Top most fashionable cars


Fashion is a fairly subjective concept. In the automotive world, it is largely determined by the popularity of the car. Many buyers seek to purchase not only reliable and safe, but also a beautiful and original car. There is a huge choice of cars here, so it’s not so easy to dwell on any one option among a wide range. Fashion does not always go along with such concepts as practicality, versatility or comfort. In pursuit of trends, some car owners are willing to sacrifice key criteria. But there are a number of excellent cars that can combine all the required qualities at the same time. Let's see what today's fashionable cars are, and how they attract buyers.

Rating of the most fashionable cars

Top 10 most fashionable cars.

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Rating Representatives

Fashionable cars produce exclusively fashionable and popular automakers. They know as well as possible what is relevant now, what characteristics and features buyers are paying attention to. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brainchild of the following companies is among the best fashion cars:

  • Smart;
  • Jaguar;
  • Audi;
  • Mercedes;
  • Porsche;
  • Lexus;
  • Tesla;
  • Land Rover;
  • BMW;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Fiat;
  • Honda;
  • Bentley.

Their fashionable cars were conditionally divided into 2 groups. The first group included medium and large-sized cars, including crossovers. The second group is focused on more compact models, which are now at the peak of popularity. Remarkable is the fact that the list of the best cars now contains cars from different price ranges. There are both relatively low-end models and very expensive cars. This allows you to approach the choice based on the available budget. Each of the representatives of the ranking of fashionable cars in 2017 has its strengths and weaknesses. But this does not negate the fact that they are now the most popular and sought after.

Fashion cars

You can not objectively choose the most fashionable car in the world, because this concept is very conditional. Everyone for himself determines the priority criteria and characteristics inherent in the optimal car for a particular buyer. There are people who chase exclusively trends and popularity. For them, only what is the most fashionable car now is important. Her and they buy. After a while, the fashion changes, because the old car is immediately put up for sale in order to acquire a new trend of the season.

But there is another category of people who are rightly considered more practical. They choose a car based on several criteria, one of which is popularity. If the car is considered fashionable, but it is also practical, reliable and safe, then this category of car owners considers such a purchase to be competent and justified. If the car is not practical, does not meet the basic requirements, no trends and fashion trends will force them to buy such a car. We offer to study the list of popular and relevant cars in Russia. And you personally decide for yourself which of them is the most fashionable and best car.


Jaguar from the UK regularly updates one of its most popular XJ models. This sedan has excellent technical characteristics, great and expensive interior. The machine has every reason to be called practical, safe and fashionable. The combination of these qualities allows the car to confidently take place in this rating. In Russia, such a car is in demand, despite the objectively high cost.


Auto gives a unique feeling of driving and being on the passenger seat at the same time. This is not an example of practicality, when compared with a family car. XJ is usually bought for 1 - 2 people. But if necessary, Jaguar is able to show their best qualities on the track, in the city and even on a dirt road.


At some point, it was safe to say that this is the most fashionable car. Gradually, the excitement around the development of Porsche subsided. But the model continues to be in demand. It is rightly called one of the best creations of the German company. This is explained by the great combination of sporting character and family practicality. Inside the Panamera is very comfortable, here is a full back row, comfortable chairs, a functional lounge. The car has impressive dimensions that do not interfere with demonstrating amazing results on the highway. In the city, the car feels no worse, forcing passers-by to pay attention to themselves.


Continental GT

A sample of a stylish, powerful, fast and incredibly fashionable car from the company Bentley. Continental GT is included in the list of those cars that have existed for a long time, but do not lose their popularity at all. This can be explained by the competent approach of the developer to his masterpiece. Constant updates, the desire for improvement, the introduction of new technologies. The car clings to its amazing appearance, behind which are excellent indicators of practicality and comfort. This is not the car that is created solely for speed at the expense of convenience to the driver or passengers. Everything here is aimed at getting pleasure from driving and being in the car itself, regardless of the speed or type of coverage, on which Bentley moves.

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If anyone knows a lot about practicality and luxury, then this is Mercedes. In this rating, the manufacturer offers not the most expensive car. Nevertheless, it is Mercedes with its S-Class that clearly demonstrates how a car can demonstrate its superiority over its competitors without pressing the gas pedal. When you need to push the pedal to the floor on this machine, you can. And the result usually surprises everyone without exception. But the S-Class is created in such a way that it is not necessary to prove to anyone and anything.

This is really a fashionable creation of one of the best automakers in the world. S-Class has been around for a long time. And with this attitude to the model, which shows the Mercedes, it will remain at the top of the popularity for many years. This is a car that never goes out of fashion. Because deserved and fair place in the ranking.



Luxury car from a leading automaker in the face of the company Lexus. The LS model is now at the top of popularity, because it is considered a fashionable and relevant solution. Such a car is ready to provide the owner with speed, expensive interior, high-tech solutions. The most important thing is that Lexus is among those companies that produce the safest cars. The LS model is no exception. Therefore, the purchase of such a car is considered a competent and correct decision.

