What kind of suvs are considered the most expensive in the


SUVs initially fully consistent with its name. Their mission was to conquer off-road, increased maneuverability and the ability to pass where no ordinary car can pass. Gradually, SUVs became smaller, the first crossovers appeared. Most manufacturers began to look towards consumer requirements, comfort, prestige brand. Because modern SUV, jeep or full-size crossover can not just have a good cross. Currently, they are making an increased demand. Buyers want more prestige, luxury, premium in a large body. Because many companies seek to produce luxury and expensive jeeps. Some of them have become iconic, are in high demand. Others, due to the really high cost, significantly limit the audience. Such cars are called exclusive and they are among the most expensive SUVs in the world. Because it will be interesting to know which cars from this segment are among the best and most expensive, as well as what you can get for such money.

The most expensive SUV in the world

Top 10 most expensive SUVs.

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Criterias of choice

For the objectivity of the rating, the top 10 most expensive serial SUVs will be considered. These are the cars that can be ordered from the manufacturer. Yes, there are separate cars that sell in single copies and only by individual order. These cars are difficult to classify. There are SUVs, the price tag of which can easily go for a few million dollars just because its interior is made of unique expensive leather, diamonds are used on the dashboard, and the body is painted with gold. Because it will be correct to include in the top 10 only those most expensive SUVs in 2018, which are available in mass production.

To make a rating, the following criteria were taken into account:

  • full off-road body (jeep, SUV or full-size crossover);
  • production car;
  • presence of several complete sets, including the most expensive;
  • high quality performance;
  • the absence of unusual things for a car that are necessary only to increase the cost (gold inserts, jewelry, exclusive leather, etc.);
  • the possibility of service at the usual official service station automaker;
  • the use of spare parts and consumables relevant for more accessible kitting.

That is, the rating or the top 10 includes production cars of different manufacturers, which retained the appearance of an SUV, were not deprived of the basic principle of cars of this segment, but for one reason or another having a higher cost.

Rating Representatives

No one will be surprised by the fact that the top 10 most expensive SUVs and full-size crossovers will include representatives of companies that know firsthand about such things as luxury, premium and exclusive. Objectively, the best manufacturers of expensive cars that are represented in this rating are:

  • Bentley;
  • BMW;
  • Mercedes;
  • Tesla;
  • Land Rover;
  • Porsche;
  • Volvo.

The presence of some companies in this ranking may surprise. Not everyone knows that the same Bentley company has its own crossover in the line, as is the case with Tesla electric cars. But the realities of 2018 are such that the SUV segment is replenished with new and new big names. Manufacturers who have always produced exceptionally luxurious sedans or supercars, appreciated the demand for the crossover segment, and therefore were quick to present their creations in this class. And they did it very successfully. In the near future it is worth waiting for the appearance of new products in the face of their own off-road cars from Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. In the meantime, the 2018 ranking includes cars of the list of manufacturers.


Everyone knows that Volvo produces very high-quality, but sometimes unnecessarily expensive cars. But so say skeptics and opponents of this manufacturer. In fact, the high price is explained by the build quality, reliability, durability, and expensive materials used to create the machines. But anyway, the appearance of Volvo in this rating, few people expected. The regular version of the XC90 has no unique distinguishing features. Just a good full-size crossover. Its place in the top Volvo took thanks to a special version of the T8 Twin Engine Excellence. For such a car manufacturer asks about 106 thousand dollars.

Volvo XC90

This modification is characterized by the presence of a hybrid power plant with the transition function only to the operation of an electric motor. There is no need to order additional options, any individual components from the list. Everything necessary and possible that could only be installed on the CX90, Volvo put in the standard package. It is difficult to say how much the car justifies its price tag. But this is the only representative of the rating, for which you do not need to buy more options. All other SUVs can, and sometimes need to be further equipped. And all this only increases the final price. Therefore, deserved, but 10th place in the ranking.


The top 10 among the most expensive off-road SUVs is representative of the Bavarian BMW concern. Here, too, there may be some bewilderment. Yes, the X5 has never been a cheap SUV, but its inclusion in the top 10 is surprising. But only until you learn all the available vehicle modifications. Bavarians have provided a special version of the H5M for true fans of high-speed driving on a luxurious modern car. Therefore, they offer a wide range of options and additional accessories that allow raising the initial relatively modest price tag to the mark of 123 thousand dollars. It is this amount that will cost the richest complex M-ki based on the BMW X5. Although the owners themselves, who bought such a miracle for more than 120 thousand dollars, note that they do not use a number of options present in everyday life. Because it is a waste of big money on the fact that in fact the driver is not useful. But this does not negate the fact that the X5M can cost more than 120 thousand conventional units. As a technical equipment in this modification uses a powerful eight-cylinder engine with a volume of 4.4 liters and a capacity of 575 horsepower. Only for this engine, many BMW fans are willing to give that kind of money.



Again Bavarians and again M-version. But this time we are talking about X6. This is a modern high-tech car in the charged version. There are no significant differences on the background of the H5M, since there are practically none. The difference may be in some additional options and accessories. The main feature is the body itself. X6M combines the features of an SUV and a sports coupe. Initially, a similar appearance was perceived carefully, many criticized BMW, but in the end it became even more popular than the X5. H6M looks more youthful and dynamic. At the same time under the hood is a similar 4.4-liter engine at 575 horsepower. If you want to take the X6M in the maximum configuration, prepare about 125 thousand dollars. That is what allows the car to enter the top of the most expensive SUV in the world.

