Upgraded patriot will be available soon

В продаже скоро появится модернизированный Patriot At the Ulyanovsk Automobile Building Plant are going to launch a series restyled UAZ Patriot. According to authoritative media, the updated Russian SUV did not receive outwardly significant changes as a result of the modernization. Designers only changed the grille and updated the brand name plate.

But inside the car, the modernization was completed in full. This is, first of all, a new dashboard, photos of which were published a couple of months ago. Besides, Patriot It will be equipped with a new steering column, having adjustable settings for the angle of inclination and departure. The bagel is also updated, the changes also affected the shift paddles. Some devices on the panel will be highlighted in white. The car gets a new heating system with integrated climate control. On the front row of seats will appear belts that have a load limiter and pretensioner. Driver's seat and front passenger seat in модернизированном УАЗе Patriotе will receive on airbag. Electronic "kit" of the SUV will expand due to the system, stabilizing the movement (ESP). Restyled SUV equipped with a single fuel tank. В продаже скоро появится модернизированный Patriot At the moment, information about whether there will be any changes in the motor line updated UAZ Patriot, пока нет. Сегодняшний внедорожник имеет под капотом 2,7-литровый бензиновый атмосферник на сто тридцать пять лошадей и 2,2-литровый дизельный агрегат на сто тринадцать "коней". Продается актуальный УАЗ Patriot за 780 тысяч рублей (имеется в виду стоимость базовой комплектации и без каких-либо специальных акций и предложений, которые нередко объявляются).

Officially, they will present a restyled UAZ Patriot in a couple of weeks.

And in the future, as it became known, in the next three years, UAZ will launch a completely new SUV in the series. We only know its code name - "3170". Details, for obvious reasons, uazovtsy not distribute.

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