Is it possible to drive without insurance ctp

In the civilized world, most disputes in any field, including automotive, are settled with the help of insurance companies. By introducing such legal relationships between its citizens, Russia also seeks to accelerate the resolution of disputed situations on the roads.

A tool for clarifying the relationship is compulsory liability insurance. The article will tell you how much you can ride without OSAGO insurance and whether it can be done at all.


  • 1 The need for a policy
  • 2 When can I drive without insurance
  • 3 Features of driving without insurance

The need for a policy

CTP insurance policy must be in the car. Drivers present this document together with the driver's license to the road inspection officer. If the insurance has expired or there was no policy when the inspector stopped you, must pay a fine, according to the current legislation.

Is it possible to travel without insurance in Russia?

If for some reason the policy is not in the car, but it is issued and provided to the traffic police officer a little later, then you can get rid of the amount of 500 rubles. If he was not at all, then the punishment will be 800 rubles.

When can I drive without insurance

In the Russian legislation there are documented situations where you can not purchase insurance OSAGO.

The list of “lucky ones” is limited and consists of the following items:

  • You can not buy a compulsory insurance policy for a vehicle if the design of such a device does not allow it travel at a speed of more than 20 km / h;
  • if the vehicle is of a type does not fall under any of the classificationswhich are described in the law of the Russian Federation on the admission of such vehicles as road users; specifications do not meet the fixed criteria;
  • any vehicles that are in service in the Russian armyare subordinated to military formations and other bodies that belong to the places of military service; However, the exception to this rule is all cars or buses and minibuses, which are used to manage the economic activity of these legal entities;
  • Foreigners who are interested in whether it is possible to drive on their cars without insurance will be interested to know that cars registered in another statemay also not issue a CTP if they have an internationally recognized insurance policy recognized in the Russian Federation;
  • car trailer owners may also not issue additional insurance;
  • if in a vehicle missing wheel propulsion, while the tool is equipped with sled or tracked undercarriage units.
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in which cases it is possible to drive without insurance

The list of those who can drive without insurance is supplemented by car owners who have not reached the ten-day period after the purchase of this car, allocated for renewal of insurance. This is the only loophole in the law for ordinary cars that can go on the road without a policy.

Features of driving without insurance

For drivers who have not taken care of paying for the CTP policy, there are several ways how to drive without insurance and not get into unpleasant situations.

how long can you go without insurance CTP

  1. For the lack of an insurance policy, the driver can be punished an unlimited number of times, since the vehicle is not insured after a few kilometers of stopping, the traffic police officer detects an offense at another time and in another place. This is how the behavior of the inspector towards the offender is interpreted.
  2. A driver without a policy in a car should know the difference in the amount of fines for a forgotten document (500 rubles) and for his complete absence (800 rubles) so that a dishonest inspector does not mislead the car owner.
  3. Not all insurance companies immediately issue a policy. This document is often required to be brought from the central office, so often forms may be missing. A copy of the application for a policy, certified by an insurance company, it is desirable to have with you in the car. It will help to remove the blame from the driver for the absence of CTP.
  4. If the insurance company refuses to provide such a service, you can take a written notice from the company. This usually happens when there are no blanks.
  5. Entering a contract into the register with different insurers may take place with a slight delay. If the inspector did not find the policy in the list among legal documents, then this may be the fault of the insurers.

As a recommendation, you can advise yourself on the traffic police website to verify the legality of the policy and the time it is entered in all registries.

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