Rating the best crossovers worth up to 1 million rubles


When a potential buyer has about 1 million rubles at his disposal, the choice of cars becomes quite extensive. Many people prefer to look for second-hand models, since under such conditions you can find a decent SUV for this amount of money in good condition. Others aim to find exactly the new car. Argue about the advantages and disadvantages of used and new cars can be infinite. But it is better to study the market in detail and determine which new crossovers worth up to 1,000,000 rubles can be purchased on the domestic market.

The best crossovers up to 1,000,000 rubles

TOP 10 crossovers up to 1,000,000 rubles.

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Criterias of choice

Buying crossovers up to 1,000,000 rubles, it should be understood that for such an amount a large number of Chinese cars are available today. Many of them successfully entered the Russian market, managed to dispel stereotypes about the low quality of cars from China. You can also count on purchasing a model from a reputable manufacturer. This is not the top representatives of the line of crossovers, but quite worthy options that fully correspond to the declared value. It will be useful to mention some domestic solutions. They are not included in the final rating, but we will additionally consider some new Russian crossovers at a price of up to 1 million rubles. Therefore, the list of the best cars of this segment in 2018 included representatives of various automakers. You can decide for yourself which crossover is preferable to buy, spending no more than 1,000,000 rubles.

When compiling the rating, the following parameters were taken into account:

  • the crossover should cost up to 1 million rubles in the basic configuration;
  • the car possesses good technical characteristics;
  • can be equipped with automatic and manual transmission;
  • it is a recognizable manufacturer, which is officially presented in Russia;
  • most of the feedback from owners is positive;
  • SUV is distinguished by reliability, durability and a good level of comfort.

After examining all the representatives of the rating, you can give your subjective assessment and determine which crossover you personally consider to be the leader of the top, and which one you refer to as outsiders. All buyers have different selection criteria. Some chase the brand, do not trust the Chinese and domestic cars, because they are ready to spend 1 million on the crossover in the minimum equipment. Others appreciate the car itself, its technical parameters, capabilities, which allows for the same money to buy a car in a richer set, though not from a leading automaker.

Rating Representatives

All new crossovers have objective advantages in the form of warranty, service, no hidden defects and not only. Although new cars are naturally more expensive than second-hand cars, the choice in their favor is a deliberate and intelligent decision. This is a guarantee that before you no problems with the car was not. Now we come to what can be bought for 1,000,000 rubles, and what kind of crossover is within the scope of this price. After examining the market and statistics, representatives of the following car manufacturers were included in this rating:

  • Chery;
  • FAW;
  • Ford;
  • Geely;
  • Hyundai;
  • THAT;
  • Lifan;
  • Nissan;
  • Renault.

Now let's see separately what new crossovers these far from unknown companies can offer for one million rubles. Additionally, we will offer several options that, for one reason or another, were not included in the top 10, but deserve to get into the advanced rating. And you decide what to choose specifically for yourself.

Tiggo 5

Great car from Chery, which has been present on the Russian market for a long time and managed to establish itself from the best side. A noticeable increase in the quality of cars has affected their cost. Despite the Chinese origin of the Tiggo, this crossover can be bought at a price of 970 thousand rubles. That is, up to 1,000,000 rubles does not reach quite a bit. There is no doubt about the quality of the assembly, since the car has repeatedly been included in the reliability rating of Chinese cars and performs well in the secondary market. For that kind of money, there is no version with automatic transmission, but already in the basic configuration you get impressive equipment. The only problem is that the Tiggo 5, which costs almost 1,000,000 rubles, does not allow to purchase any options, given the restriction on this amount.Tiggo 5

Besturn X80

Given the reviews and the stated characteristics of this car from the company FAW, it was decided to include it in the list of ten crossovers that deserve the attention of buyers. This is a front-wheel drive SUV with automatic transmission worth up to a million rubles. For the complete set, which costs 990 thousand, you get an automatic transmission and an engine with a power of 142 horsepower. Good start. If you do not dwell on the brand, but just want to get a quality and reliable car for relatively little money from the salon, FAW will be a profitable acquisition. These crossovers are inexpensive to maintain, in Russia there are no problems with spare parts or service centers where you could be helped with repairs or planned maintenance. Yes, this is not a brand with a world name, but simply a well-assembled car from China. Against the background of many other Chinese crossovers, it is the Besturn X80 that looks like a very preferable option. Besturn X80


