New vesta - rally sprint

Новая Веста – Rally Sprint

In early November, the Russian auto industry announced its readiness to release a new model from the Lada. She will be Vesta - Rally Sprint. But it’s right to say that the Togliatti automobile plant cannot boast of ready-made models of this car. So far, all this is a prototype. This is usually a marketing move.

Exclusive from Lada VESTA

New Vesta - Rally Sprint is nothing more than the evolution of Kalina Cross, which was produced in sports equipment (this was stated by the general director of the auto product Alexander Baburin).

Новая Веста – Rally Sprint We know that the original rear suspension was used on the Lada Kalina Cross, made in the shape of a triangle on the levers. Vesta - Rally Sprint will get the same suspension, as it has proven itself very well on our roads. While this is all that is known from the body parts Vesta - Rally Sprint.

Новая Веста – Rally Sprint

What's next?

Of course, the coloring of the new Vesta - Rally Sprint will get quite “sporty”, the brakes will be uniquely ventilated for both the rear and the front wheels. The engine will receive at least 140 horsepower, even in the minimum configuration. About all of this said VAZ auto giant. We will wait for new items.