How to get a driver's license of international standard

Driving outside of one’s own country sometimes puts citizens before the fact that it is necessary to get an international driver’s license. Even if a person is going to travel without a vehicle, but plans to rent a car abroad, then such a certificate must be mandatory. As early as 1968, the Vienna Convention set a single standard for the IDP, which makes it possible to travel through 68 countries. The document serves as the actual translation of your national rights, certified by the relevant government authority.

How to get an international driver's license

New international law


  • 1 What is an international driver's license and what functions it performs?
  • 2 What are the clear differences between national and international certificates?
  • 3 Step by step instructions for obtaining the IDP in the Russian Federation
  • 4 Cost of receipt and terms of service
  • 5 Obtaining international rights, через портал Госуслуг
  • 6 What consequences are expected in cases where the required document was not issued, but the driver drove abroad in his car?
  • 7 Is it possible to travel around Russia with international rights?

What is an international driver's license and what functions it performs?

The IDP is a document that consists of two parts: an A6 account book and a plastic card. The book consists of a gray cover, includes 3 inner and 3 front pages, as well as 8 inner pages of white color. It is executed in twelve major languages ​​and has a number of UN excerpts on road traffic, basic information about the owner and a detailed description of the driver's categories, written in five world-recognized languages: French, Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese. In addition to the official languages, the document contains 7 more minor ones.

This TS has been created with the aim of bringing standard national certificates to the rules of an officially adopted international standard. In addition to this goal, the IDP was created for the fastest possible overcoming of all known bureaucratic difficulties directly related to driving cars in different countries that have different requirements for drivers.

What are the clear differences between national and international IDs?

Before you get an international driving license, each recipient should be familiar with their main differences from the standard. Experts identify 4 main points that immediately show clear differences between the two types of documents:

  1. Standard rights do not allow you to drive in other countries.

    Get a driver's license of international standard

    The book of international driving license in expanded form

  2. To acquire national rights, a person must successfully pass the exam in the traffic police. The procedure for obtaining international rights does not oblige the driver to re-take the exam.
  3. The IDP may be valid for one to five years without exceeding the validity period of the national driver's license You should be aware that when the validity of ordinary rights ends, the IDP is automatically frozen and does not spread outside of Russian territory.
  4. The IDP is not valid without a person having national rights. Therefore, before traveling you should take with you not only basic, but also international rights.

Step by step instructions for obtaining the IDP in the Russian Federation

In Russia, the driver must visit department MREO at the place of residence and bring a package of documents where you will be:

  • statement made by example. It consists of two pages, where information about the recipient is indicated on one, and the other remains empty for further filling by the employee;
  • national driving license;
  • passport of a citizen of Russia. Military conscripts or contract servicemen submit a military ID. If citizens stay temporarily, they can present a passport;
  • document confirming the issuance of a national certificate;
  • from February 15, 2016 Amendments to the right to control the vehicle, so a medical certificate confirming the fitness of a person to drive a car is not needed;
  • a copy of the certificate;
  • 2 matte color or black and white photos of a citizen who needs an IDP. The picture should not be white cut corner. People who always wear glasses, you need to make a photo with glasses with transparent glasses. If religious beliefs do not allow taking off the headdress in public, then you can submit photos in it, only so that the face oval is open.

    International Driving Permit

    Obtaining international rights

  • international passport, which must be valid;
  • receipt confirming the payment of state duty, which must be taken when paying at Sberbank.

An important point, not every traffic police can get a driver's license of international standard, so before you do registration of foreign rights should know in advance about the process of registration in the nearest inspection.

Cost of receipt and terms of service

At the moment, the state duty is 1600 rubles, all information about it is set out in Article 333.33 of Part 2 of the tax code of the Russian Federation. The same amount is paid during document recovery in case of theft or loss. The maximum period for obtaining such rights is ten years. Recall that to the package of documents, the citizen of the Russian Federation must also add a receipt for the successful payment of a fee, the amount of which is one thousand six hundred Russian rubles.

It should not be forgotten that the standard term for this process is ten days from the moment the state organization receives all the necessary documents. If there is no queue, the process lasts no more than an hour. Extradition takes place only in the hands of the owner, who certifies receipt of the signature. Do not discount that during the holidays, registration may be delayed, so you should apply in advance. If the document has been lost or damaged, the replacement process proceeds in the same manner as the restoration of the national certificate. It is necessary to collect all the same documents as upon receipt and take them to the traffic police department. At will, it is allowed to change the IDP earlier or later than their expiration date, this will not entail any additional payments.

How to get an international driver's license

State duty for obtaining international rights

Obtaining international rights, через портал Госуслуг

In order to save the time of citizens on the Gosuslug resource, there is an option that makes it possible to issue receipt of foreign rights virtually. Consider how to get the IDP via the Internet:

  1. Go to your personal account on the website of public services, which was previously registered when you make a passport.
  2. Click "All popular services."
  3. After that, at the top of the screen, click on "Popular" and then on "By departments".
  4. Go to the tab "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation", from the embossed large menu, we look at the third line.
  5. Click "Issue of driver's license", then click on "Making an international driver's license" - "Get the service."
  6. We confirm that you have read the application procedure.
  7. Enter the details of the place of residence and go to the tab "Issuing / replacing an international driver's license."
  8. After we make out an application.

The entire application process takes place in six steps:

  1. We agree with all the terms of service.
  2. Select a region from KLADR and specify the type of document.

    Get a driver's license of international standard

    The countries of the Vienna and Geneva Convention

  3. The statement itself. We register all requested initials and information.
  4. We ship a color photo on a gray background, only full face, while taking into account the advanced boot options. Requirements suggest: the ratio of width / height - 7/10, file: JPEG, size - up to 27 kb.
  5. Ship a photocopy of your signature.
  6. In conclusion, we set the date of the visit.

What consequences are expected in cases where the required document was not issued, but the driver drove abroad in his car?

In cases when you have violated traffic rules in a foreign country or you are involved in a traffic accident, but you did not have an IDP, you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law of the particular country in which you are now staying. And the mildest punishment for you will be the payment of a large fine (the amount of the fine for such a violation depends on the country, the approximate amount is from 200 to 400 euros). If there was a very serious accident, lawyers can easily prove in court that you had no right to drive a car. After that, to the above punishment may be added and more serious consequences. Also, the insurance company refuses to pay insurance.

International Driving Permit

Filling out the form on the website of public services

Is it possible to travel around Russia with international rights?

Only with an international certificate to travel on the territory of Russia is impossible. Travel is permitted only when the citizen has with them a national certificate. Movement with only IDP is punishable. a fine of 500 rubles (Part 1 of Article 12.3 of the Administrative Code). In the Completion, I would like to note, given the rather complicated procedure of adaptation to the rules of another country, before you travel abroad, first familiarize yourself with the rules of local road traffic, as they may differ significantly from the usual Russian foundations. In the countries of the near abroad, national rights will be quite enough for you to legally drive your vehicle throughout the state.