Connection diagram of the subwoofer and amplifier to the

Admirers of high-quality sound want to enjoy all the shades of melodies not only at home, but also in your own car. To do this, it is necessary to upgrade the standard audio systems installed by automakers in the basic configuration of most models.

The most popular way to tune acoustics is to connect the subwoofer to the head unit. The kit, if necessary, is complemented by a high-quality amplifier, and you can also put more powerful speakers. However, the effect becomes noticeable after mounting the subwoofer.


  • 1 Diversity of subwoofers
  • 2 Installing the active subwoofer
  • 3 Installation of a passive type subwoofer
  • 4 General installation guidelines

Diversity of subwoofers

Choosing this device for your own car, you should consider that there are two types of such units:

  • active;
  • passive.

For the first type of systems, a characteristic feature is the presence of a built-in internal amplifier. This ensures high-quality reproduction of lower frequency frequencies. Additional external amplifiers are not required.

how to connect the subwoofer to the radio with an amplifier

Passive devices are engaged only in reproduction of low frequencies. Their effective operation will not succeed without a series-connected external amplifier, where the audio signal initially arrives.

It is considered that the high sound quality is obtained, as the car owner makes the connection of the active subwoofer to the radio tape recorder. The loudness of the sound will be greater in this case, and the range for different frequencies will be significantly expanded. At the same time, independent work with installation is a rather painstaking task, requiring attention to trifles.

Installing the active subwoofer

First, the audio recorder is dismantled from its seat to check the linear outputs. The presence of such connectors greatly simplifies the installation of the subwoofer, while providing a favorable combination with the rest of the system speakers.

The lack of line outputs in the audio unit of the car makes it necessary to lay the wiring from the trunk, as well as the installation time is spent more. The trunk of a car is considered the most optimal area for installation, a subwoofer, as in the cabin such a column will occupy a lot of usable space.

How to connect the subwoofer to the head unit

The cable connecting the negative terminals, it is desirable to install stranded, and the cross section should be for it at least 6 mm in diameter. For more informative when installing it is chosen with a red insulating winding.

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We clean one end of the red cable from insulation and wind it on the thread of one of the bolts that are screwed on the car body. We clean the junction of the cable and the bolt to ensure quality contact. After winding the cable, tighten the prepared bolt with sufficient force.

You need to know that the car body is connected to the negative contact of the entire electrical system of the car.

We also connect the positive contact from the subwoofer with a multi-conductor cable with a diameter of 6 mm. It is necessary to choose a blue or green wire for installation, so that the color of the insulation is intuitively clear which contact is made. Laying is carried out through the hole between the cabin and the engine compartment.

If a free assembly window cannot be found, then it is easy to drill it out yourself, choosing the appropriate well-sharpened drill bit for metal. Sharpening is necessary as a quality, as when drilling thin sheet metal of a car with a blunt drill, damage to the surface, unwanted mechanical deformations or scratches can occur.

how to connect the subwoofer to the radio with an amplifier

You need to know that the cable being laid at the places of possible rubbing of the insulation or at the points of contact with sharp partitions should be secured with rubber bushings that are made independently or purchased in specialized auto shops.

Positive contact can be hidden behind the salon upholstery or plastic lining on the vehicle’s thresholds. It is desirable to fix it along the entire length with plastic clamps. In the engine compartment, the corresponding cable with a positive contact is mounted with the positive terminal or into the connector to one of the wires connected to the “plus”. It is necessary to secure the circuit by cutting the fuse holder before connecting.

A subwoofer connection of the active type is made to the radio tape recorder through the high-amplitude outputs of the built-in amplifier, in the absence of linear contacts there. The control cable is connected to the corresponding subwoofer socket. The general scheme of the acoustic installation includes switching with a high-amplitude input of the built-in amplifier.

how to connect an active subwoofer to the radio

When installing, do not forget about the polarity of the wiring. The manager with the signal cable is carried in the trunk to the connectors of the device. Switching works are carried out in strict order according to the scheme attached to the subwoofer. The installation work is completed by adjusting the sound, and you also need to return the audio tape recorder to the seat.

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Installation of a passive type subwoofer

The connection scheme of the subwoofer and amplifier to the radio tape recorder involves reconfiguring the standard audio system and connecting to it a four-channel amplifier. On the front channels output switching from regular speakers. Filtering high frequencies between the speakers and the amplifier is provided with a crossover.

The increase in power can be achieved by switching the rear channels on the amplifier to the “mono” position.

Then you can connect a subwoofer. However, this is also done through a crossover, which in this situation provides filtering of the low-frequency interval. Connecting the subwoofer to the radio with an amplifier is carried out by wires used to switch the standard speakers. More powerful cables are not necessary for this procedure. Further, the technical part of the connection of the passive subwoofer is identical to the previous scheme.

General installation guidelines

The most comfortable position of the subwoofer inside the car is determined experimentally. Then, in this position, the device, through the holes that have been secured, is securely fixed with screws to the vehicle body.

It is necessary to ensure the absence of vibrations and the avoidance of resonance with the body of the machine.

What is the popular wiring scheme for the subwoofer and amplifier to the radio?

Eliminate unnecessary sounds by installing sound insulation over the entire inner surface of a closed cavity. Also, the existing gaps and cracks between the car body elements and the subwoofer body are necessarily filled with sealant.

The best sound is obtained after the direction of the subwoofer in the direction of the car or against it. In the second case, a longer wavelength is formed, which creates a surround sound effect. Also on the overall acoustics affects the upholstery material that needs to be considered when installing various systems.