If you are interested in crossovers of well-known companies that are time-tested, then take a look at the range of Ford. In the presence of 1 million rubles. from the salon you can pick up the model EcoSport. This is a relatively new SUV, which will cost you 950 thousand rubles. For the money you get a manual transmission and 122 horsepower under the hood. The car attracts with its appearance and origin. Yet Ford is among the world leaders in the auto industry. As the build and reliability no doubt. Traditionally, the American company equips its new cars with modern equipment, many components that competitors lack or are available only for a substantial surcharge. This is a good choice for urban conditions and highways, because in such an environment EcoSport SUV feels most confident. EcoSport Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru

Emgrand X7

Another very worthy copy of the Middle Kingdom. The manufacturer of this crossover is the company Geely. The Chinese do not put a huge price tag on their SUV, so that buyers have the opportunity for 1 million rubles to buy a car in a very good configuration. Geely never skimped on equipping in basic versions. Because even the initial version of the cost of 670 thousand rubles will satisfy many buyers. Paying some more money, you get a solid set of options aimed at increasing the level of comfort, entertainment and convenience of the driver and his passengers. From a technical point of view, the Emgrand X7 looks decent. Under the hood he has a 139 horsepower gasoline engine that works in conjunction with a manual transmission. Although the crossover is front-wheel drive, his cross-country performance is high. A good urban crossover of Chinese origin, which will not make you spend the whole million, but will leave part of the money for registration and other necessary expenses. Emgrand X7


The list of ten best crossovers must include at least one representative of the Korean market. The first of these was the Chalk model from Hyundai. Practical, compact enough, roomy urban SUV allows for a relatively small money to get at their disposal a great car. This is a proven brand for decades, on account of which there have not yet been frank failures. Given the reviews of the owners of Chalk, in this case, the Koreans were able to justify their reputation. For 800 thousand rubles, you get a front-wheel drive car with a manual transmission and an engine of 123 horsepower. For urban mode of operation and periodic departures on the highway is enough. A similar version of the car, but with all-wheel drive, costs 985 thousand rubles. Having stopped on the front-wheel version, you will not lose much if you count mainly on urban exploitation. In addition to high-quality assembly, the car attracts with its elegant appearance. This is another plus for Chalk and another reason to buy such a novelty in the Hyundai salon.Chalk


Mental car with a slightly non-standard appearance, because of which many do not consider it to be a full-fledged crossovers. Still, the Soul model from Kia deserved to enter the top 10 crossovers worth up to 1 million Russian rubles. The best choice with this budget is the version with a manual transmission, engine capacity of 1.6 liters and a power of 124 horsepower. For all this you need to pay from 905 thousand rubles. If it is possible to save up and pay about 1.4 million, then it is better to immediately take the version with the automatic transmission and the engine for 204 horsepower. But this is an individual question, because not everyone is chasing after increased power and automatic transmission, preferring the old proven mechanics. The machine is well suited for a young family who appreciates practicality, safety, good dynamics and a high level of comfort. Soul


Again, the Chinese auto industry. This time we had a car from the company Lifan in the top. The brand managed to declare itself in the Russian market. Now the company offers an extensive line of its cars, but the X60 is among the top priorities. The choice of buyers is offered only the type of transmission. The only gasoline engine with a volume of 1.8 liters and a capacity of 128 horsepower can work with a variator or manual gearbox. For the version with the variator they ask for 920 thousand rubles, and the X60 with manual transmission costs from 740 thousand. There is a difference in the configuration, that is, this difference is due not only to different types of gearboxes. Good assembly, very attractive appearance, a little impudent exterior allow to perceive this crossover positively. Inside is a spacious and well thought out interior. There is no significant reason to refuse such a SUV. Decent option for adequate money. l I rice X60


Well-known company Nissan offers its version of the budget crossover in the face of the model Terrano. Many people identify it with Renault Duster, because they have the same platform. But Terrano was initially a bit more expensive, which can be justified by a more interesting appearance, a complete set and convenience inside the cabin. You can't call him cheap. For 1 million, only versions with front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are available, on which a 102 horsepower gasoline engine and a manual transmission are installed. The front-wheel drive version costs from 900 thousand rubles, and at least 970 thousand will have to pay for the four-wheel drive. The basic equipment is not as rich as the Chinese representatives of the rating, but Nissan has its own objective advantages. One of them is considered a brand, in which there can be no doubt. Terrano


