Speeding fine

The most frequent violation found on the roads of Russia is the excess of the speed limit. Not all drivers are fully aware of the consequences of such an action. In addition, it will be necessary to pay a penalty for speeding, you can be the culprit of a traffic accident. After all, a car at high speed behaves a little differently than with a quiet moderate ride.


  • 1 Permissible speeds on the roads of the Russian Federation
  • 2 Responsibility for violations
  • 3 Differences between the methods of fixing violations
  • 4 Possible ways to challenge the penalty for speeding
  • 5 Repeated fines throughout the year
  • 6 Maximum permitted exceed

Permissible speeds on the roads of the Russian Federation

In Russian settlements, the standard speed limit is 60 km / h. Although the Duma is considering reducing this figure to 50 km / h. The arguments are quite simple: in Europe there are countries where such a limit is set.

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Speed ​​limit

You can move on highways with a top speed of 110 km / h. Such areas are marked with a special sign, and after the exit from them the maximum country limit of 90 km / h returns. A maximum of 130 km / h can be developed on a dedicated and marked part. Such rules are the same and do not depend on the types and brands of cars.

Responsibility for violations

Only two factors influence the size of the fine:

  1. the way that managed to fix the excess;
  2. level, as far as the driver increased the speed at the moment of fixation from the permissible parameter.

There is a fixed table in which the intervals of speeding overruns and penalties for this are indicated:

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All data are governed by 12.9 of the Administrative Code.

Differences between the methods of fixing violations

According to the law, there are several permissible ways of fixing the drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Radars are familiar to almost all drivers. With them you can see some traffic police officers along the sides of high-speed highways. By type, such devices are divided into stationary and mobile.

how the fine is set

Mobile radar

When fixing the violation with the help of mobile radar and recognizing the driver of the violation, the police document administrative violation.

Traffic police fines for speeding will need to be paid within 60 days from the date of their discharge.

In the case of a controversial version and disagreement of the driver with payment, the case is sent for consideration to the road inspection (when only a fine is threatened) or directly to the courts (when the driver may lose his rights).

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Fixing violations

The installation of fixed radars is carried out centrally on prepared road sites. The road section is selected with a high traffic intensity. Speed ​​control is carried out automatically. Observation is carried out for the flow and individual machines. The facts of departure of the intersection of continuous bands or other neglect of traffic rules are revealed.

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Information from the stationary device is continuously received at the nearest traffic police station or at an established center for information processing. The device conducts the identification of violations, fixing the fact, scanning the license plate, sending a violation notice by mail.

You need to know that when you automatically fix the "letter of happiness" indicating the violation goes to the owner of the car, despite the fact that there could be another driver in the car.

Sending is carried out no later than three days after photographing the car. In such a situation, a fine can be challenged. To this the owner has 10 statutory days after receiving the notification.

where to challenge the size of the fine

Photos from the surveillance camera

You need to know, during the automatic fixation, the smallest possible penalty for violation is imposed.

Possible ways to challenge speeding penalties

When it comes to mobile radars or stationary fixed on a tripod, the inspector according to the rules must first show the data from the device, as there is a probability of incorrect identification of the car when driving in dense traffic.

With the possible fixation of several lanes with different permitted modes, the traffic police officer must prove that your car belongs to the fact of violation.

The driver has the right to ask for a certificate for the device. The document contains data on the errors of the radar and the latest checks in the Center for Standardization and Metrology.

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Radar on trips

You need to know that measurement through the windshield of a patrol car or from a closed stationary point is unacceptable.

In this case, the data are not taken into account. The driver can ignore such readings. Or the fact can be specified in the protocol made by the inspector.

Repeated fines throughout the year

If the driver again fell on speeding up to 60 km / h, then he gets off with the same amounts as in the first violation. Otherwise, you can lose the right to drive a car for 1 year. In this case, the rights are withdrawn. If, however, a speed of more than 60 km / h was recorded in the “automaton”, then everything would cost a fine of 5 thousand rubles.

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Maximum allowed excess

In Russia, there is no permitted speeding.

All exceedances are prohibited.

Just entered the parameter at 20 km / h, which is not punished, but 80 km / h is not the allowed speed of the city. After all, security measures have not been canceled, but they are designed specifically for a speed of no more than 60 km / h.

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Over speed

Braking distance at high speeds will be more, and the risk of getting into an accident is higher. Even the insurance company, having learned that the driver exceeded the speed limit, will not compensate the victim for anything.