Thanks to the photospies it became known what the modernized

Благодаря фотошпионам стало известно, как выглядит модернизированный Citroen C4 As always happens shortly before the official presentation, photos of the new French car were leaked to the Web. New - loudly said, because it is a restyled version Citroen C4 sedan. The photos show that the car experienced a certain “cosmetic” facelift from the model's designers, which, of course, does not make it completely different from its predecessor, but the information that the sedan is five and a half centimeters longer is something -what. Photographed restyled version of the French "chetyrehdverki" Citroen C4 in China, where it is called somewhat differently - Lemon С4L. Photos are not very high resolution, it shows a modified grille and altered bumper, a different form of head optics and fog lights. Inside the photospies to shoot restyled sedan failed. But it would not be a mistake to assume that the designers worked in the salon; this is a common practice in restyled models.

Благодаря фотошпионам стало известно, как выглядит модернизированный Citroen C4

Dorestaylingovy "tree"

Chinese restyled Citroen C4L lengthened by 55 mm, and with this in mind, now its length is 4 m 67.5 cm. In addition, the sedan added in height, though only a couple of millimeters, and now its “full height” is exactly one and a half meters. The “exhaust hood” of the body did not hit the wheelbase, the center distance is 2 m 71 cm, as before. The vehicle’s motor range, at least for the Chinese car market, has not changed in the restyled version. Sedan Citroen C4L it is equipped with the same 1.2 and 1.6 liters turbocharged gasoline engines and the 1.8-liter aspirated gasoline.

Restyled model Citroen C4 most likely they will officially represent the automotive world at the upcoming Peking motor show. There is still no information about whether the Chinese version is only Citroen C4 sedan has undergone upgrades, or the version for our car market will survive the same changes.

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Благодаря фотошпионам стало известно, как выглядит модернизированный Citroen C4 Russian modification Citroen C4 sedan has 4 m 62.1 cm in length, 1 m 49.6 cm in height, the distance between the axles is 2 m 70.8 cm. Russians are available for purchase versions with 1.6-liter engines 115 and 120 installed horses In addition to the aspirated, there is another one of the same volume, but with a turbine, issuing one hundred and fifty horses at its peak. As a transmission, both manual and automatic are used. For the Russian version Citroen C4 dealers ask for 904 thousand rubles. However, you can buy cheaper and in the frame of regularly announced promotions and discounts.

They assemble a French sedan at the Kaluga plant "PSMA Rus". In a year, the level of localization of parts and assemblies, that is, purely Russian production, for this car will reach fifty percent of.