This rating just could not do without one of the best budget crossovers in the world. It was Renault that, having fired a car called the Duster a few years ago, proved that crossovers might be available. Yes, nothing special in terms of equipment was then offered to buyers in order to keep within the budget segment. But the emergence of a new generation made it necessary to take another look at the car, to evaluate innovations in external and internal changes. The simplest version with front-wheel drive, 1.6-liter engine and 114 horsepower costs from 660 thousand rubles. For the four-wheel drive ask already from 780 thousand. But the statistics showed that Duster is highly valued for its efficiency. This is especially clearly possible to demonstrate the most sought-after modification with a 1.5-liter diesel engine and all-wheel drive. Though the car costs from 950 thousand rubles, its operational characteristics are beyond competition. The crossover maintains excellent dynamics at 109 horsepower, and consumes a minimum of fuel. Duster


Our ranking is completed by another representative of the French automaker. At this time, before you new Renault. The Kaptur crossover deservedly ranks among the best budget SUVs that cost up to 1 million rubles. These new cars have an attractive modern appearance, all the qualities of an urban crossover and quite good technical parameters. Choosing a Kaptur, you should think about the advisability of buying a car up to 1 million. This is explained by the fact that for 850-895 thousand versions are offered with front-wheel drive, manual gearbox or CVT, and a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 114 horsepower. Looks good.

But also in the lineup there are all-wheel drive versions with automatic transmission and manual transmission, under the hood of which are located 2.0-liter engines with a capacity of 143 liters. with. Their price tag is only slightly beyond the budget. Therefore, for many, it makes sense to pay 1.08 - 1.15 million rubles, but take Kaptur with more impressive characteristics. Each of the presented crossovers, which entered the top 10 best representatives of its segment worth up to 1 million rubles, has every chance to lead the rating. But to objectively find the best or worst is difficult. In addition, the market offers a large number of other cars, which also deserve attention and easily fit into the framework of such a budget. Kaptur

Advanced rating

If it were not for some minor nuances, the cars presented below could also be in the top 10. But since the rating was limited to 10 models, some crossovers were not included in their list. In this case, you should definitely know about several SUVs, the price of which does not exceed the established amount.

  1. Sandero Stepway. Great urban crossover. But in fact it is a cross-country Sandero hatchback. It is difficult to call it a full-fledged SUV, but in all its parameters and characteristics it can be a worthy choice with a small budget.Sandero Stepway
  2. Changan CS35. Very interesting option from China. The car costs from 800 thousand rubles. The abundance of Chinese crossovers does not allow finding objectively the best solutions among them. But this car definitely deserves attention. Changan CS35
  3. Tivoli from SsangYong. Корейский автомобиль, который сравнительно недавно появился на российском рынке. Крайне интересная внешность, достойные технические характеристики, но высокая цена. Самая простая комплектация стоит ровно миллион. Tivoli from SsangYong
  4. Rio X-Line. Another hatchback that has become a crossover. Kia company offers a very interesting car at a price of 785 thousand rubles. Auto made in the style of Rio, but additionally received the features of a crossover. Not a purebred SUV, because of what he was out of the main rating, but got into the extended list. Rio X-Line
  5. Vesta SW Crossи Largus Cross. Два отечественных автомобиля, которые больше своими внешними данными напоминают паркетники. Это не совсем кроссоверы, но машины с оригинальным дизайном и улучшенной проходимостью. Vesta выглядит привлекательнее и подходит молодёжной аудитории, в то время как кроссоверный Largus ориентирован на практичных и зрелых водителей. Стоят от 820 и 690 тысяч соответственно. При приближении к миллиону можно взять максимальную комплектацию. Vesta SW Cross

You can argue endlessly about which of the crossovers is considered the best. The question is very subjective, since there are a large number of selection criteria. If we take only the cost as a basis, then the Chinese and domestic crossovers will be the undisputed leaders here. If you look more widely, take into account the build quality, reliability and other important nuances, then it is better to give preference to Korean, European and American cars. The choice is yours.