Spark plugs ngk: selection by car

Market leaders in the production of automotive components prefer to choose experienced drivers. This approach ensures reliable operation of the vehicle. It is especially important to choose the best parts for the internal combustion engine.

Often, motorists are selecting candles NGK for the brand of car. This is due to the fact that the Japanese manufacturer provides reliable products to its customers.


  • 1 General information
  • 2 Unique production
  • 3 Valid marking
  • 4 Proper selection

general information

The trademark of the Land of the Rising Sun produces a wide range of sizes of candles, so you need to carefully consider the choice of products with the right characteristics. In this situation, special tables or product-generated nomenclature databases, which are checked through online, help in this situation.

During its nearly a century of activity, the brand has gained a lot of experience in the development and design of parts for cars since 1919. Production started with a small workshop, which as a result was transformed into an international large company. The main attention was and is being paid at different stages of production to such factors:

  • technical parameters of the product;
  • performance improvement;
  • product development.

NGK iridium spark plugs are specifically designed to form stable sparking in gasoline combustion engines operating on air-fuel mixtures with maximum depletion. As a result, a stable operation of the internal combustion engine with a high-quality spark is created. A feature of such devices is the ability to work with different types of fuel.

Unique production

In similar products, the design is thought out to the smallest detail and sometimes it is very problematic to ensure improvement. This is due to the peculiarities of operation and unification of the product. In most cases, it is possible to correct the characteristics of candles only due to the introduction of such features into the design:

  • new materials with specific properties;
  • practically jewelry manufacturing accuracy;
  • Maximum adherence to technology to ensure consistently high results.

Such factors should be taken into account when acquiring NGK spark plugs, selection by car, from which it is carried out according to catalogs.

how to make a selection of candles NGK for car brand

The series consists of seven varieties. Each has personal characteristics. An example are products in which three side electrodes are embedded. They were developed by special order from the Volkswagen brand. This product is also listed in open databases and tables for manual searches.

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The products with a single electrode that have gone through modernization from progressive engineers of an Asian company remain in demand. Relatively small changes and modifications provide a high degree of efficiency and reliable performance. Visible difference is a special notch in the V shape, located on the central electrode, which allows the potential to be redistributed to the periphery, which has a high concentration of gasoline vapors. This solution gave a guaranteed sparking in any conditions.

An innovative solution is multi-electrode candles. They embed the principle of duplication of operations, which increases the reliability of work. Any mode of operation of the internal combustion engine will be stable with them. The manufacturer varies the number of side electrodes within 2-4 pcs. They are located evenly around the circumference and are not prone to clogging, which has a positive effect on the resource.

Promising is the direction in which candles are made with a central cone electrode. Models are additionally equipped with taps from precious metals or alloys, including rare earth metals. Soldering is located on the inner surface of the side electrodes, and most often platinum or iridium is used for them.

Valid marking

Opening the NGK online catalog, you need to understand the encoding. All products are delivered in personal packaging. Identification is carried out by coded designations installed on the boxes. The general system of through designations considerably simplifies their choice.

For example, you can disassemble the marking of the product PFR5A-11 according to the position:

  1. The type of candle is determined (P - platinum alloys are present, I - iridium sprays are present, D - reliability is increased, S is high reliability + platinum soldering, L is an extended thread embedded, Z is a spark ring protruding along the edges of the skirt).
  2. The second position describes the parameters of the spark plug key and the type of thread required for mounting / dismounting.
  3. The third letter indicates the presence of anti-interference resistors.
  4. The fifth point indicates the heat rating, which at the manufacturer ranges from cold “2” to hot “13”.
  5. The fifth paragraph includes special characteristics.
  6. At the end, the interelectrode gap value is set.
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The manufacturer may optionally add some values ​​for greater specificity. For example, when A is added, there will be no sealing washer in the structure. D - provides additional anti-corrosion coating outside. If G is set, then this option indicates the presence of an additional side copper electrode, and H indicates a special thread certificate.

Such knowledge greatly simplifies the search for spark plugs, according to the brands of cars. Identifying products will be significantly easier.

Correct selection

Retail automotive stores offer a large selection of components under a popular brand. Independently understand it will be a long time. To help motorists developed online services for which selected sites with databases.

One of these resources is In addition to general information about the company, there are current catalogs with products. The wide range also includes high-quality related products for motorists. Just click on the link to get to the official website of the company. Even beginners without knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be able to deal with the working capacity of the resource, since the information is present in Russian.

Products are presented for different vehicles. However, products for passenger cars are in the greatest demand. To facilitate the search, you need to select the appropriate section with the icon of the car. Next, go to these sections:

  • gasoline engine;
  • engines that consume liquefied gas;
  • automotive glow plugs;
  • ignition systems and coils;
  • temperature and oxygen sensors.

Having passed the interface points, we select the appropriate Japanese company. Select the desired model and automaker. A summary table with the current modifications will appear on the monitor. It includes all available engine types, with technical specifications.

Practice shows that by spending a little more money to buy high-quality candles, a motorist significantly saves the engine in the future. Also in the process of work ensures the stability of adjacent systems.