Comparison of nissan teana and toyota camry


Here, on the Russian E-segment automotive market, the surprisingly complete dictatorship of one model is the Toyota Camry. It has been hosting for almost 10 years and does not allow any of its competitors to move forward. No wonder, because compatriots fell in love with a sedan for a reason. This space, and affordable price, and more. And here comes the long-awaited car, also assembled in Russia, near St. Petersburg, capable of imposing a fight against the sales queen, who has not known defeat for many years. New Nissan Teana vs Toyota Camry - find out who is better?

Benchmark test Nissan Teana and Toyota Camry

Benchmark test Nissan Teana and Toyota Camry

Казалось бы, две новинки, которые так и расхватают автолюбители в России, заранее наслышавшись об их заслугах, обзору подлежать уже не могут. О них многое известно, проведены тысячи тест-драйвов. Но все же любознательному журналисту, который не будет скрывать свои симпатии к первому производителю (Теане), захотелось произвести сравнительный обзор этих двух седанов, которых многие так ждали.Читать далее про обзор Тойоты Камри и Ниссан Теаны-->

Teana - the new version is even better

To be extremely honest, I always liked Teana, especially the third generation. A few years ago, the first sedan was purchased second-hand, but seduced by its aristocratic appearance and incredibly comfortable, spacious interior. As a result, Teana's used car turned out to be much better than new ones, bought for big money, but not very practical.

43 thousand kilometers, and this is not enough, the car pleased. Surprisingly, during this time (two years have passed) Teana has never broken. Only consumables were replaced.

When the new Nissan Teana came out, there was nothing to think over its acquisition. Decorating Teana amazed with its unprecedented chic and rich bundle. Design liked immediately. As for the ride, she was happy all the time and there were no complaints.

After the expiration of the warranty, it was necessary, however, to sell the car. The money was acquired Teana in the all-wheel drive version, which also had increased ground clearance. This made it possible even in a blizzard to go confidently, as if sitting in some kind of crossover.

Car Nissan Teana

Car Nissan Teana

And this warranty is over. It's time to change the car again. Dealer center, which has already become relatives, had to visit again. And here the new Teana was seen and acquired by one of the first in the city. The exterior of the car was not so pretentious, but this did not in any way embarrass. But a significant increase in the cost, frankly, a little strained. The calculation and comparison with competitors was carried out. It turned out that not only the Nissan Teana, but also all the other innovations of automakers that came out over the past three years, have risen in price. Teana, in a word, was purchased.

What I would like to note? First of all, the new Nissan Teana has become more nimble, and it has become much more comfortable to manage it than before. As for the variator, it does not slow down at times and accelerates noticeably better. The system of circular view of the car Teana just wonderful! So much so that the management of this sedan can safely be entrusted to his wife, even when trying to drive out of the garage.

Bundles and prices Nissan Teana 2.5
initial price, rub1 083 0001 203 0001 333 000
available options
Cruise controlthere isthere isthere is
Rear View Cameranotthere isthere is
circular view systemnotnotthere is
Rain sensorthere isthere isthere is
Intelligent Key Systemthere isthere isthere is
engine start buttonthere isthere isthere is
navigatornotnotthere is
leather interiornotthere isthere is
electric driver's seatnotthere isthere is
heated rear seatsnotthere isthere is
front seat ventilationnotnotthere is

It is interesting, but the previous modifications of the Nissan Teany, though different pompous design, immediately rushing to the eye, but it all looked like something heavy, or something. Now everything is wrong. The new sedan received a swift appearance, if not to say with notes of aggression. And yet: I was surprised by the fact that, despite the increased dimensions, the Nissan Teana began to look at times more compact than its predecessor. As for the Camry, on the background of Teana - this is an example of the unsuccessful embodiment of conservatism.

Toyota Camry / Nissan Teana - salon

Salon Toyota Camry is also not impressed. The design is so restrained that I want to think only about the sad. Yes, and what they think - from the design of Toyota and no emotions arise. But the finish is yes, impressive. It is made in two-color version. Comfort and ergonomics also deserve a special praise. They were struck by super-comfortable upholstered chairs, which are endowed with so many adjustments as not to be considered. Good steering wheel and dashboard.

