Koreans have updated the kia soul parquet suv

Kia Soul-2017

South Korean auto brand Kia launched a series of sales of the updated compact crossover Kia Soul 2017. What are the differences between the current model year and the future? Outwardly, they are not many. Updated compact crossover Kia Soul 2017 Got a slightly different front bumper and a more extensive color palette. For example, updated Kia Soul can now resemble a ripe orange in color, among the new five colors brown and blue are available. As additional options to the buyer Kia Soul 2017 You can purchase the so-called design package, which will more significantly modify this Korean compact crossover. The package involves the installation of a more "brutal" front bumper, LED fog lamps, a special configuration of alloy wheels and a much different steering wheel. In addition, a rollover sensor has been added to the SUV’s arsenal. Koreans updated In the South Korean car market Kia Soul-2017 will be equipped with reflashed engines, which, as the developers claim, will now have a more modest appetite. We are talking about a petrol 1.6-liter engine with 132 “horses”, and the same volume of a diesel engine, which can demonstrate the power of a herd of 136 horsepower. The gasoline engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, and the second, diesel, except for the same automatic machine, can also be paired with a two-link seven-speed “robot”. Koreans updated When updated Kia Soul come to other, foreign markets, including ours, the developers do not apply. The Korean SUV sold by Russian car dealers today has only petrol engines under the hood. Both are 1.6-liter, but one for 124, the other for 132 horsepower. A six-speed “handle” or six-range “automatic” are available from the transmissions. For the basic equipment Kia Soul dealers ask from 855 thousand wooden. This amount does not take into account possible promotions and discounts, which Kia quite often feeds its motorists.

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Koreans also reported that updated soul for the American market will get a decent turbo under the hood.