How to choose a car bu

The first car at most drivers is a used car, bought with it. How to choose the right car when buying on the market or via the Internet, we will tell in our article. Not all motorists tend to trust newly-fledged Asian brands, making a choice in favor of time-tested European or domestic auto companies.

Such a preference for an unprepared buyer can result in additional financial costs for the quick servicing of their purchase. Therefore, in order not to be caught off guard, you need to take a specialist with you or print this article and check the car, carefully recording the test results. Houses weigh all the facts and calmly make a decision.


  • 1 Put your own filter
  • 2 First contact with the seller
  • 3 Not broken and not repainted
  • 4 History of car operation
  • 5 Check the motor
  • 6 Mileage check
  • 7 Auto check in action
  • 8 Purchase

Put your own filter

Correctly solve the problem of how to choose a used car, help input data:

  1. available amount of finance (often a decisive factor);
  2. the cost of servicing the future vehicle (you need to take into account the costs of consumables and the expected retrofitting, for example, winter tires);
  3. Required tasks from the car (daily trips for hundreds of kilometers for bumps or traveling to the country at the weekend on good asphalt);
  4. fuel consumption, power characteristics, capacity of passengers and the presence of sufficient trunk (for a large family it is hardly worth watching a double sports convertible);
  5. availability of the repair base of the buyer (in order to have the opportunity in case of buying the car you like with obvious, but solvable problems, carry out a small repair).
how to choose a used car and renew it

Choosing a used car

Spending on the purchase of the entire amount is not worth it. Any car, even the one that the owner was preparing for sale, needs additional investments. This amount is usually 10-15% of the original cost. This does not include legal re-registration.

Only at first glance it seems that choosing a used car is hard and long. You just need to properly cut off the extra sentences. You should not consider such cars:

  • the price is too low from the average parameter by class and age;
  • the price is too high among the cars of the same class;
  • There are no real photos in the ad;
  • there are obvious problem factors in the form of “by proxy only”, “without numbers or documents”, without a telephone number for contacts.

Obviously low price should always alarm buyers, because if the owner seeks to get rid of the car as soon as possible, then the reason often lies in the car itself. Sometimes dealers expose such attractive offers in order to bring down the total price. Such a proposal may differ by the lack of contact details or the offer to correspond about the car in the comments to it.

Obviously inflated prices often do not speak of the same high quality of the vehicle, so they also hardly need to spend time.

Buying by power of attorney - it does not mean yet, to become a full owner. In this situation, you can lose money and a car.

First contact with the seller

A call to the buyer helps to identify moments that can not be determined from the ads. Do not always indicate the owner when selling, also checked the phone number and additional information on cars. In the dialogue, you can determine the intentions of the owner of the machine, trying to get rid of it.

how to choose a used car

Personal car inspection

If he assures in the complete absence of problems, this is also not always true. More detailed information will only personal inspection of the vehicle. If possible, for this procedure, choose a sunny day in the open area, and not in the garage.

During the inspection, the owner must ask permission to shoot a car and in case of consent to photograph the wheels, body, radio tape recorder, etc. In this way, the buyer records the quality of the rubber, the condition of the body and the presence / absence of scratches or dents that may appear between inspection and transfer of money. If a deposit was left, then it will be possible to request it back or lower the final price for a car by the amount of damage.

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Such an event can be attended with an experienced partner. It will help you choose the right car with mileage and identify what the buyer will miss, because more often specialists pay more attention to technical characteristics. The future owner at this time is determined with a large number of characteristics, often relating to the quality of the upholstery, the presence of the car radio, the size of the trunk, etc. At the same time important trifles are lost sight of.

how to choose a car with low mileage

Choosing a car with mileage

Attracting a partner from the side, you can motivate him with a cash reward for price reduction. The main thing is that the seller does not outbid such an expert.

Not broken and not repainted

The integrity of the body is the key to further safe operation of the car. If the hull elements were subjected to deformation, then you should not consider this car further. Identify a broken car can be on several main grounds:

  1. Clearances on the doors and the hood should be approximately the same and parallel along the entire length. The lack of parallelism gives replacement body parts. This can also be indicated by closing the door or hood with considerable effort. This means that the door was removed or changed, so the lock does not match in height.
  2. On the front bumper is considered normal small amount of minor scratches from knocking out stones. If the front is “too flawless”, then the reason may be a recent putty / repainting it or a complete replacement.
  3. Marking on all glasses must be one year and with the same specified parameters. The same applies to the headlights, which have b / y shnoy car can hardly shine like new and do not have scuffs or slightly different from each other. Opening the hood, you can check their mount. It should not have a fresh fixation with clean self-tapping screws, and no traces of file fittings in the mounting grooves of the optics.
  4. Traces of repainting or digesting the body produces fasteners. Most often, the car body in production goes to the paint shop assembly. Then the screw heads are painted in body color. Rare models have the same color fasteners, but it will often be black. Explicit contrast is obliged to alert the buyer.
  5. Peeping under sealing gum, you can identify repainting cars. Also, landing seals, if they were removed, will disassemble the vehicle. The surface of rubber products should be clean, without traces of paint.

