Car class list: what is it

Any industry is aimed at meeting the demand of customers. The automotive industry is no exception. Inside it, products are differentiated according to certain criteria and divided into established groups. The classification of cars into classes, the table of which will be given below, is established for various brands and brands. The division is carried out both by external and internal features.


  • 1 Why do we need categories of cars by class
  • 2 Russian classifications
  • 3 How to determine the class of car
  • 4 Overview of the classifier
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Why do we need categories of cars by class

The main reason for the division into certain groups is the convenience of choosing a product for future owners. The potential owner will be able to decide on the choice based on various factors:

  • car maintenance for the whole family or for one owner;
  • You can estimate the future cost of refueling and maintenance;
  • the presence of comfort options, which give these or other car manufacturers;
  • determined by the price range for a group of machines with the specified parameters.

how to determine the class of car

Such a relatively clear systematization minimizes the time spent on searching for suitable vehicle models. Preferred machines can be grouped by class.

When choosing, future owners pay attention to such parameters as:

  • Production cost. Included in the list of classes of cars exclusive models will be much more expensive than their low-cost passenger counterparts. Before giving preference to a family or personal car, it is worth knowing that the conveyor assembly is characterized not only by a low price tag, but also by the lower quality obtained during the assembly steps. Expensive models require thorough tests to monitor their condition on the road in different situations.
  • Manufacturability of the machine. Technical progress is forcing manufacturers to provide even low-cost transport with new technologies that increase the comfort and safety of the driver with passengers. Often, even small minicars are stuffed with such options, which until recently could be found in the premium segment. These include several airbags, heated steering wheel and seats, high-quality hydraulics, making the trip as comfortable as possible.
  • Also, the classification of passenger cars by class includes the assessment of internal and external dimensions, the size of the luggage compartment, space reserves, the convenience of passengers or the driver. An example is the fact that for couples with children would be useless small-sized transport, and for a lonely person who does not like long-distance travel will be inappropriate minivan.

An important factor is the feasibility and cost of maintaining cars. This factor includes the cost of refueling and insurance, as well as ease of repair or diagnosis.

Russian classifications

Due to its territorial proximity to Europe, traditionally the domestic car market is filled with models from the Old World. Also, these machines have a wider classification than those installed in Russia. In the European Union, more than two dozen categories are used for cars, although not all types are in demand in our country.

Examples include the following types:

  • Full-size off-road cars. Their release is adjusted only in the United States. Delivery in Russia is carried out only by personal orders.
  • Huge pickups and Japanese minicars are almost completely absent. This fact is associated with the high price of the content of the first and the actual uselessness in the domestic conditions of the second type.
  • High-speed cars in most cases are available on request. The main habitat here are several large cities. On the periphery, they are useless, since the network of autobahns in the Russian Federation is still poorly developed.
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At the same time, a sufficient variety of models fully satisfies the taste and demand of domestic consumers.

How to determine the class of the car

It is necessary to take into account that the classifier periodically changes and refines, because the production of machines adapts to the requirements of consumers.

what classification of cars by class in the table

Evolution is carried out in terms of mixing groups and some blurring clear boundaries between classes. At the same time, new hybrid types are being developed that are in demand in the market. To determine the class of the machine, you must be guided by some parameters:

  • External dimensions of transport. The visual difference lies in the difference in the size of the body, in particular, its length. Classes of cars spelled from A to F have a length in the range of 2.5–5 m.
  • Body type and purpose. The difference in body type is noticeable during normal inspection. For example, crossovers, sedans, station wagons, sports cars, hatchback, etc. are used. Vehicles for non-standard situations are produced, including a high degree of terrain or significant passenger capacity for SUVs and minivans, respectively.

Given the personal needs, you can choose the best option for your own garage.

Overview of the classifier

The best description is given in the short table. It helps to understand what a car class is based on some parameters.

