The principle of operation of the throttle and its

We will talk about what a throttle valve (DZ) is, how it works and how to correctly adjust it. On how this element of the fuel system functions, the characteristics of the vehicle depend, one of which is fuel consumption.


  • 1 What is DZ for?
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  • 2 Throttle faults
  • 3 Throttle adjustment

What is DZ for?

DZ is an element of the fuel system of the engine running on gasoline. Its main task is to dosed supply of air supplied to the cylinders of the internal combustion engine, and the formation of the fuel mixture. This element is installed after the air filter and in front of the intake manifold.

what is the throttle in the car

Appearance Throttle

In fact, DZ is used as an air bypass valve. If it is in the open position, then there is no overpressure in the intake system. If the valve is closed, then a negative pressure is formed in the system.

There are two main ways to control the throttle:

  1. mechanical;
  2. electric.

Consider both options for the mechanism.


Such a variant of the drive award cars of the budget category. So the manufacturer reduces the cost of the car for the buyer. The principle of operation of the throttle with the mechanics is quite simple: the DZ is controlled directly through the accelerator pedal by means of a steel flexible cable.

self throttle adjustment

DZ mechanical drive

The components of the DZ are arranged in a single module. It combines a housing, the DZ itself fixed on a rotating axis, an idle speed controller, a DZ position sensor.

You need to know that the engine cooling system heats the housing DZ.

For the function of regulating the speed of the power plant is responsible for the regulator provided in the design. His task is to change the volume of air entering past the flap, when you start any additional equipment. Its main elements are the valve and the electric motor.


Modern cars are characterized by the use of a more expensive but efficient electric drive. By installing such a node, the designers achieve the desired amount of torque. This happens in all basic modes of the power plant. It is also possible to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption, the requirements for safety and clean emissions are observed.

quick throttle adjustment

Electric drive DZ

Features DZ driven by an electric motor is as follows:

  • There is no direct contact between the accelerator pedal and the DZ;
  • idling is regulated by the displacement of the DZ.
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The absence of a direct effect on the DZ when you press the accelerator pedal allows you to use an electronic system to control the DZ.

The work of electronics helps to establish the necessary engine speed even without pressing the pedal by the driver.

The control sensors are connected, the unit controlling the motor is started, and the actuator is activated.

The electronic device should be additionally equipped with a “gas” pedal position sensor, a “clutch” position lock, and a brake pedal position lock.

If the climate control, automatic transmission, cruise control and other components affecting the power of the car are connected in the car, then the sensors from them are also connected to the DZ.

correct throttle adjustment

Throttle operation pattern

The engine control unit receives signals from the sensors and responds appropriately, giving “orders” to the valve.

Throttle Malfunctions

Experts have calculated the approximate number of accelerator pedal clicks while the driver is driving on the road for a half-hour trip. It was a little more than a hundred times. Such a considerable amount of work is performed by this device regularly.

What is the principle of the throttle

Nagar on the apertures

Not surprisingly, the failure of this node is a common problem. But how to diagnose the failure or reduction of the performance of this element? Must be based on some indirect signs:

  • instability of engine speed at idle;
  • problems starting both cold and hot engines;
  • "Inhibited" response to the "recessed" accelerator pedal;
  • a slight decrease in power cars.

If the damper is covered with pollution, then this will negatively affect the consumption of gasoline.

The principle of operation of the throttle in foreign cars

Gap in the flap

Particularly sensitive to this factor are cars on which turbines are installed. Prolonged operation of the vehicle with a contaminated flap can lead to its jamming, which will entail a sharp deterioration of the servo, and in conclusion will result in a rather expensive car repair.

working principle in the domestic car throttle

Device DZ

You need to know that the problem with the valve signal is sent to the dashboard.

Most often, information is obtained using a warning light with the signature "CHEK".

You need to know that new cars also react a bit with a delay in pressing the accelerator pedal. And this is not their reason for the poor performance of the valve.

In this case, the car carries out the adjustment of electronics for driving. Therefore, a slow reaction is possible. But if such a process is delayed, then you need to contact the specialists for more accurate diagnosis or to make adjustments yourself.

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Throttle adjustment

Starting the adjustment process, it is necessary to stop the motor. After that, we shut off the damper sensor and check for an open circuit using an electric tester. If the readings show a lack of voltage, then the malfunction is almost found, and is covered in a non-working sensor.

how is throttle adjustment done


If the voltage is, you will need a probe of about 0.4 mm. Measure the gap between the lever located next to the gasket and the screw. When the measurement is carried out, we check the voltage, if it exists, the failure lies in the flap position sensor. If not, then turn the drive to the value between the terminals specified in the technical documentation.

After all adjustments are completed, all hardware should be tightened. This will help to avoid loosening the fastening elements on the valve.

If the adjustment is successful, then this will be reduced by the reduced consumption and the increased power of the car.

You need to know that the throttle valve is one of the main factors affecting the consumption of gasoline in the car.

Therefore, timely repair and adjustment will save money and increase the power of the car.