Rating of trucks in the world by category


Trucks play a huge role in the global economy. They are used to transport various items and can be used both for personal purposes and in the company. Trucks deliver raw materials to the factory, after which they take the finished product from there, as well as transport special equipment.



The first trucks appeared before the creation of cars on the internal combustion engine. They consisted of steam or horse carriages, which were used to transport various goods or transport people. The army had a huge impact on the appearance of trucks, which, during the war, needed a new vehicle to transport soldiers, weapons and ammunition: horses could not cope with the workload, and trains required rail laying, which hampered the process.

Читать далее о лучших грузовиках мира-->Грузовые автомобили также широко применялись пожарными, которые раньше многих осознали выгоду этого вида транспорта. Вместительная машина позволяла перевозить целую команду борцов с огнём и набор оборудования, включая длинные лестницы. Также грузовики использовались в качестве городского транспорта — это явление было распространено после Второй мировой по всей Европе, в том числе в России.


Trucks are categorized according to a variety of criteria:

  • Body type;
  • Group (open side, covered vans and special - tanks, refrigerators, etc.);
  • Number of axles;
  • Axial load;
  • Колёсная формула;
  • Rolling stock (single truck or road train);
  • Engine type (gasoline or diesel);
  • Load capacity;
  • Mass of the car.

The variety of classifications is explained by the fact that for the choice of trucks, buyers are guided by different requirements that meet their task.

How to choose

The choice of truck depends on the individual conditions of each buyer:

  • Capacity and payload;
  • The weight of the car, which indicates the possibility of driving on some routes;
  • Quality and reliability on which performance properties depend;
  • Commercial suitability (profitability) and maintenance costs;
  • Type of cargo to be transported. Trucks include cranes, buses, logging trucks and other types;
  • Safety and comfort required for long-distance or personal use;
  • Patency and speed. On this depends the time of delivery of the goods and the coverage by which the car can make it;
  • Power, on which it depends, whether the car will be able to cope with the transportation of the trailer (including road trains);
  • Functional. To solve complex tasks, the truck may require additional equipment - stabilization systems, lifting assistance, and so on;
  • Ecological indicator. This parameter is more relevant in Europe, where trucks with high levels of harmful substances in the waste may not be allowed to move along certain routes.

Rating of the best trucks by weight categories

The criteria in determining the best models are the same as in the selection. Their combination allows us to understand which truck is the most advantageous option to purchase in its category. Machines for the transport of items are considered; personal and corporate use.

The best light duty (light) trucks in the world

This category of cars includes most of all classes - compact city, minivans, medium trucks and others in the format of vans and pickups. Also in this segment most purchases are made in the whole world. The limit on the weight in the category of "light" is the indicator of 1.5 tons.

GAZ-3302 «Газель»

Despite the drop in sales ratings, Gazelle remains one of the most popular light trucks in Russia. Gorky Plant offers customers a three- or six-seater car in the format of a van, pickup truck, grocery truck and refrigerator. Affordable and simple, Gazelle allows you to start a business with minimal investment and spending. Good power and optional all-wheel drive provide good throughput.


Ford Transit

One of the most popular light trucks in the world. Available in the form of a van, as well as a pickup truck with 1 or 2 rows of doors. It may have the appointment of a refrigerator, mobile trailer, minibus, grocery truck and classic. In expensive models equipped with a navigation system, cruise control, parking assistant, rear camera and a good diesel engine.

Ford Transit

Volkswagen Crafter

Light truck with one of the widest ranges of body types. It can be indoor, and open, having different wheelbases, as well as special, performing the appointment of a crane, tow truck, minibus or refrigerator. In the interior of the Crafter everything is done ergonomically and tastefully. The most powerful engine has a volume of 2 liters and 163 horsepower. The truck is perfect for cargo or special work. First place.

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The best mid-tonnage trucks in the world

Medium trucks are not particularly popular in the market, as the choice usually comes in favor of either small or large cars. However, this does not diminish the value of these models, since they are indispensable in construction, transportation of medium batches of goods, passenger transportation and other areas, where they compare favorably with the ratio of cargo potential and cost. Criterion for weight - not more than 16 tons.


Надёжный и доступный, этот грузовик из России завоевал расположение водителей множества стран благодаря универсальной платформе и относительно низкой стоимости. Производитель выпускает бортовые и крытые версии, в числе которых можно увидеть холодильники, семиместные автомобили, промтоварные и хлебные модели. Truck поднимает до 4,5 тонн. Лучший двигатель имеет объём 4,75 литра и мощность 125 лошадиных сил.


Hyundai HD 120

South Korean trucks capable of lifting up to 8 tons. Available in the form of a pickup (including a tilt-out truck), a van and a special purpose vehicle - a refrigerator. Equipped with anti-lock and stabilizing system. The best engine has a volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 124 liters. with. High functionality and reasonable price make the HD 120 an excellent choice in the average mass category.

Hyundai HD 120

Isuzu Elf 9.5

This truck impresses with its versatility in choosing a platform: not only classic versions are available, but also a tractor, a dump truck, a tow truck and a manipulator (three types). Has a lifting capacity of up to 6.5 tons. Equipped with power, heated glass, seats and mirrors, ABS, fog lights and stabilizer. The truck not only copes with the appointment, but also provides convenience and safety. He is the best in the category and ranks first.

Isuzu Elf 9.5

The best large-capacity (heavy) trucks in the world

This category of trucks has the highest demand in the world. Cars in this category provide logistics across the globe, transporting large quantities of goods over long distances. They are also popular in the construction and rural industries.


Car load capacity is 20 tons. He can also carry a trailer with a similar weight. The scope of use of the model is very wide - from evacuation of cars and garbage collection to work in quarries as a dump truck or truck crane. There is no berth in the triple cab, and the truck itself does not have wide functionality. This saves on operation, using only the necessary industry functions.



Belarusian tractor designed for long-haul traffic. MAZ is being developed in cooperation with MAN, whose truck ranks first in the category. The use of new technologies by engineers allowed to create a car that could compete with foreign ones. The 5440 model has an ergonomic cabin and a 250 liter engine. with. The truck is also distinguished by the availability and reliability inherent in most post-Soviet vehicles.



The first thing that catches the eye when compared with competitors - the price. It at least twice exceeds other models of trucks, but in this case, the high cost is fully justified by the functionality. MAN has modern equipment: a stabilization system, electronic braking, power up to 480 horsepower and more. The quality of the truck allows you to quickly and safely deliver the cargo to the destination, almost despite the road conditions. Such an investment will provide business reliability.



You can see that Russian trucks got high rankings. This is explained by the fact that domestic cars have almost no equal in availability and ease of operation. The first places received more functional and equipped cars due to their versatility.