How to open category e and what you need to learn

A driver's license can be obtained only after passing a special training in a driving school. There is a certain regulation, which is fixed by law for each category and subcategory, which determines the number of academic hours and terms of practical driving.

Необходимо также учитывать, что к обучению определенным категориям, например, имеющим индекс «Е», должны допускаться уже опытные автомобилисты. Поэтому перед тем, how to get category E, нужно уже иметь и опыт, и водительские права.


  • 1 Transport for high-class professionals
  • 2 Required skills and conditions
  • 3 Training

Transport for high-class professionals

The main feature, which is characterized by a professional driver, is access to the overall and more complex in terms of driving on the roads. This type of equipment includes cargo trailers. The driver, who has the right to manage this composition, needs additional training. This is what they do in driving schools, teaching those who wish to open category E.

Many citizens use trailers for passenger cars. It is very convenient to load into it an old sofa for transportation to the country or install a motor boat for your favorite fishing on the wheels. It happens that an unscrupulous inspector tries to demand from the car owner that there is an additional item in the rights with an “E” index and permission for a trailer. However, such claims are illegal.

how to independently get category E

Vehicles for category E

The category with subclause “E” may not apply to passenger cars with a mass of trailers less than 750 kg.

In the new rules it is absent in its pure form, and it can only be obtained in the form of a subcategory with basic tolerances:

  • «VE» - the driver receives such permission to control the passenger car and trailer weighing more than 750 kg;
  • «CE» - this item of rights indicates the possibility of managing freight transport in excess of 3,500 kg, as well as a trailer with a mass of more than 0.75 tons connected to it;
  • "OF" - in the presence of such a mark, the driver receives the right to control buses with passengers, the number of which will be more than 8 people in the cabin (the “E” index in this case provides the ability to connect with a heavy trailer bus)
  • «S1E» - the item gives the right to manage freight transport with a trailer more than 0.75 tons, but less than the mass of the car itself;
  • «D1E» - allows to drive minibuses, limited by the number of seats in 16 people, but it is allowed to connect with a heavy trailer.
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All relatively new items included in the driver's license are based on international rules and international experience.

Required skills and conditions

To a greater extent, training for category E, more precisely subcategories that include this index, since there is no such pure category, is reasonable for commercial vehicles. In domestic conditions, such cars and trailers are almost not in demand.

how is training being conducted on category E

Cars that fit the description provided have significantly larger dimensions than standard vehicles. Due to this, considerable experience in transport management is required to transfer to such trucks or buses.

The main requirements for drivers of rolling stock are in the following paragraphs:

  • Motorists applying for "BE", "CE", "C1E" must be over 18 years old, and for "DE" and "D1E" are limited to a minimum of 21 years. The second position is justified by the presence of permissible driving experience - 3 years to manage the buses.
  • Additional index "E" in the categories "B", "C", "D" can be obtained only after a twelve-month driving experience. It is checked by the date of issue of the previous categories.
  • A prerequisite is training in a driving school according to an approved state plan. The average cost of training for category E is about 13 thousand rubles. When choosing a school, it is worth asking about its compliance with the new standards edited by law. Confirmation of the permit is the state certification of the educational institution.
  • Previously, the applicant must pass a medical commission and receive an affirmative report from the therapist. The future driver receives a full list of doctors to be visited at the time of filing an application for examination.

what is the cost of training for category E

You need to know that the payment of legal education is carried out by non-cash, and fraudulent schools often accept cash from trained drivers.


The program, which trains drivers of category "E", includes both practical exercises and a theoretical course. Future specialists are imparted with the skills and knowledge of transport management with a trailer. Classes are held to provide primary medical care to victims, knowledge of traffic rules is deepened, and mentors are introduced to the actual responsibility for traffic offenses.

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how to get category E в России

Practical course includes driving at avtoponyligon, to confirm the knowledge gained you need a successful exam in the traffic police. It consists of passing the theory through testing or tickets, and the ability to drive heavy trucks with trailers is also tested.

The practice is monitored at the autodrome, when a task is issued for which you need to drive up to the platform, as well as driving backwards. Also tested driving on city streets. In this case, knowledge of traffic rules relating to trucks, signs, parking rules, etc. is revealed.

how to get category E

You need to know that no independent preparation for the exams in the traffic police legislation is not provided since 2013.

To conduct training according to the stipulated rules, it is necessary to conclude a contract, successfully confirm the availability of theoretical knowledge, and only then the applicant is allowed to take the practice. This approach is due to the increased responsibility for driving a large vehicle with a trailer, because a possible accident of a truck or a bus with a trailer can be quite expensive, not only in material terms. This leads to the fact that the driver is already experienced well-trained driver.