Japanese demonstrated restyled nissan x-trail

Японцы продемонстрировали рестайлинговый Nissan X-Trail

The Japanese presented at the auto show in the US upgraded Nissan RogueIn the version for our Russian car market it is called Nissan X-Trail. After the update, the crossover received additional equipment to ensure safety on the road, a new multimedia system and several electronic driver assistants. Nissan X-Trail 2017 already shown in a promotional video. In addition to significantly refreshed appearance, the crossover received a hybrid modification and increased its level of security. For the American market Rogue, or X-Trail Comes with a 2.5-liter 170 horsepower engine. In addition to this configuration, lovers of Japanese crossovers can purchase a hybrid SUV with a powerplant on board. It consists of a two-liter four-cylinder petrol aspirated and a sixty-strong electric motor. The total power of the unit is an honest 176 "horses." The hybrid is equipped with a fuel economy system when driving in urban mode - the so-called "start-stop" system. Японцы продемонстрировали рестайлинговый Nissan X-Trail According to Nissan managers, front-wheel drive Nissan Ix-Trail with a hybrid engine spends on city streets from 7.13 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers of road. On the highway consumption is 6.72 liters. For the 4x4 version, there are several other numbers: 7.59 liters in the city and 6.92 liters on a country asphalt road. Hybrid modification only five. Японцы продемонстрировали рестайлинговый Nissan X-Trail Outside restyled rogue, or X-Trail received a modified grille, because of which the car has similarities with the new Nissan Murano, which recently began to sell on our car market. We see in the images modified bumpers and front optics compared to the dorestaylingovoy version. However, the taillights are also completely different. The rear door is equipped with an electric drive, which begins to fix the door from the moment it starts moving. Inside modernized Ix-Trail changed not so noticeable. Slightly flattened steering wheel, slightly edited control panel and updated interior trim. The most advanced equipment Nissana Ix-Trail Received leather upholstery chairs.

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Японцы продемонстрировали рестайлинговый Nissan X-Trail

The car can optionally be upgraded with a smart cruise control and traffic control system in the lane. There is a monitoring of blind zones and a warning about the transport appearing from behind. Prices рестайлинговый Нисан Ix-Trail not yet announced.