Classes Description Specifications
A up to 3.6 m minicars (micromachines)
B up to 4.2 m small cars (small class)
C 4.5 m medium cars (euro middle class)
D 4.6 m larger cars (family type)
E более 4.6 m exequtive cars (business class)
F over 5 m luxury cars (representative type)
S sport class sport coupes
M minivans multipurpose cars (minivans)
J crossovers sport utility (crossovers)

where is the classification of cars by class

Next, we consider in more detail what lies behind the notation:

  • "A". The popularity of small-sized and low-power machines, the length of which does not exceed 3.6 m, is relevant in the conditions of modern megacities. The advantages of such transport are high maneuverability, saving space for parking, minimum requirements for refueling. Manufacturers of electric vehicles often produce their products in this format. Conventionally, cars of this class can be attributed to the ladies, for example, Smart Fortwo or BB1 from the French Peugeot. Many cars have a fairly rich equipment. Often there are passive security systems, aero bag and air conditioning. The disadvantage is the small luggage compartment.
  • "B". This type of car is one of the most popular in the world. Small class is very practical in operation, while the car owner is practically not infringed in the space of the cabin or trunk. Traditionally, cars are equipped with power plants in the range of 1–1.6 liters, and the cabin capacity is from 4 to 5 people. In the luggage compartment is spacious and easily fit several suitcases. Modern manufacturers produce models of the B-class, which are just behind their counterparts in the C-class in length, and the cost remains affordable. Example - Peugeot 206.
  • "C". This category also includes widespread brands. A car class is a segment that some Europeans call a golf class by the name of the founder of this type of car (Volkswagen Golf). Inside it will be cozy for five people, including the driver. In the Russian classification, Lada Priora falls here. Universal cars feel great both on the highway and in the conditions of city streets. Inside it will be cozy for all passengers, and any luggage will fit in the trunk. Models are aggregated with engines up to 2 liters in volume. European consumers love to buy hatchbacks in this class, and our compatriots prefer C-class sedans.
  • "D". Even more roomy interior and spacious trunk. An example is the Audi A Of domestic cars, the Volga fits well into the segment. Vehicles in this category can be divided into family and elite. The first ones are offered with an affordable price tag, and the second ones have increased comfort and high power of the motors. The main options are laid in the basic configuration. Although the price tag in this group is considerable, but it is fully justified in operation and maintenance. This could also include the Volvo S60 or Peugeot 508.
  • "E". The group includes premium cars of our time. A distinctive feature of the two previous classes is not only status, but also the maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. In our country, many businessmen or officials prefer to move on such machines. what are the classes of cars to spell Агрегатируется транспорт силовыми установками с объемом примерно 2,5 л. Длина машин превышает 4.6 m. В салоне зачастую встречается дорогая отделка из натуральных или высококачественных материалов, например, кожи, дерева, алькантары и пр. Даже во время длительных путешествий на машинах типа Nissan Teana или Toyota Camry не чувствуется усталость у водителя и пассажиров.
  • "F". The luxury class is available to pop stars, wealthy people or the government fleet. A powerful engine for 6 or more cylinders is installed on board the cars, a lot of electrical options are installed, an expensive finish made of exclusive materials is used. Basic comfort is provided for the passenger area, since most owners do not operate such machines. The classic examples of the class are the Volkswagen Phaeton or the Audi A8.
  • "M". The main type of use is transportation of a large number of passengers. It is also appropriate to use the class for country family trips to nature. Inside, depending on the model can fit up to 7 passengers. From the Russian cars in the classification falls Lada Largus. Foreign analogues - FIAT Doblo or Renault Kangoo.
  • «J». В группу попадают внедорожные модели и crossovers. Автомобили с хорошей проходимостью способны преодолевать трудности на дорогах. Тип машин SUV также рассчитан на скоростные поездки по трассам. Высокий клиренс совмещается с хорошими габаритами, а также значительной вместимостью салона. Типичными представителями класса являются BMW X5 или Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen.
  • "S". Fans of demonstrating speed on highways are advised to look at the sports coupe. Distinctive characteristics are high aerodynamic properties, excellent running gear, low seating and maximum speed. Models are unlikely to be suitable for daily use, since they have little practicality in the conditions of modern domestic roads. However, it will be possible to get adrenaline rush when entering the track. This series includes the Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R or Audi R8.
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When choosing a car for yourself, it is worth considering current trends and current car fashion. For example, in recent years, sales of crossovers have risen substantially. This means that manufacturing companies pay significant attention to this class, therefore they equip their products with the most advanced technologies.

Even a conservative company like Rolls-Royce presented its model in this class in 2018. This is the first SUV in her entire history of production cars. Similar facts indicate a gradual blurring of boundaries between classes.