Car Toyota Camry

Car Toyota Camry

Power windows, endowed with a fully automatic mode on the Camry, also deserve a separate discussion. It is worth noting that the Japanese rarely go to such generosity, and here they apparently could not resist and wanted to compare with the Europeans.

Все же целостная картина оснащения Тойоты Камри удовольствие не доставила. Она далеко от современных стандартов и способна понравиться разве что японскому самураю из прошлых веков. Да, there is подогрев руля, передние сиденья вентилируемые, камера кругового обзора присутствует, there is система контроля слепых зон и полосы движения. Одним словом, экипировка Камри не из слабых, но не хватает важного – все сделано без вкуса и особого подхода. Кроме того, ни одну из вышеперечисленных опций покупатель новой Тойоты не получит, даже доплатив. Дело в том, что этими возможностями и функциями может похвалиться только сегмент Е, для которого эти опции стали в последнее время нормой.

But Teana, even the test one, has all these “tricks”. And the car interior has changed, replacing the former image. True, the last washer was an attractive puck on the center console with all its corporate design. What for? The producers of the new Teana will probably not be able to answer this question either. “I needed a change of image”, - most likely they will answer that way. And the fact that because of this, Teana looked like a boring Toyota Camry was not known to manufacturers.

As for the finishing materials, they are of high quality and if we compare with the former Teana, then a decent step was made towards the buyer. Especially liked the finish of the seats, made of perforated leather. True, the chairs of Teany themselves are not as comfortable as on the Camry, as the round uncomfortable pillow with a bulging tubercle and curved back prevents the hips from relaxing. After an hour of driving you want to stop and get out to warm up.

Configuration and prices of the Toyota Camry 2.5
equipmentComfortЭлегансEleanor PlatePrestige
initial price, rub1 087 0001 170 0001 206 0001 307 000
available options
Cruise controlnotthere isthere isthere is
Rear View Cameranotthere isthere isthere is
Rain sensornotthere isthere isthere is
Intelligent Key Systemnotnotnotthere is
engine start buttonnotnotnotthere is
navigatornotnotnotthere is
leather interiornotthere isthere isthere is
electric driver's seatnotthere isthere isthere is
heated rear seatsnotnotnotthere is

If on the previous modifications the Teans had a comfortable ottoman, then they had forgotten it to make it cheaper. Signs of unnecessary savings are noticeable in the second row. In particular, the central armrest has lost the radio control unit, and the sofa - the most convenient and useful thing (especially in the hot summer) - ventilation. And more spacious in the cabin is gone. There is little space both above the head and below under the legs, where the feet have to be squeezed into a narrow slot under the front seats. In short, conditions are far from ideal.

If we compare the space of the Camry with the TEAH, then the advantage over Toyota. First of all, the Camry looks like a sedan more representative than its opponent. The royal reserve of free space can easily explain the huge amount of sales of this car, derived from statistical data, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. In addition, the Camry is superior to its counterparts and in the details: even the pockets in the doors and backs of the seats look more spacious, and the floor tunnel is installed purely for the sake of the overall picture. As for the armrest of the Toyota Camry, then there is a built-in control unit, which is responsible for the radio and climate control. It is worth noting that the climate control system on the Toyota Camry three-zone.

Еще одним преимуществом, которое, по мнению некоторых специалистов, является чуть ли не главным, стала электрорегулировка наклона спинки дивана. Этой привилегированной штуки not даже ни в одном автомобиле из всей линейки такого же ценового диапазона, как и Камри.


According to the owners of this car themselves, and their opinion is not external and far from the practice, the Toyota Camry is a car that you can not buy in this price range. Although it is the best in the class, if we consider such parameters as clearance, driving performance and liquidity. Yes, and the very operation of the Toyota Camry is not burdensome, but for a short service interval. Only here again everything spoils the design.

On the video test drive of the car Nissan Teana:

So, at least, consider amateurs, but what is the opinion of professionals? In the car, again, except for the design like everything. There is also a minus - a paint and varnish covering which, in the opinion of the pros, is too weak and corrosion affects the hood in a short time. And it is assembled in Russia or Japan does not matter.

