Chip engine tuning vaz 21124: photo and video

VAZ 2112 car began to be produced in 1999. The car was a 5-door project with a hatchback body and a convenient design. Due to its design, the VAZ 2112 could clearly respond to steering wheel turns. The production of cars continued, 16-valve engines improved and developed, and in 2004, the designers replaced the engine of the car.

Tuning Vaz

The new engine with 124 horsepower, changed the height of the crankshaft in the system by 2.3 mm, which increased the piston's driving performance by 4 mm, and the engine capacity is now 1.6 liters.

Introduction to the model

With the new engine, the unit was given the name - VAZ 21124, this car is actively fighting the ecology of the external environment. In addition to everything in the start of the car, there was a noticeable thrust on the bottoms, and the engine now works quieter, without sudden jumps. Often from the owners of 16-valve engines, there are questions: “What should be done so that the valves do not bend in the piston?”. In VAZ 21124 of this problem, you will not exist, in the bottom of the piston there are holes and sports shafts that control the lift of the piston, and knock and noise engine VAZ 21124 don't be scared, this is his normal environment.

To make the modernization of the car - now the most important goal for every modern and self-respecting driver. Tuning VAZ 21124 includes changes, both internal characteristics of the car, and external. Styling the appearance of the car includes installing a body kit on the wings of the bumper, sills, hoods and doors, this gives your car a personality, sporty look, and also improves its aerodynamic performance. To create sports VAZ 21124 carsIt is impossible to do without replacing the body elements with plastic material. Plastic parts reduce the weight of the car, so it becomes easy to manage on the roads. The final feature of a sports car, the installation of alloy wheels and sport tires.

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Tuning "yellow iron"

VAZ 21124 includes tuning "yellow iron", which are installed stabilizers (for turning), amplifiers and stretch marks (for stability on the roads). However, be careful with the fakes of these parts, at worst, they will damage the car, and at best you will throw huge money to the wind.

VAZ 2112

Feel like a real circuit racing driver with "Hatchback" VAZ 21124. All you need is to install additional details: nameplate (symbols) on the handle of the car, neon lights under the bottom of the car, the air intake on the hood and roof. The power of the car will add the installation of the front and rear bumper with an aerodynamic body kit.

Climb inside the car

Tuning VAZ 21124 includes changes to the inner world of the car. In the VAZ salon, additional devices are installed and the old ones are improved; the sports seats, the steering wheel and airbags are being installed. For a gorgeous view of VAZ 21124 there is not enough upholstery of doors, new armrests, salon handles and wooden pockets.

In the world of car tuning design, there is a wide range of PVC fabrics for ceiling stretching, many options for door cards and leatherette, which differ in color and design.

Beautiful in the new VAZ 21124 looks console in a sporty style, especially in yellow, red or blue. Do not forget about the podiums for speakers and speakers, they exist in different diameters, colors and models. On request, lining-corners, door inserts, sun visors, decorative flooring are installed in the salon, it all depends on your imagination.

Body tuning VAZ 21124

Tuning VAZ 21124 фото

Tuning VAZ 21124 changes most of the car system, so this car can rightly be classified as high-speed. So nice when on the road, your car easily bypasses other cars, it moves easily and does not make noise during fast acceleration. Installation of the turbine on the VAZ 21124, high-quality braking system, steering, improved suspension for maneuverability and easy handling - all this is called car chip tuning.

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Finally proceed to chip tuning

On chip tuning, we have repeatedly said, for example, when dismantled chip tuning Chevrolet Niva. Concept Chip tuning VAZ 21124 implies firmware native engine camshafts. It is easiest on this issue to contact an experienced specialist, so as not to harm your car and get your plans, however, having studied the necessary information, you can do chip tuning yourself.

Now we will try to briefly describe how to make tuning VAZ 21124 do it yourself using shafts of Stolnikov 8.9 with phase 280 or shafts of Nuzhdinov 8.85. The direct-flow exhaust 4-2-1, the receiver and the valve 54-56 mm, which increases the volume of the engine, are placed in the car's system. The motor operation will be effective if the piston is replaced with a lightweight priorovskiy. Changes are made in the system in order to reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power.

Tuning VAZ 21124

If power is not enough, you can improve the cylinder head (cylinder head) and install a wide-phase shaft. Do not forget to put the compressor and 4 throttle intake turbines, for high-speed driving, for real fans of sports racing. Four throttle engine is required for stable operation of the propulsion system and increased sensitivity of the gas pedal.

It works like this: each cylinder of the engine receives one of the throttle valves, as a result of which the resonant oscillations of air disappear between the cylinders, and a stable operation of the engine from bottom to top is obtained. Note that in addition to the throttle engine system itself, you must also purchase an adapter manifold, a pipe, a nulevik filter, an absolute pressure sensor, injectors, a fuel pressure regulator and make the system firmware for a 4-throttle engine.

By making Chip tuning VAZ 21124 You can get the engine capacity of about 180-200 horsepower.

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Chip tuning Vaz 21124

Engine tuning VAZ 21124 photo

Тюнинг VAZ 21124 cars includes changes in many characteristics, and a specialist will help you to make a competent and correct choice for your car.

You can talk about tuning for hours, so for a more detailed acquaintance with the procedure, it is better to watch the corresponding video material:

Tuning VAZ 21124 видео