Tuning porsche panamera to add exclusivity to the car

The Porsche Panamera is the first executive sedan in this car brand, inside which it is equally comfortable both at the wheel and in the back seat. Luxury car is large in size and habits of the sports car. It is easy to manage, it is perfectly balanced. It would seem that you can change in such a luxury car?

Tuning the appearance of a Porsche Panamera

porsche panamera tuning

For this car, which already stands out from the stream of cars, on the market you can find many solutions to change the appearance. Tuning Porsche Panamera Turbo S in this case may include light elements that emphasize the standard lines, and new bumpers that will radically change the external image of the car. Samples of such somewhat aggressive tuning of a Porsche Panamer (photo below) show how seriously a car can be improved.

Tuning Porsche Panamera photo

On the market you can find plastic parts for tuning a Porsche Panamera, individual rims and more. By the way, TOPCAR and MANSORY companies are now considered worthy body kits for this car.

External tuning includes changing the color of the car: mixing colors, matte paint, airbrush, all this can be used to create a completely individual means of transportation.

What else can be done with a Porsche Panamera?

Plus, to change the appearance, you can modify its interior, issuing it, for example, with materials such as Alcantara and suede, combined with leather (smooth and perforated). You can install new seats in an aggressive style, or try to emphasize the very sporty character of the Porsche Panamera and arrange the salon in this spirit.

тюнинг порше panamera

Do not forget about the Porsche Panamera chip tuning. With a skillful approach, the power of his five-liter engine is quite possible to increase from 550 to 800 horsepower. After increasing the power, it is worth changing the brake system, since the factory version is unlikely to cope with your “horse” after all the improvements.

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porsche panamera turbo with tuning

I would like to note that you should not try to do tuning Porsche Panamer on your own, since such a luxury car only requires a professional approach. In order not to spoil its already almost ideal characteristics of the engine, appearance and interior, do not take pity and contact the masters. You will only be required to wish that you would like to get out of your car. They will do the rest themselves and at a high level.

With the option of professionally performed tuning Porsche Panamero can be found by watching the video. The result, frankly, is impressive.