Top 10 cheapest car service: foreign cars and domestic cars

The car has long moved from the category of luxury shopping in the vehicle. In a big city is difficult to live without personal transport. Buying a car is a responsible and serious step that requires investments. Which brand is better to choose, each driver determines on their own, based on their budget. In this case, everyone is looking for the cheapest to maintain cars of domestic and western production.


  • How to estimate the cost of car maintenance?
  • The cheapest cars in service from Chevrolet and Skoda
  • Cheap cars in service, produced in Russia
  • Cheapest foreign cars to maintain

How to estimate the cost of car maintenance?

Which cars are the cheapest to maintain? Foreign cars and domestic transport require different financial costs. Every motorist knows about it. Any cars are evaluated by the following indicators:

  • availability of spare parts. The harder it is to get the parts, the more expensive they will have to pay;
  • engine power - the size of the vehicle tax depends on this indicator;
  • cost of insurance premium;
  • checks for maintenance, replacement of consumables that need to be replaced after passing a certain mileage;
  • wear rubber - this can not be avoided by any car owner.

For five years of owning a car, serious sums run in, which will have to be allocated from one's own pocket. It's time to find out which cars are the cheapest to maintain in Russia.

The foreign cars on the list are mostly produced in our country. That is what makes their content economical, even for a person with an average income. Rating the cheapest in car maintenance will allow you to accurately assess which car to buy for personal use. The top includes cost-effective options that allow you not to spend money on spare parts and other consumables necessary for the operation of transport.

The cheapest cars in service from Chevrolet and Skoda

Low cost vehicle options are a godsend for a person with an average salary. This car rating for the cost of service includes the following brands:

Lada Kalina

Renault Logan - car produced in Russia. This immediately reduces the cost of the constituent elements. On average, the service will cost 23,000 rubles. The car is worthy of the attention of every person who wants to buy a budget option for movement. This is the cheapest car in operation, produced in our country.

Renault Logan

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Cheapest foreign cars to maintain

It is time to consider the cheapest cars in service (foreign cars):

  1. Citroen C-Elysee - a great car for urban environments. Car maintenance will cost 35,000 rubles. This is a small amount per year. Attractive design like confident men and self-sufficient women. Economical engine is great in traffic congestion, which is typical for large cities of Russia.Citroen C-Elysee
  1. Toyota Yaris - car brand for many years proves its quality and excellent performance. The maintenance of such a machine will have to spend about 28,000 rubles. per year. A Japanese quality vehicle is considered a worthy acquisition for a city dweller. Attractive design and compactness like many of the weaker sex. If you want to buy a high-quality, stylish and economical device, then you should choose a Toyota Yaris.Toyota Yaris
  1. Daewoo Nexia– машина среднего класса, модель разработана известным немецким производителем Opel. Права на производство получил узбекский автомобильный завод. Популярность автомобиля оправдана. Это один из самых экономных транспортных средств. За время существования с 1996 года по 2016, было выпущено более 500 000 машин. Первые несколько лет обслуживания Daewoo Nexiaобойдутся в 26 000 руб. Опытные автовладельцы советую продавать машину после третьего года эксплуатации. К сожалению, за этот срок детали начинают устаревать, приходиться много тратить на ремонт.Daewoo Nexia
  1. Kia Soul - Asian production, it is a guarantee that the car will be inexpensive to maintain. Many complain that it is difficult to find some components, but not for the residents of the metropolis. Kia Soul - is a cheap transport in terms of operation. The driver will spend about 25 000 rubles per year, the amount is attractive to many. The design of the car is suitable for women who wish to purchase an economical and solid machine.Kia Soul

Now you know which cars are cheaper to maintain. For some, this indicator is the decisive factor in the purchase. Of course, studying transport you must immediately make calculations taking into account how long the car is purchased. Sometimes budget options allow you to save only the first 3 years, then the car enthusiast has to spend a lot on the purchase of spare parts and repairs.

Only a rational and competent approach will allow you to choose the transport of your dreams, which will meet all the stated requirements. In the domestic market there are several decent models. They will be an excellent acquisition for a novice driver. A good car that does not take half the family budget!