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GLE AMG 63S Coupe

When you see the abbreviation AMG, you immediately realize that now it will be expensive. Their close cooperation with Mercedes makes it possible to produce real serial works of art. In the assortment of the German company there are not only the most expensive SUVs of 2018, but also the fastest, most prestigious and dynamic models. Model GLE AMG 63S, which hit the ranking of the most expensive cars in the SUV segment, is positioned as a cross-coupe. This is something similar to the Bavarian BMW X6M, but with its own unique features. In the company, Mercedes has long thought about the feasibility of introducing such an expensive version of its SUV based on the standard GLE to the market. But the risk paid off. This modification has a large number of fans and real buyers. They did not regret paying more than 130 thousand dollars for the car. That is how much is the top performance of this crossover coupe. GLE AMG 63S Coupe


And again the tandem of Mercedes with AMG. This is a large luxury off-road car, which is adapted to virtually all operating conditions. Solid size does not interfere with the car feel confident in the city, and on the highway reveals the true potential of a full-sized crossover. Not bad car shows itself on the roads. Although it is obvious that Mercedes created this masterpiece for everyone's attention. Passing such a car and not turning around is not the easiest task for even those who do not particularly like the Mercedes brand. The car is based on a surprisingly powerful and productive 5.5-liter gasoline engine. Its power easily overcomes the mark of 500 horsepower and rushes up. If you equip the modification with all sorts of options and accessories, they will charge you more than 140 thousand dollars for such a car.GLS AMG 63

Model X P100D

Tesla car brand causes a lot of controversy and talk. Recent events related to the personality of the founder of the company, only fuel interest in the cars of this manufacturer. Only recently, experimental versions of the first compact cars of Tesla entered the market, and now the range is being updated with new and new representatives. One of the most interesting developments of the electric car manufacturer is the electric SUV. The impressive size, stylish appearance, luxurious interior and the most advanced technologies make Tesla's fans spend any money on the creation of the Mask. SUV Model X offers a special modification of the P100D, which is equipped with high-capacity batteries. Thanks to them, the car has an even more impressive power reserve on a single charge. Add to this a whole range of chips, accessories and advanced autopilot functionality, and you get an electric car worth almost 175 thousand dollars. This is a production version that anyone can order without any problems. True, for this he will need about two hundred thousand American dollars.Model X P100D

Cayenne Turbo S

When it comes to expensive SUVs, be sure to mention the company Porsche. The appearance of the first manufacturer of crossover cars traditionally passenger supercars at first caused some confusion. But then even the most skeptical motorists appreciated the advantages of off-road vehicles from a German company. Cayenne combines luxury, modern technology, excellent exterior, expensive interior and decent off-road performance. If you carefully examine all the available versions of the Cayenne, the Turbo S will look extremely interesting and expensive. It is a machine with an excellent, productive and powerful engine, complemented by the widest list of various options. With their help, you can personalize your crossover, get unique additional options and just slightly raise the already high level of prestige. Those who decide to take the Turbo S in the maximum configuration with all the interesting accessories, have to cook about 230 thousand dollars.Cayenne Turbo S

Range Rover

Yes, this car is expensive already in the basic configuration without any extra components and modifications. But the price tag can rush up sharply if you add different options or purchase special modifications. The most expensive of them in 2018 is the Supercharger SV Autobiography. This is the top modification offered by the British brand Land Rover. This car has the most luxurious cab, excellent off-road performance, the broadest list of additional equipment and simply incredibly beautiful appearance. Choosing such a car, you need to be aware of its real value. Although for true fans of the British automaker, the high price has never been a problem. Therefore, a huge queue is built on such a version worth up to 235 thousand dollars.Supercharger SV Autobiography


And again, before you is a product of Mercedes, to which AMG specialists have a hand. SUV built on the basis of the usual car G Class. But they created something unique that is called a machine for a closed community. But the car is still offered as standard, thanks to which the next joint creation of two geniuses fell into our rating. The car is incredibly luxurious and expensive. This was achieved not just by a large list of options. Here the power unit underwent a special revision, expensive materials were used for finishing, unique technological solutions were installed. If you want to become the happy owner of this SUV, be prepared to spend more than 240 thousand dollars on it for special equipment. According to experts, the most expensive version of the machine will cost in 2018 almost 243 thousand conventional units.



This is a novelty by Bentley, for which its segment of influence seemed too small. Because of this, the British brand decided to present its own version of the understanding of a luxurious and expensive serial SUV. They quickly managed to beat the leading automakers, putting far not the most modest price tag. Even looking at the cost of the basic configuration, there is a somewhat awkward feeling. And then there was Mulliner, the studio with which Bentley resembles the tandem of Mercedes and AMG, joined the work. Because the luxury version of the already luxurious SUV Bentayga can be considered a serial. The manufacturer is ready to do anything to meet the needs of its customers. Those of the company Bentley found a lot, as soon as the first official statements appeared regarding the release of its own SUV under the British brand. As a result, together, a unique off-road car was designed, the price of which in 2018 can reach $ 354,000. Therefore, this particular car became the winner of the rating.Bentayga

Buying an expensive SUV, most owners do it strictly to confirm their status and status. But in reality, cars often do not justify the investment in them. Usually they overpay for a whole scattering of options, improvements and components, which no one actually uses. Because the price tags of 200 - 300 thousand dollars are purely entertainment for the rich, who are trying to figure out who has the most money. In the world there are many exclusive SUVs, the prices of which are far beyond several million dollars. It is not necessary to say how justified such costs will be. But after all, in fact, for full-fledged operation, it is better to purchase a real serial SUV at an average level of equipment. It will cost less than 100 thousand dollars, but it will give great pleasure.