Test drive: jeep cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

How to start a story about the new Cherokee? ”- this is the only question that the Chrysler designer was able to ask at the presentation of the SUV. “Only from the end!” The American answered and ran off to drink coffee. I did not even have time to write down his name. Why does this guy avoid communication? O'key, as you say, bro: a new “teal” one of the best cars in the class. And it is true. Enough already poke into his front!

Although the exterior of the car these days is a serious thing. Smart guys in white coats declare that, they say, design is generally like an opiate: the more it acts on the buyer, the steeper it catches the buzz from the car. Look at those who bought the Nissan Juke, and you will understand what it is about. If the Dutch did the exterior of the Cherokee, no one would be surprised - the guys know a lot about the buzz. But the team has its own board, I mean American! And how did these guys, from under the pencils of which nothing unusual had been going on for several decades in a row, managed to realize something called the New Cherokee ?! The answer suggests itself ...

But Jeep engineers are sober as a glass. I give a tooth! I have studied the new “teal” up and down and this is what I have to say to you: there were no signs of Kumar in the car. Except ... well, we already discussed this.

Jeep Cherokee


About the classics. What should be “trump American” under the hood? Voracious V-shaped engine? The Cherokee has one such: a 3.6-liter aspirated with a timing chain produces 272 power. This Yankee motor is assembled in Dundee, Michigan. But tsimes that he merges well ... 2-liter turbodiesel! Yes, yes, the one that is assembled in the Italian province of Avellino, that is, not an American even once. The engine produces only 170 hp, but pulls on 350 Nm and, despite the modest passport overclocking, it differs with a cool pickup on the move. At the same time, even in the “gas to the floor” mode, the diesel engine is quieter than water, below the grass. I don’t eat a solarium like that ... But Machete doesn’t eat borsch, Machete kills! Saving? No, brother, you got the door wrong.

Jeep Cherokee

  1. From top to bottom: dimensions, dipped beam, fog. Look do not confuse!
  2. The second row is divided into two parts, which move back and forth.
  3. Speedometer, tachometer and display. Clear, clear, modern

A new 9-stage ZF works with the motor. The one that because of problems with the software a year ago tore the launch of Cherokee for sale. Now all the bugs are fixed: the box is working unnoticed, the transmission is tipped up in a timely manner. On the part of riding comfort, the teal surprised again: neither the nervous busting of the box, nor the ship’s pitching, nor the empty steering wheel. Great America? Hell with two: collected Europe! Chassis swallows assorted potholes and does not choke. Cherokee, of course, does not claim to sports controllability. But God forbid that all SUVs rulitsya so!

Jeep Cherokee

“SUV”? Hmm, not exactly. The Jeep guys were required to make an all-terrain vehicle from the Cherokee. And do lali. The toolkit of the top versions of “chiro ka” includes not just the all-wheel drive system - it will not surprise even my cat today. The Limited version has a two-speed razdatku, and Trailhawk - also back diff with electronic locking. You can brag in a pub in front of friends. Hardly anyone at Cherokee will go into battle ...

So you understand why the story of the new Cherokee is better to start from the end. And now is the time to gossip about the “tight pigtails” of this Jeep. And wash the bones of that guy who drank coffee during the presentation a couple of years ahead.