Tuning vaz 2115 do it yourself impressive

On modern roads there is a growing variety of cars of different brands, which differ from each other. One of the most popular cars is the VAZ 2115. Its owners often do tuning the VAZ 2115 with their own hands in order to give their cars a certain personality and exclusivity.

Tuning VAZ 2115 do it yourself

Tuning exterior VAZ 2115

The new owner of the VAZ 2115 first of all wants to make changes in the appearance of his car. And immediately draws attention to the bumper. It will affect the change. If the owner manages to pick up an interesting and beautiful analogue, then the appearance of the car is transformed immediately.

You should also change the body kits, this applies not only to the fifteenth model, but also to many others, for example, the VAZ 2106, whose tuning should be done the sooner, the better. With such unrealistically stylish tuning VAZ 2115 do it yourself, the exhaust pipe no longer looks. It should also be replaced, for example, with a combination of 4 such pipes, as on some American car brands. To improve the appearance of the backside of the car you should not install a spoiler. It will be out of place, and the front-wheel drive car has nothing to improve the aerodynamic properties. But the tag is perfect for decorating the rear bumper.

Tuning panel VAZ 2115

In the VAZ 2115, tuning (photo) of the exhaust pipe should be carried out with caution, and all because such a pipe installed near the tailgate can cause passengers to be poisoned by exhaust gas.

Tuning salon VAZ 2115 do it yourself

After improving the appearance, you can go to the car. In this case, for the VAZ 2115 offers a variety of different improvements. Recently, the most popular is the installation of air conditioning. You can do this procedure yourself. The most important thing is to have the means to buy such equipment, as well as to have the tool and the desire to make interior tuning for your VAZ 2115.

For the opportunity to have a car with air conditioning will have to pay, so you should immediately weigh the pros and cons. For example, doing tuning VAZ 2109 about these details do not have to think. After installing this device, the car will start to take more current from the generator, as well as increase fuel consumption. In addition, in this model there is no special place for air conditioning, so it will have to be customized in size.

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Tuning salon VAZ 2115 photo

For those who decided, the advice - the air conditioner model should be suitable for this car brand. It is easy to find such a kit, we made sure of this when we did tuning the VAZ 2109. When installing, you will have to remove the torpedo and steering wheel to find a place. The instructions need to read in detail the wiring diagram to do the work without problems. Approximately the installation looks like this: first we connect the compressor, then the freon and the electric fan.

All parts are connected to the air ducts through which air will flow to them. To protect equipment from damage, you need to use fuses.

Another tuning option, the most popular among car owners, is the installation of electric windows. And although many models already equip them at the factory, there are still a lot of cars with manual lifting of glasses. To install such a kit on the VAZ 2115, you will need a selection for a particular car brand. Please note that some kits are only suitable for the front doors.

VAZ 2115 tuning photo

If you decide to carry out tuning panel VAZ 2115, then start with the lights. For this perfect diode bulbs. The process of their connection is simple and requires only attention and perseverance. And the result of such tuning will only please.

An interesting option for styling may be replacing the front and rear speakers. Such tuning of the VAZ 2115 cabin (photo) will undoubtedly improve the sound quality in your car. If desired, you can replace the radio itself with a more powerful counterpart.

We get rid of noise and create comfort in VAZ

In order to maximize the comfort in the cabin, it is necessary to achieve good noise and vibration insulation. For this you need to hold upholstery. This work is simple, it is easy to do it yourself, but care is needed when sealing joints. But the result will exceed all expectations, and the aesthetic effect will last more than one year.

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VAZ 2115 tuning photo

To complete the creation of comfort in the cabin, you must install a comfortable and functional chair. This element of the cabin to reduce fatigue of the driver while driving, will increase comfort and improve the appearance of the cabin. Tuning in this case may be different.

For example, you can do just hauling seats. And you can bring the shape of the chair to perfect, work on the elasticity of the seat. You can make a heated chair or equip with sound signals. There is fantasy where to roam.

Engine tuning VAZ 2115

Unlike the appearance of the VAZ 2115, its technical indicators are not so bad when compared with its predecessor - the VAZ 2114, in which its technical characteristics are slightly different. Therefore, for the VAZ 2115 engine tuning will be quite simple.

Let's start with engine chipping. The word itself means reprogramming, but in this case it will be reprogramming the engine. It is worth noting that there is a fairly wide choice of flashing cars, but not every option allows you to increase engine power.

Each owner of the VAZ 2115 chooses a suitable method and goals that he wants to achieve. The most popular of the options for flashing is an increase in thrust at low or medium and high revs, as well as a decrease in fuel consumption, but to the detriment of power characteristics.

VAZ 2115 engine tuning

Sports tuning allows you to create a more dynamic ride through the city streets. And the economy mode allows you to save on fuel consumption during urban trips, as well as on the highway to go more quietly. To independently perform this procedure, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of electronics.

After you need to think about tuning cylinders. Indeed, without an increase in their volume, good results cannot be achieved. To increase the working volume is carried out polishing the walls of the cylinders and facilitate the crankshaft, as well as reducing the size of the pistons.

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The result of such manipulations is a smaller roughness of the cylinder walls, as a result, the gap between the wall and the piston becomes larger and the stroke becomes easier, which gives a greater number of revolutions of the crankshaft. And this is not the only modernization that should be carried out in the car engine.

VAZ 2115 engine tuning

You can modify the tappets, increase camshafts, replace springs and valves. Let's talk about the transmission cars. Due to the increase in engine performance, the load on the auto transmission will increase. Therefore, all parts of the machine must be strong and durable to withstand the maximum load. For example, a limited slip differential is perfect for stabilizing the work of a car when cornering. In this case, the speed can be quite high.

For tuning of the brake system, the installation for the brake pedal of sports vacuum amplifiers is suitable. They allow you to increase the pressure on the pedal. This is a significant increase, as the force is doubled. Here he is tuning his own hands. If you wish, today you can do a lot and do not put off until tomorrow. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, then you can easily achieve the desired result.

And finally, a video about tuning the VAZ 2115:

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