It is necessary to look under the mats and hatches in the trunk. There should be no obvious visible traces of paint and putty. Through these hatches can be carried out and welding.

how to choose a car bu

How to buy an unbeaten car

Glass integrity may be damaged. If there is an obvious point of contact with the stone, the crack will be in the form of a web, diverging from the place of contact. When there is no obvious impact point, this is the cause of the deformed windshield mounting frame. Therefore, even when it is replaced on new glasses, the re-emergence of cracks is not excluded.

When the front panel is digested in a car, a retaining clip for the wiring harness is not always installed. A scattering of hanging wires or a bundle connected by tape or scotch tape indicates that the front plate is replaced in the engine compartment. Virtually any garlands of different cables should cause questions to the buyer.

Signs of accidents can be worked airbags. There should be no signs of mounting a new cartridge or sticking plastic on the places marked with “Airbag”. A full run-in test can be obtained at the station when connecting diagnostic equipment, if such a need really arises. Information about this is never removed from memory.

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The station also checks the body geometry using a four-channel stand. Independent verification reveals only obvious errors. To do this, view the line along the door, the wing. Glare in the sun well reflect all the irregularities on the roof, revealing flip-flops. Often, fraudsters talk about a “strong city” that ruins the roof.

History of car operation

Get a car that was running a taxi, not the most joyful news. However, it can be revealed on small dents on the roof of magnets block with checkers or remnants of stickers on the case. Also, there are traces in the cabin from mounting a taximeter or a lock for the radio.

how to choose the right car bu

Body geometry check

Used car after such operation is too loose, especially in the chassis. There may also be not very neat covers and upholstery on the doors.

Slackness can be in the machines that were transported by the method of "SKD". This way could save on customs clearance. In this case, the reassembly could lead to the appearance of "extra" parts, poor tightening of bolts or clamps.

Check the engine

To start the car should smoothly without additional gas stations and work with the throttle. There should be no obvious vibrations while the motor is running, the sound of idle speed must be able to beat the beat smoothly and without interruption.

Exhaust gases from a normally running engine do not have soot or dense white smoke.

Slightly open the hole for pouring oil, find out the amount of crankcase gases. A large amount of smoke is a sign of the disgusting state of a piston system. Additionally, you can control the compression in the cylinders, its level will indirectly show the condition of the rings and pistons.

Mileage check

Unscrupulous sellers can cheat with the indication of the run. Twisted mileage can sometimes be identified when checking the electronic systems of cars. Some cars (usually Germans), there are several points in which information about the mileage is stored, but to save, often change the readings only in the dashboard. Unfortunately, on most modern budget cars except on the dashboard this information is nowhere else. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the actual mileage by indirect signs: the state of the steering wheel, seats, gear knob, worn paintwork, etc. Often, it is not possible to determine the exact value of the run, you can only build approximate guesses.

how can I choose the right car with mileage

Odometer Handling

For mechanical castors, even division may be the rule for indications. The row of digits should not be shifted or one of the values ​​fall out of row. The seals installed before accessing the mechanical odometer block (mileage indicator) must be intact.

Auto check in action

Monitor the performance of all systems will turn out only while driving. Behind the wheel, you need to try to turn on different systems, drive a few kilometers. This will give an idea of ​​the work of the suspension, gearbox. If it is mechanical, then more often switch from overdrive to downshift, then back to reveal its disadvantages.

how to choose a car correctly and quickly

Purchase б/у автомобиля

You also need to pay attention to the display of the instrument panel, especially if strange light bulbs are lit or blinking.


If the car does not cause suspicion or the buyer is ready to be measured with minor shortcomings, then you can begin the process of bargaining. Also, do not forget that the money should be given only after the signing of all documents and receiving them in your hands. In case of advance payment or deposit, require a written confirmation of the operation. in the form of a receipt with the exact indication of the amount in words and complete data of the seller and the buyer.