Lexus LS

Model S

About Tesla company heard almost everything. Due to recent events, the popularity of the brand has increased even more. But the launch of the Tesla car into space is not at all the reason for the popularity of these cars. Model S was in demand and relevant long before known events. In our time it has become very fashionable to switch to electric cars. And now you will not find a better manufacturer of electric cars than Tesla. The Model S is an expensive, luxurious and ultra modern machine. Many fear to buy an electric car because of the low adaptability of Russia to the operation of cars with an electric motor. But gradually the fear goes away, the infrastructure develops. Because the number of Model S on domestic roads is growing rapidly.

Model S


If you need the most fashionable car not just 2018, but several decades, which has been on the market for a long time, but does not lose its relevance, then choose 911 from Porsche. This is an eternal car that has already gone down in history and is one of the best-selling supercars. 911 is a model of what is not necessary to drastically change the appearance from generation to generation.

The developer remains true to tradition and history. Regularly 911 is experiencing small updates, gets the most modern engines, changes something in the internal equipment, upgrades the interior. But the appearance remains unchanged, with only a small dot adjustments. The image of 911 permanently sat down in the memory of many motorists. This is a machine that never bothers, and that almost everyone wants. But it is important to understand that this is a car for 1 - 2 people. Considering the 911 as a model of practicality and the perfect family car is definitely not worth it. But everything else is top notch.

Porsche 911


Sports car with incredible appearance data from Audi. This is definitely a fashionable car, which from the very first day of its existence has caused admiration from the public. Gradually, the model was developed, improved and modernized. The current version of the R8 has managed to get rid of its former shortcomings, has received the most modern power plants, and also has become even more refined and attractive. The popularity of the R8 is easy to explain. For only one appearance, those who are willing are ready to part with more than 150 thousand dollars to get this supercar.

Audi R8

Range Rover

Fashionable car and the best in the segment of crossovers and SUVs. The car from Land Rover has become very popular in Russia after its entry into the market. Currently, the position of the Range Rover only strengthened. The car has impressive dimensions, has a spacious and comfortable interior. Under the hood lurks powerful high-performance power plants. All this completes the elegant and brutal appearance. Range Rover is expensive. But the owners of such an SUV say that the car fully justifies its price. This is a uniquely fashionable solution that will remain in trend for many years.

Range Rover

4 Series Gran Coupe

If you are looking for a practical, versatile, fashionable, sporty and fast sedan, you will definitely like this development from BMW. Fans of this extreme can enjoy the power of a six-cylinder engine of 300 horsepower. If for you it is a lot, then the top engine can be replaced with a 4-cylinder unit. He has 240 horses under the hood. Bavarians tried to make the car simple, practical and understandable to manage. But still got a luxury sedan with a brutal appearance and bold character. It was very popular with customers, because of which the popularity of the model has increased dramatically.

It is worth noting the presence of iDrive technology, as well as the ability of BMW to switch to economy mode. From a simple city car that spends a minimum of fuel for city driving, the 4 Series can at the touch of a button Sport turn into a charged supercar with fantastic dynamics. This resonance is surprising, but allows you to adapt the machine for different operating conditions.

4 Series Gran Coupe

About the build quality can not speak. Everything is perfect and without any defects. The price is quite familiar to BMW, because no one is surprised at the price tags that the Bavarians put on a model this year for Russia. Each of the presented cars deserves to lead the rating. But we did not award specific places to cars, since it is impossible to objectively evaluate the gradation of such a criterion as fashion. Try to choose a machine that will satisfy your key needs. No need to chase trends that are not able to provide the main needs of the driver.

Compact and trendy

In the next group gathered more compact machines, which can remain practical and suitable for more than 2 people. The current trend for small cars makes automakers squeeze the most out of modest dimensions. Many frankly succeed, thanks to which the most compact cars reach the peak of popularity.

The demand for small cars is explained not only by the fact that it is fashionable. This is relevant and rational. Small dimensions make it possible to maneuver in conditions of dense urban traffic, to drive around large hulking cars, to skip where many people cannot. Also on compact cars easier to park in the city, where parking spaces are worth their weight in gold. Do not forget about the issue of fuel economy, which is now also relevant. Fuel prices are growing rapidly, so even wealthy people are interested in spending less, but not losing momentum. This top includes very interesting, popular and fashionable cars.

Civic Type R

Japanese carmaker Honda has long been released on the market model Civic. It is one of the best selling cars in the world. Normal Civic is already considered a good choice. But if you want to add such a concept to the list of criteria as a fashionable one, be sure to take the Type R version. Recently, thousands of potential buyers were waiting for him. This hot hatchback offers owners tremendous dynamics, original futuristic appearance, as well as good practicality. But in comparison with the civilian Civic, the Type R version will cost much more. Such a variation of the hatchback costs about 45 thousand dollars.

