Major power steering problems

The car must behave on the road predictably and clearly respond to all driver commands. Not only comfort while driving a car directly depends on these parameters, but also the safety level of the driver and passengers.

The vast majority of modern cars are equipped with power steering, which in many cars uses a hydraulic circuit. Emerging power steering faults occur due to operational reasons, less often they are associated with an inefficient assembly design. Most of these problems can be quite effectively resolved on their own, even in garage conditions.


  • 1 Problem nodes
  • 2 Symptoms of faults
  • 3 Troubleshooting

Problem nodes

Steering in classic cars consists of a drive and mechanisms. To ensure effective management of these components of the machine decided to equip amplifiers. They are mounted both on a passenger rolling stock, and on trucks. The task of the hydraulic booster is to reduce the reverse reaction from possible vibrations, to ensure ease of control, and also to suppress the jolts that occur during driving.

The operation of the mechanism is as follows:

  • when the steering wheel is rotated, the drive performs a forward / right motion;
  • operation of the amplifier several times increases the load to turn the wheels;
  • the mechanism through the drive system simultaneously rotates the wheels of the front axle without play or delay.

To ensure reliable operation of the steering gear, all components of the structure must be clearly functioning. In addition, each driver must know the main steering problems and how to eliminate them.

how power steering fails

Timely diagnosis and monitoring of the health of the nodes are the responsibility of every motorist. Nodes must have a sufficient amount of lubricant and have a permissible level of production. Sealed elements, such as a power steering pump, should not have leakages and depressurization.

You need to know that the backlash of the steering wheel for a car must be less than 10.

A significant deviation from this value can lead to a decrease in safety for road users.

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Symptoms of faults

In addition to conducting a visual inspection of the steering gear units, the driver determines their condition by indirect signs. Many of them are easy to classify and group by characteristic consequences.

While holding the steering wheel, the driver may feel jolts, which in many cases is evidence of a weak tension in the drive belt. The same problem happens when it is necessary to turn the steering wheel with more effort. You will need to check the level of filling of the power steering tank, as well as the absence of dirt in it.

what are the main steering problems and how to eliminate them

Incorrect replacement of power steering can cause airing of the system. If such work has been done relatively recently, then you need to get rid of the air by pumping fluid through the system.

In some cases, the poor condition of automobile tires also leads to vibrations on the steering wheel. In addition to the breakdown of the steering mechanism, this is also a common cause.

Defect shafts leads to frequent twisting of the pulleys from its seat. During operation, a characteristic whistling sound from the side of the node will be heard.

Noise from the site are due to the loose fastening of the tubes or hoses GUR. The weakening of the seal leads to the appearance of sound in the places of mating fittings. To eliminate the need to re-fix the connection.

how the main steering problems and how to eliminate them are determined

Thorns steering happen at low pressure in the power steering. Due to the occurrence of the flow control valve, the mechanism fails. This increases tire wear and reduced handling. The same reasons with flaps lead to problems during low-speed maneuvering, for example, in parking lots.

You need to know that even with a complete failure of the steering booster, you can drive a car, but you will have to exert more effort during steering.


The motorist himself is able to replace the drive belt of the hydraulic booster. Pre-buy it in the car shop for a particular car model. Regularly held topping wildness in the expansion tank. On it there is a graduation of the minimum and maximum levels.

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what are the malfunctioning power steering

Possible flow of oil occurs at the bearing installation sites, at the pipeline joints or in the area of ​​the connection of the nozzle. In such a situation, the power steering hoses are changed, and parts are also dismantled, with generation and replacement with a repair kit. This applies to stuffing boxes, rubber gaskets or other consumables.