organizations represented are different and they apply their own assessment criteria, it will be correct to announce individual ratings that were published by IIHS and EuroNCAP based on this year’s results. To form the final ratings, experts studied a large number of new cars that were presented by automakers from around the world. It is important to understand that not all vehicles managed to pass a series of crash tests, and therefore they were not included in the final safety rating of 2018. Checking the level of reliability and security requires a lot of time, effort and resources. Organizations physically can not have time to check literally all the cars that enter the market. Everything is done gradually.

Rating by EuroNCAP

Let's start with the European organization that is engaged in checking the safety of vehicles and exposes its expert assessments. Specialists conducted a series of their tests on new passenger cars. As a result of the audit, it was possible to make a rating of the safest vehicles that managed to get the desired 5 stars. The leaders of this year were the European automakers in the face of the companies Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo and Opel. Experts say that comparing the level of safety of cars of different classes and price segment is not entirely correct. Because of this, the organization simply makes ratings from the best representatives of the respective classes. Winners are determined by conducting crash tests, in which the car gets a certain score. Each test has its own accrual system. Then the estimates are summarized, which allows to obtain the total result for a single vehicle. Moreover, EuroNCAP focuses on the most key aspects of security. Namely:

  • protection level for adult passengers;
  • child safety;
  • pedestrian protection;
  • the effectiveness of additional security systems.

This organization has another important rule on the basis of which the assessment of the level of security is carried out. Machines are checked exclusively in the basic configuration. Only on the basis of the operation of the equipment and the systems present, the final grade is formed. Even if the auto company offers a scattering of additional solutions, a lot of airbags and electronic assistants that can significantly increase the level of security EuroNCAP will not take this into account. Now we present the results, which were announced on the basis of the inspection of machines for safety in 2018.

  • The winner among the executive class cars was the German development called Arteon from the company Volkswagen. The car received on voiced 4 positions 96, 85, 85 and 82%, respectively; Volkswagen Arteon
  • In the category of large SUVs, the palm went to the Swedish car Volvo XC60. Here, the scores were 98, 87, 76, and 95%; Volvo XC60 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru
  • Among the compact SUVs, the highest marks were at the T-Roc. Volkswagen was also the author of this crossover; Volkswagen T-Roc
  • Volkswagen turned out to be a winner in the category of small cars. Here the Polo model has become the leader; Volkswagen Polo
  • Not bypassed by the parties in the organization segment of compact minivans. Here, the Opel representative of the Crossland X model turned out to be the best. Although the automaker itself is positioning the car as a compact crossover; Opel Crossland X
  • The winner among compact family cars turned out to be the manufacturer Subaru immediately with 2 of its models. This is an updated XV and a new generation of the legendary Impreza. Subaru XV 

The rating turned out to be quite interesting, and unexpected for many. But there is no question to the impartiality of the organization. They can not be bribed or forced to artificially overstate the assessment. If the car is not safe, has a number of problems and weaknesses, EuroNCAP is sure to show it and publish the results. Therefore, it is not in the interests of car companies to try to cheat or circumvent an independent check. Where better to focus on improving security systems.

IIHS rating

The crash test results are noticeably different from the IIHS. But here the organization conducted an assessment of another list of cars, and therefore the final ratings of them are different. In the selection criteria for the best safety cars, the IIHS has such a thing as a Top Safety Pick. And there is a noticeable difference between TSP + and just TSP. Getting a TSP + rating is every automaker's cherished dream. But if some companies only dream of getting it, others successfully pass extremely hard tests and they deservedly get such a high security rating. In the ranking for 2018, only 15 models managed to achieve the highest result, and therefore can boast the presence of TSP +. Another 47 cars received a TSP rating. Since in our safety rating we are interested in the best cars, we give the rating of those who managed to get on this coveted list of 15 safest cars. As in the case of EuroNCAP, the IIHS organization is divided into several categories and classes of vehicles. Among compact cars, the deserved highest marks from the American organization IIHS were:

  • Forte model from Kia sedan;
  • new generation Kia Soul;
  • updated Subaru Impreza;
  • The upgraded model Subaru WRX.

Subaru Impreza

In the class of mid-size passenger cars, only Japanese cars received the highest safety rating. The following models represent this category:

  • Toyota Camry;
  • new generation Legacy model from Subaru;
  • updated Outback wagon also produced by Subaru.

Toyota Camry 

Not spared, and full-size luxury or premium cars in the organization IIHS. Here the highest marks were received by such cars:

  • Lincoln Continental;
  • G80 from Genesis;
  • another Genesis, but already G90;
  • E-Class car only in the sedan from Mercedes;
  • 5 Series produced by the German company BMW.

Lincoln Continental

Also, another 3 cars represent categories of mid-size and mid-size premium crossovers. In the latter category, GLC won the production of Mercedes, and among ordinary mid-size companies, only two cars received the highest safety score. And both are represented by the same Hyundai company. These are Santa Fe models and Santa Fe Sport modification. There is no reason to doubt the objectivity of the assessments of the two organizations. These are independent expert groups that comprehensively study the issue of vehicle safety. They can not bribe or persuade. When the car is done really well, the manufacturer will be rewarded in the form of high marks and falling into annual ratings.

Yes, points and stars from appraisal organizations are not the only criteria for choosing a car for a potential buyer. But to look at the ratings and positions in them of the purchased vehicle is highly recommended. Regularly, the requirements for cars are becoming more stringent, and automakers are forced to take huge steps forward to meet the new rules, regulations and criteria. But this is absolutely the right approach to the auto industry. After all, the main task is to preserve the life and health of people. The statistics of accidents and fatal accidents is terrifying. And only the presence of modern and effective safety systems, means of active and passive protection help minimize the damage to health that is caused to a person during accidents, collisions, overturns and other incidents on the roads and not only.