If earlier owners of Nissan Teany looked at drivers of other cars from top to bottom, partly because of the 6-cylinder engine installed in the basic version, then today the picture is not the same. The fact is that there were 4 cylinders, although the volume remained the same - 2.5 liters. For many fans, this is a huge loss, but it's not like that. We declare, as experts - the power of such a modernization has only increased, and the increased consumption of gasoline has decreased markedly. This can be easily seen by feeling how the Nissan Teana easily accelerates at the start and does not lose frisky speed, even after the speedometer rises above 100 km / h.

Transmission Teany, as before, continuously variable - X-tronic. Although the variator is still undergone modernization and became noticeably more responsive. No, as before. Instant acceleration, which the variator does not spend even a fraction of the time and even in the normal mode of drive.

When you translate the selector to the DS mode, the degree of emotions increases: the engine goes to a higher speed and starts to slow down. The thing is great, both in terms of security and in general!

In terms of strong emotions, Toyota liked less. It is worth noting that the engine is more powerful, and acceleration, at least, according to passport data is better than that of the opponent: 9/100 versus 9.8 / 100. But these are only heartless numbers, and in fact, controlling the Camry's acceleration is not as easy and pleasant as it was on the Nissan Teane. The fact is that the automatic transmission is too capricious and changes gears with long delays and sometimes not always timely. We translate the selector into the sport mode, but this also makes little difference. The same hitch when switching, high speed. But to go, without fussing and relaxing, on the Toyota Camry is calm and comfortable.

On the video test drive a car Toyota Camry:

Cornering on Toyota is also not so successful. Even if you try to accelerate after their passage, then nothing will come of it, except for nervous system disorder. The steering wheel is extremely light and practically devoid of feedback. Not even the returning effort is felt. With high-speed turns is not all right either. The car has to literally "fill" there.

If you look at it from the other side, then the Toyota Camry for the driver is sedate and respects the measured driving style - that’s what you need. It will not bother the steering, nor turns. Harmony, and only!

In addition, the original “toyotovskaya” smoothness deserves a separate praise on the broken asphalt, where the car drives softly and noiselessly, and under the wheels there is a spreading carpet track, and on broken roads with holes. Suspension of the car all uneasy, except that the body sways a little on the too terrible and huge potholes, where the other sedan is weaker, and could have fallen apart.

But too soft a chassis can play a cruel joke on the track during driving with wagons. The body at this time dangles as if you are flying air pockets on an airplane.

The same similar driving habits were also in Teany, but in past modifications. Unfortunately, now nothing is left from the former smoothness. Sedan began to resemble except that the Mazda-6. Even small cracks and patches on the roads in the cabin are palpable, if not much. And on a more serious irregularity, the suspension is already responding with all its strength, trying to recoup on the vehicle body. As a result, the driver and his passengers suffer from shaking.

But on the other hand, understeer was defeated (as it was before). Now Teana even encourages active driving. If in the olden days the steering of the Nissan Teany was compared with a phlegmatic person, now it is pure choleric.

The video compares cars Nissan Teana and Toyota Camry:

But this fact also carries the other side of the coin. The car began to behave more nervous and fussy, especially when driving fast on rough roads, which in Russia are a dime a dozen. Behind the wheel of TEA in these moments you feel akin to a cowboy on a wild horse, whom he can never calm down. The car priplyasyvaet and makes constantly focus on the road so that you get tired after half an hour away. But Toyota, as mentioned above, on the same road behaves like a monolith. The Camry for our roads seemed to be specially created and surpassed the Nissan Teanu in terms of aggregate qualities, although he added pretty much in the new generation, but he lacked just a few accurate shots.

Toyota Camry Dashboard

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Advantages of the Toyota Camry:

  • Unique smoothness of the course;
  • Excellent conditions for rear passengers;
  • Excellent ground clearance.


  • Nondescript design.
  • Too overloaded information steering (a lot of unnecessary buttons).
Dashboard Nissan Teana

Dashboard Nissan Teana

Преимущества Nissan Teana:

  • The ability to digest gasoline with a low octane rating (up to 92nd);
  • Responsiveness of the variator;
  • Excellent visibility.


  • Lack of smoothness;
  • Inconvenient seating;
  • Inconvenient trunk.

Buying a Toyota Camry will be a very profitable investment, because for every ruble you spend you get only advantages. Still, the newcomer could not take the title. The Nissan Teany not all right, it is inferior in almost everything except design. We derive a summary: an old friend is better than a new one, and this eternal axiom is once again proved by the example of automobiles.