Reference service: subaru recalls crossovers, already two

Эталон сервиса: Subaru отзывает кроссоверы, уже два года как снятые с производства In the Russian representative office of the Japanese auto brand Subaru announced a service action in respect of more than four and a half thousand crossovers  Subaru Tribeca. Cars sold through a network of Russian dealers for eight years came under the recall campaign: from the beginning of 2006 to the end of 2014. By the way, it was in 2014 that these crossovers stopped producing at all. The service campaign was initiated because, as it turned out after so many years, a faulty locking lock of the hood of the crossover. According to specialists from Rosstandart, who discovered this problem, the hood on Subaru Tribeca can at any moment simply swing open for no reason. You can imagine what it would be fraught with, if its spontaneous opening occurs during movement, and even if at a decent speed.

Dealer centers through which Japanese crossovers were sold to Russian car owners will notify all buyers without fail. Tribeca about the problem and the need to urgently appear in the nearest service centers for free to fix it. According to the information received in Rosstandart, all crossovers that have fallen under the revocable campaign will be scrupulously examined for the presence of a malfunction, and in case of its detection, the bonnet lock will be "properly maintained." Simply put, the castle will try to fix it. After that, they will test it, and if the threat of self-opening remains, they will simply change the lock to a new one. It is not clear why there is so much fussing with the old lock if a revocable company is free, and the work of replacing it with a new lock is much faster than repairing and testing the old one.

Эталон сервиса: Subaru отзывает кроссоверы, уже два года как снятые с производства As already said Subaru Tribeca crossover ceased to produce two years ago. For the Russian car market, this Japanese was equipped with just one engine: this is a gasoline 3.6-liter aspirated for 258 horses.

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Back in November 2015, the Japanese declared that they were going to finish work on the creation of a successor soon. Tribeca crossover and it will be a seven-seater suv. It will look in the style of the famous concept car Subaru VizivFuture, shown at the Tokyo Motor Show last fall. Today, the Japanese say that this successor Subaru Tribeca will appear in mass production at the end of this - the beginning of next year.