New cars of the brand great wall until the russians are not

Новые автомобили бренда Great Wall пока россиянам недоступны Local dealers of the Chinese automotive company Great Wall faced with unforeseen problems: they can not agree with their partners from the Middle Kingdom on the supply of spare parts for the assembly of cars in 2015. What is the problem there, no one reports, but the fact is obvious: car brand Great Wall This year's release today in Russia is not. The official Russian representative of the partners from China is the company Irito - it is she who, in her capacities, assembles Chinese off-road vehicles from components supplied from the East. The only model that can be found in Russian warehouses today is Hover H6. But it is fully assembled at home, and delivered to us already in finished form, without a Russian assembly line. “Great Wall Dealers” say that Great Wall 2015 lineup today in our country is missing. And when these cars will come to the Russian car enthusiasts, is not yet known.

Fully producing Great Wall cars in Russian capacities is planned for later this fall. And, it seems, until then, those who want to buy a new model car will have to wait. Irito assembled Chinese cars on conveyors located in Gzhel and near Lipetsk. In fact, the entire assembly process from scratch to a ready-to-use car was concentrated on the Lipetsk automobile plant. This process would continue to this day, but the Chinese suddenly stopped supplying machine kits. The Russian collector says that he is doing everything to resume deliveries from China, but this optimism is difficult to divide, because at the same time there is a reduction in the staff of Irito. Most likely, the agreement will not work. The Chinese will only have to organize a new representative office in Russia. And this is unlikely to happen before November.

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