The chinese are launching the zotye t600 sport in

The Chinese are launching into The line of Chinese "parquet SUVs" Zotye T600 got a sports version. However, in addition to the corresponding prefix in the model name - Zotye T600 Sport, - there are striking differences, which, in principle, the “hot” version should differ, motorists will not find. All the differences, mostly designer, in the rest of the "sportiness" remained at the same level as it was in the usual Zotye T600. The Chinese are selling this modification so far only in the Middle Kingdom. External changes that developers have made can be seen on the "hot" Zotye T600 Sport in the form of a modified LED head optics, another grille pattern and a more sporty front bumper shape. The bumper has become more aggressive, but if he could add to this power and speed! The dashboard in the cabin lost its analog devices and became completely digital. Developed updated multimedia system, now here we have a ten-inch touchscreen that supports synchronization with iPhones and Apple software. In addition, sports Zotye T600 Received a projection display and the ability to wirelessly charge smartphones. The Chinese are launching into But the fact that, in theory, must necessarily be in the sports version, did not appear here. We are talking about the power characteristics of a sports car, rooted in the amount of horsepower and, consequently, a more decent speed. But where does the growth in power come from, if in Zotye T600 Sport install the same engines that come with the regular version of this SUV? This is such a Chinese joke, probably? Regard what you want, but under the hood of the new Chinese "sports cross" work the same one and a half and two-liter gasoline turbo engines for 162 and 190 horsepower, as the "classic" the Zotye parquet floor. A 1.5-liter engine works in tandem with five-shed mechanics, and a two-liter engine is combined only with a robotized transmission. The new "sports cross" is the same front-wheel drive as Zotye T600. The Chinese are launching into Chinese are selling their "unfortunate athlete" Zotye T600 Sport, translated into our money, for 952-1490 kilorubles according to the current central bank exchange rate "yuan-ruble". About selling this car outside of China, managers Zotye while silent. Maybe it's for the best. The Chinese are launching into Russian brand car dealers Zotye Today you can buy "classic" Zotye T600 on price tags from 850 thousand wooden. And there are no models with a two-liter turbo engine in Russia yet. The Chinese have long promised to give them a lift, but have not yet kept their promises. The basic configuration of the crossover has ABS + EBD, a stabilization system, two airbags, an air conditioner and a radio tape recorder.

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