Civic Type R


Compact sports car from Audi. If the R8 is too big or expensive for you, the most popular TT can replace it. This sports coupe at one time created a furor in the framework of the Paris auto show. The incredibly attractive design, the ability to order an open version, new technologies, modern engines and much more used in the production, allows the Audi TT to be called one of the most fashionable cars in the world.

In 2018, the demand for TT does not fall at all. Released updates, as well as a promising generation change in the near future will take a fresh look at the coupe. The model remains among the best and most popular representatives of its class for many years. So far, there are no prerequisites for TT to go out of fashion or lose its audience. Rather, on the contrary, the relevance of the coupe will only increase.

Audi TT

S1 Quattro

The smallest representative of the company Audi. Some will say that it is better to get the usual A1. But no. The Audi representative won its place in the rating precisely because of the S1 Quattro version. This is a compact, but very playful and dynamic hatchback. Do not be fooled by the compact size of the machine. When necessary, the S1 is ready to shoot and leave all the competitors behind. The engine is equipped with a turbine and allows you to accelerate from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in some 6 seconds.

The striking dynamics is beneficial and harmoniously combined with a comfortable lounge. Stunning external data complete the already beautiful image of this small, but very fashionable creation from Germany. The car is in high demand among the younger generation of drivers and is equally suitable for male and female audiences.

S1 Quattro


Now there is an active increase in the popularity of such a car as the Smart ForTwo. These compact city cars have existed for a long time, but for some reason only in recent years has the real excitement started around them. Smart Company quickly picked up the fashion for their creations, starting to produce more and more interesting solutions. The ForTwo model fully reflects its name, as it is ideal for 2 people. This is definitely not the most spacious and practical car. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, and a large space in the cabin or trunk is not required, then Smart is for you.

The only question is whether the buyer is ready to pay more than 1 million rubles for such a miniature machine. Practice shows that many are ready for this. Because ForTwo is a clear indicator of what fashion is. By sacrificing practicality, people are willing to spend big bucks on trends.

Smart ForTwo


French small car from the company Citroen, which is confidently gaining momentum in its popularity. It cannot be said that in Russia there are an incredible amount of such cars. But I definitely deserved my place in the DS3 rating. The machine, though compact, is quite practical. The basic version for 800 - 900 thousand rubles offers an engine for 120 horsepower. If you are willing to pay extra, get the automatic transmission and turbo engine 150 liters. with.

The French tried to do everything to attract fans of fashionable and original solutions. To do this, they offer a large selection of components, with which you can distinguish your version from the rest. The same roof design is offered in 9 different variations. The car is incredibly beautiful. It’s hard to argue with this fact. DS3 was the beginning of a completely new line. It is correct to call this car simply DS3 without the prefix Citroen. But the name does not change the essence.

Citroen DS3

Mini Cooper

Dear baby, which in its most modest performance will cost almost 1 million rubles. But many unfairly accuse the manufacturer of the fact that such price tags are set only at the expense of a big name and brand. Yes, the Mini Cooper is now one of the most fashionable cars in the world. But it offers a great build quality, the most original and unique appearance, excellent technical characteristics, etc.

They are bought by true connoisseurs of small premium cars. How fair is the price is difficult to judge. Some believe that the car is not worth the money. But others will lead a number of arguments proving the wrong first. What cannot be denied is the fact of incredible popularity. It is a synonym for fashion car. Because deserved high position in the ranking.

Mini Cooper


What can we say about fashionable cars, if the design of this Italian car put his hand Gucci. The Fiat 500, like the Fiat 500X, is a tribute to the past. The company from Italy decided to revive the once legendary model. The result exceeded all expectations. The car instantly began to buy up, huge queues lined up. Fiat quickly realized that they had created one of the most successful products, and as a result they began to actively develop it. So there were various modifications and versions based on the initial Fiat 500. The car is not the most expensive, which allowed to attract audiences with an average level of affluence. This is a combination of magnificent interior decoration, beautiful exterior data, original design and decent technical characteristics.

In Russia, the demand for the Fiat 500X is growing rapidly, like the other versions of this compact car. Our compatriots highly appreciated the efforts of the Italian developers. This is a clear demonstration of how a machine with modest size can be practical, stylish, fashionable and dynamic at the same time. It's no wonder that the Fiat 500 received the title of the car of the year. This gave confidence to engineers and designers who continue to develop success.

Fiat 500X

Each of the cars adequately represents its manufacturer. They all deserve to be called fashionable and relevant. But fashion is transient. Therefore, automakers have to make maximum efforts in order not to lose their positions and improve their own cars, so as not to lose the reached peaks, and also to conquer new ones. Someone succeeds, but others do not.